Arsenal secure Gabriel to a new contract until 2027

The Brazilian center back Gabriel Magalhaes seems to have branded as the new hot-head of the Arsenal team, replacing the seemingly reformed Granit Xhaka. But considering he is only 24 years old, hopefully he will learn with experience to curb his temper as it seems opponents deliberately target him as the likely source of a penalty or a sending off.

Well it looks like Arsenal fans are going to find out if he matures or not, as he has just signed a new contract for the next five years at the club, and it seems he is extremely pleased to have the best years of his career at the Emirates. Gabriel told “I’m very happy to sign this new contract with Arsenal, because it’s such a big club,”

“It’s my dream and today is the best day of my life. I’m so happy to extend my contract here.

“Every game the supporters are pushing the team in the stadium. It’s why I’m so happy to stay here. Arsenal is my home.

“In the future, I want to win games for Arsenal, I want to win trophies with Arsenal and stay here for a long time because it’s my home.”

Now all we need is William Saliba to sign an extension and our whole back line will all be on long term contracts, and may they stay strong and contribute to many trophies for Arsenal in the near future….


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  1. Overrated player.

    I hope the plan was to tie him down to a long term contract and sell him for as much cash we can trick someone into paying.

    Imo we should sell Tierney as well and find a replacement.

    Someone will oay big money for him and we can then address other areas like midfield.

    I think Partey must go as well only becausehe is injury prone. Just those 3 to bring in funds to fund out future.

  2. Of all the three wise kids it is Saliba that concerns me most.

    Saliba case will be a little trickier in my opinion as contrary to some reports it seems the kid wasn’t too happy about his initials handling, myself included.

    The next focus should be on Martinelli IMO, having the four Brazilians on long terms contract, may just make it a little easier on the rest to follow as Brazilians are all Marquee players except the rapidly developing Marquinhos.

    But Arsenal is in a strong position and would good to see all three wise kids on a long term contract before world cup starts .

    1. Saliba said himself that he’s happy here….The past handling ended up being good for his developpent and made him better.Now the fans are loving him and he’s playing well so why leaving….

  3. We need to secured Saka and Martenelli ASAP …..It’s underway apparently same as Saliba…..This team reminds me of the Man U team of the 90’s :young hungry skillful with a clear plan going forward…..Keeping them together is a must….


    I love this player; I love his commitment, his passion and his overal play, despite his mistakes which he will need to reduce and which IMO he will.


  5. I must say this news took me by some pleasant surprise because I didn’t see it coming. All the contract extension talk has been about the likes of Saka, Martineli…
    But I must say this is how I’d love Arsenal business to be done – with minimum fuss!
    Thank you Gabriel.
    Over to you Saka et al

    1. Corporate Man, just as it always used to be done, with the minimum of fuss and under the radar!!
      It’s also being reported that four more contracts have been agreed, let’s hope that’s correct as well.

  6. But the likes of “@Reggie” assured us that Gabriel was not happy at Arsenal and that he was uneasy playing under dictator / authoritarian rookie Arteta.
    That Juvetus were confident of getting for well below his market value / Arsenal valuation in the recently concluded summer transfer window.

    And that Saliba is of the same mindset.

    And that quite a few players are of the same mindset under current Arteta leadership at Arsenal..


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