Arsenal sealing this transfer early could be key to EPL title

I know that Arsene Wenger often tends to get any Arsenal transfer deals completed with the clock ticking down towards the end of a transfer window (personally I think that he does this just to see us suffer) and the Frenchman may well do so again in the upcoming January window.

If he does, though, I really hope it is not our first or only signing of the month, because I really want to see the Frenchman seal a deal nice and early. I would love for it to be Dimitri Payet and a piece in The Mirror gives me hope as they are reporting that Arsenal are strong favourites to land the West Ham and France star.

As well as feeling that Payet would add some extra quality and attacking threat to the side, I believe that the early transfer of a top player, and it does not have to be Payet, would give the whole club a timely lift as we head into the crucial second half of a season that we are all hoping turns out to be the one in which Arsenal regain the title of English champions.

The question is, does Wenger see the need to give Arsenal a big boost and will he do anything about it?



  1. dboy says:

    Nobody coming January that’s for sure.

    1. bran99 says:

      ” The Mirror gives me hope as they are reporting that Arsenal are strong favourites to land the West Ham and France star.” when we are favourites is when Wenger does nothing to make anyone happy

  2. Twig says:

    Welbeck is your January signing bruv

    1. And he will be like a new signing lol

  3. Raoh says:

    Unfortunately nobody is coming in January like @dboy said! And honestly speaking yes our left side is a bit weak but it isn’t horrible! Ox is still a prime talent and if doesn’t get over this season in a starting role than him and Arsenal might be done…with Sanchez switching into a #9 position it’s his to lose.
    He has already done better than in any seasons before number wise. If he comes good from now till the end of the season and be more consistent than we will be ok. Same for our left back I would like for Gibbs to be gradually incorporated in more games as a starter and finish the season as one. He is stronger, more athletic and can dribble his way up the field.
    None of them are world class but that’s what we have and must get the better of them.

  4. marty53 says:

    With the size of our squad at the moment I just can’t see anybody else arriving in January.

  5. Budd says:

    Great, we need yet another walking body through our midfield to win the title. How about we add some grit and leave the talent for what we already have.

  6. Jansen says:

    We have the squad good enough to win the PL. New signings won’t win it for us.

    Sadly I am pretty sure we will finish 5th.

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