Arsenal secure BARGAIN £15m transfer with a little help from STOKE?

It looks like the final obstacle to Arsene Wenger completing the deal that has been the subject of more Arsenal transfer rumours in the last year, has been removed. And not only are the Gunners now poised to sign the France international star Morgan Schneiderlin, but we are going to get him for the cut-price transfer fee of £15 million, according to a Metro report.

Although Southampton managed to hold on to him last summer, amid strong transfer interest from clubs including Arsenal and Tottenham, it was clear that the 25-year old was ready to make the next step up in his football career. Schneiderlin actually mentioned the Champions League and made no secret of wanting desperately to play in it.

And for much of the season it looked like Ronald Koeman might just be able to provide him with it. But a few key injuries and the turnaround in form of Man United had seen them drop out of the top four. And then Stoke City, not Arsenal’s favourite bunch, all but sealed their fate on Saturday. Schneiderlin had given the Saints the lead but Stoke turned it around and with Man City winning yesterday, they are now eight points adrift of fourth.

So they will not be able to keep their star midfielder for another year and the report says that they will also accept less than last summer’s £25 million valuation and that Wenger has agreed a transfer fee of just £15 million. How good a piece of business would that be for Arsenal?

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  1. Seems to me he has dropped his form as well, he is not now worth the money he started out to be. When you look at what Arsenal have in that position it would be better for a left back as Gibbs is now just ordinary.Also a defender of quality as Per is on the wane.I think Wenger has bought well, so let’s wait till the fat lady sings and be for or against his decision. CB

    1. Good thing you’re not in charge, LB spot is being contested by 2 good players, CB has 4 options, DM has 1 option and you want to ignore it completely.

      Your infatuation with Coquelin needs to calm down, regardless of how well he’s played he ain’t playing a whole season as DM (injuries/form will always be a factor).

      1. You telling me that Gibbs is Arsenal quality,and Charlie I never mentioned Coquelin seems your the one that needs to calm down. CB

        1. “When you look at what Arsenal have in that position (DM)” – a blatant reference to coquelin. So yes you did, and everyone who read it can see that.

          Is Gibbs Arsenal quality? Do you watch Arsenal? Gibbs is absolute quality, his only problem is Monreal has been a beast this year and left Gibbs to get rusty on the bench. Quality-wise our LB spot is one of the strongest battles in the team.

    2. In case you forgot, Schneiderlin still is EPL’s best in this position(better than Yaya Toure, better than Matic). Of course it’s hard to be motivated playing for nothing now.

  2. Lovren 20mil, Shaw 30mil, Lallana 25mil

    If you think Schneiderlin is going for 15mil you’re dreaming. But then again one glance at the source (The Metro) and it makes absolute sense.

    1. At first I was thinking that wenger was going to bring in schneiderlin for sure this summer but now I’m having second thoughts cause I’m not sure wenger will pay £20m+ for a player to come sit on the bench and he’s 26(?). I really want Morgan to come he could really help the team out but Le coq starts for me he’s earned it

      1. He’s was 25 around Xmas time, and I disagree regarding Wenger.I think he would pay that money for someone like schneiderlin; I get coquelin has risen to prominence this year, but as I’ve said time and again he’s only half of what an Arsenal DM needs to be.

        A schneiderlin type has all the defensive ability coquelin has shown, but he comes with much more ball playing ability which our possession game needs.

        I’m not convinced we will go after schneiderlin because not often are we linked to someone we inevitably get. What I dothink however is we will see a better footballing DM join in the summer, sschneiderlin or otherwise. And as far as coquelin deserving to start I agree, but we need someone to challenge for the spot.

    2. Guys the only help we want from stoke is for them to sell us Begovic who we all can agree as the potential to becoming a real top class goal keeper and he is just what we need I am not too sure sczny wants to be arsenal number 1 anymore he looks disinterested to me.

      What says you

  3. The Question Is Do We Need Him? Of Course Yes., Flamini Is Time With Arsenal Is Over., We Need Superstars To Compete, And Arteta Is Aging,,,

  4. Given the current form I’d prefer Kongdogbia. We need backup in DM, I like Coquelin but sometimes you need 2 enforcers to secure a result. Also Coquelin had a difficult game against Reading with a few ball given straight to their midfielders.

    1. i’ve been thinking of KONDOGBIA …how many times has he caused us problems in a Monaco shirt?……..i remember him in the Emirates cup, then in the 1st and 2nd Legs of the champions League

  5. Boy! That Topic was a lil confusing “ArsenaL secure bargain £15m transfer with a lil help from stoke” ….. Judging by the Topic, i’d thought stoke had offered us some kinda financial assistance or something…….. But realized by the context , that it was all bout stoke’s Win adding more salt to SchneiderLin’s injury … L()L

  6. I remember Morgans preference to play under Pochetino rather than Arsenal as a club. I know many dont consider it as a factor but I would like players who want Arsenal and not CL in general. Maybe I am not realistic, but still feel the love for club makes players play better.

  7. Everyone is forgetting that
    Diaby will play 5 full games
    being tackled 200 times
    and be fit as a fiddle .
    Who needs Schneiderlin Kondogbia Pogba?
    DRB is back.

    1. Diaby is twice the player than all 3 of those guys. I would take a healthy diaby over them anyday. And yes I’m serious bring on the thumbs down

  8. Morgan and Coquelin can be a strong force for certain games in EPL, good rotation combo. As with Matic and Obi Mikel.

  9. If this is true then schneiderlin would be a very good signing IMO and we will then have two excellent holding midfielders le coq and morgan to rotate and also to play both of them in tough games like chelsea at bridge next season etc so he would be welcome addition otherwise go for kondogbia or wanyama tall tough strong physical players and they will give players like matic and yaya toure run for their money.. Coyg!!

  10. lets get 2 DM to provide cover and competition….

    with our injury record we need 3 Enforcers for security

  11. We are clamouring for players needed in position except the striking role,our fortune in the league change after Giroud came back from injury and suspension. Welbeck is always runing around like a headless chicken. Endeavour to watch the semifinal again which butress my point,it was only when Giroud came on that we now have a focal point in striking role and our midfieders now felt librated

    1. lets get Cavani, Dybala and Lacetta

      we can rotate them and if one get injured theres cover…

  12. Why are we all clamouring for summer transfer targets in different positions except the striking role? Our fortune in the league this season only changes after Giroud came back from injury and suspension at tuen of the year. Welbeck is always runing around like a headless chicken. Endeavour to watch the semifinal again which butress my point,it was only when Giroud came on that we now have a focal point in striking role and our midfieders now felt librated.

    1. i think a stone cold striker could be just the thing to push us from PL contenders to actually winning it.

  13. well i ain’t even gonna think of it…we get this every season..Bob you aint Wenger neither are you Morgan’s agent so knowing Wenger i wasnt expecting this kind of news… Call me Thomas buh i aint gon believe any transfer talk till i see the players in our jersey… n d title sounds a bit corny ” Arsenal secure BARGAIN £15m transfer with a
    little help from STOKE?” LOL i would’ve prefered United secure Arsenal’s title chances…i dont go into transfer when it aint open yet. but i admit another DM is needed

      1. ACM? We have Ozil, Cazorla and Rosicky. Alexis can play there too.

        Wings we have Alexis, Walcott, Oxlade, Welbeck and Ozil

  14. If Southampton do not finish 5th they will not get Europa league football either.

    Tottenham was in Final of league cup and Aston Villa is in final of FAC cup so they get it.

    Schneiderlin will be ours.

    1. @Supertuur
      are you sure the runners up of Capital One Cup has a bequeathed slot for Europa ?

      Does anyone know the whereabouts of @SUMO. I really missed his brief but loaded posts.

  15. I still have a feeling that we already made some kind of deal with Southampton about Schneiderlin when we bought Chambers. He was expensive for £16 million.

  16. What we need in DM now is sum1 that can add something arsenal lacks.. Schneiderlein would add nothing we dnt alrdy have in Coq,Ramsey,Arteta….

    A player that can add steel to our midfield like Wanyama or William will be appreciated or a Busquets-esque player that can improve the accuracy of our passes that bit more bcos at present only Ozil gives an 100% accurate pass.

    The perfect DM ll be a player that adds both the steel and pass accuracy.. JAVI MARTINEZ!!!

  17. About signings, we need just 2 players, maximum 3players
    a DM
    a striker
    …..and maybe a CB

    One thing we must ensure is that any player signed must be CLASS.
    CLASS is what seperates Madrid,Barca,Bayern from other teams.

    Varane/Subotic (optional)

  18. Isn’t Schneiderlin out of contract by this summer. So he should be available for free as bosman agent!!!

  19. For those who dont watch Schneiderlin play,do it when southampton play next and you will see half Arteta in terms of ball control and passing,and half Coquelin in terms of tackling…thats some combination if you ask me…i must admit though,nobody in this league can intercept like Le Coq…am still yet to decode how he anticipates a pass before it happens and if you were to ask David Silva,he would still be figuring it out…That said,Schneiderlin would be a massive improvement on our team…to think about a midfield trio of Ozil,Schneiderlin and Le Coq would excite any manager with ambition.

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