Why Arsenal season can rest on ONE game at West Ham

Of course the games that Arsenal have already played will have an impact on how the season is seen from an Arsenal point of view, as will individual games, Wenger’s transfer dealings, injury problems and many more factors besides. But the Gunners, I believe, are at a crossroads right now and the next match could be pivotal.

Arsene Wenger and his team have started to build momentum and belief and we are looking pretty good right now. Another performance and result and we could be on a serious roll. We all know that Arsenal can play and can stand toe-to-toe and beat any club in the Premier League. We do also have a habit of coming good towards the end of a season.

As well as keeping our own momentum going, a win against West Ham in the first kick off of the weekend might just crank up the pressure enough to make our rivals slip up. You can bet that Leicester and Tottenham will be keeping a keen eye on our result and hoping that West Ham can throw a spanner in our works because anything less than three points will encourage them as much as it will knock us back.

The door swings both ways though, and an Arsenal win at West Ham might just sow the seeds of doubt in some of their players’ minds, especially with our next few games looking fairly easy. Is this now the biggest game of the season for Arsenal? If we win and Leicester don’t, will you start to believe?

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  1. Has Micheal Owen joined the admin team? This article has his name and signature written all over it lollll….

  2. Leicester have Sunderland, West Ham, Swansea, Man United, Everton and Chelsea left to play.

    The only teams I can see giving them a hard time are West Ham and Chelsea. Other than than I think they will win the others. Everyone thought that by this stage they would have dropped points, but they haven’t and I believe the title is in their grasp so their players are going to be pushing even harder to win it. Spurs are in the same frame of mind – above their arch nemesis and a good chance of winning the league with Man United, Stoke, West Brom, Chelsea, Southampton and Newcastle for remaining fixtures. Again, I see only perhaps Stoke and Chelsea giving them a run for their money.

    I know we have a game in hand, but we have had our chance, and because of a combination of lack of investment in the transfer window and just inconsistency on the pitch from our players, we have pretty much tossed it AGAIN. Right now I’m liking our squad, especially the combo of Elneny and Coquelin, with the emergence of Iwobi…but I feel it’s a little too late.

  3. I agree with you and have posted the same thing in previous post “Arsenal XI for crucial West Ham clash – Only one change”.
    If we win at West Ham and Leicester do not, then we will need to believe that we are back n the race. If Anything less than 3 points , then all over. Every match for Arsenal is now a Knock Out match. Do or Die. Players have to treat each single match as a Final Match and Perform their best.
    We really get a good picture after this week end.

    1. Arsenal season rested on all the games, we had no tactics for every game played am hurt really I am.it should not hurt to support the most beautiful team in the world. year in year out. Man u had kids playing there was no need to out play them same applies to all the small teams.

  4. I really can’t wait for this weekend,its a massive game for us..
    You guys have just said it all,we win and we are still in it and even a draw will seem like a loss..
    The only thing I tend to disagree with is that Leicester cannot slip up.of course they can,and it can begin this weekend if we win cos they will be under pressure against Sunderland!
    Having said that,if Lei can slip up,so can we and our slip up might be tomorrow…

  5. When Iwobi was selected for Everton I was so scared if he could cope with it especially after the Barcelona game and he more than coped well.
    Here I am again,getting scared..
    Do you guys think he can cope with this West Ham side????
    As they are known for their physicality and aggresion.If he copes well with this again,I will so so happy!

  6. West Ham (I know because my cousin is a hammer and loves to gloat over small victories) will take great pride in beating us and destroying any dwindling hope some may have of us winning the PL. last and first victories against us at Highbury and Emirates respectively have already gave them much pride and bragging rights.

    I hope we beat them (not for the league because that is gone) but to stop their pathetic gloating. I say hope because, I think West Ham have every chance of beating us…

  7. Bob, take my word as guaranteed foresaw. Arsenal will unfailingly collect all the hammers in the hands of the West Hammers tomorrow and hammer them thoroughly with the hammers at their Bolyn ground by: WHFC 0-5 AFC @ FT 90m +.

    I cannot agree with the FA decision to overturn Cheikhou Kayoute Red Card he got last Saturday when he rough tackled a Palace player who was lucky not to have his ancle broken or got an ACL. The referee was correct to have Red Carded him. I watched the trailer of that match this morning and I can’t agree with Salven Bilic’s comments on that Red Card incident that, “it wasn’t even a foul in the first place”. I think the FA overruled that Red Card to make it possible for Cheikhou Kayoute to face Arsenal.

    But unfortunately for Kayoute, Arsenal will collect the hammer in his hand and hammer big to make him the 1st casualty in the Hammers team of day.

  8. It’s going to be a tough game for sure. They will try to bully Ozil out of the game, he will be man marked. In fact, I see allot of man marking today. Glad our two boyz are playing well in the centre, and I’m glad we have pace up front to go with our height and strength.

    Alexis is back on form, another bonus.

    WHam are a dangerous side especially when they take a lead. I look forward to a good game of football which actually holds allot at stake, these are the games we didn’t get last season or the season before, so there is some progress being made. Not as close as we would’ve liked, but we must take it as a shot, and try to believe.

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