Arsenal secure stunning summer transfer from Spain…unless…

Even if the latest Arsenal transfer rumours are true, and Arsenal are the club in pole position to secure the transfer of the Real Madrid aand Spain international star Isco in the summer, there would still be a few things that could stop the stuning transfer to north London going ahead.

According to The Sun the deal is arranged for Arsenal to sign the talented young Spaniard for £35 million once the summer transfer window opens. We are also said to have first refusal on the attacking midfielder, so if another club does decide to offer Madrid morte money for their player then Arsene Wenger would be given the option to match it and still get his man.

So that is one of the things that could stop Arsenal getting Isco. Another way would be for either Isco or the Spanish club to change their minds abut the move. At the moment Isco is ready to leave and is happy to come to Arsenal and Madrid are happy to let him go, but with Zinedine Zidane having only recently replaced Rafa Benitez at the Bernabeu things could change.

The report claims that it was the Frenchman who stepped in to stop the transfer being completed in the January window and the next few months might convince him that there is a place for the talented 23-year old in his La Liga side after all. Do you think this transfer will happen and if so, is it the right move for Arsenal?

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  1. The only summer transfer I want to see is wenger’s… to the nearest establishment for the soccer insane …. He talks endlessly about cohesiveness whereas Leicester actually do it … Failure to comprehend difference between whats in you head and what is actually taking place in reality a sure sign of insanity … How many more years of this mad failure must we endure?

    1. Wenger is nothing more than a pathetic a**.He will not win EPL.He is afraid to spend our money.Next year with pep coming forget trophies.

      1. Come on. Why’s it Wengers fault? What about Mourhinhos failure, Mancini getting thumped today, Van Gaals inability and imminent exit??

        What Leicester demonstrate is this league is changing. Money being spent in the 100’s of millions does not necessarily equate to success, stellar squads of superstars ensures nothing, high profile managers come unstuck.

        It doesn’t point to this season being do or die for AFC either, the opposite in fact. What Leicester are doing is more likely to happen going forward, as all PL teams will be able to bring in Vardys and Mahrez’s. Belief that the small club can compete will flourish. Success will not depend on the superstars you have but a combination of work ethics, intelligence, team spirit and cohesion and of course ability and desire.

        It is fair to say AFC lack on some of these fronts. Commitment seems variable and a total desire to win and give everything is questionable with some players. AFC problems are less about the ability of the squad, the lack of spending by the manager, it’s more to do with the mentality when we walk on the pitch.

        So let’s not confuse ourselves or try to spin bs to make our preferred points. If you look at the winning formula this year….it’s NOT about spending, it’s NOT about sophisticated, complex management philosophies (Mourhinho, Van Gaal expertly demonstrate this). But it is about belief, it is about commitment, it’s about team spirit and it is about cohesion. Whether you like it or not, these are Wengers mantras.

        What he has strived for is finding that alchemists blend that produces gold…as Ranieri has stumbled on this season. What the exceptional Leicester demonstrate is that there is no single consistent formula for success.

        Buy or build, it’s what goes on when they get on the pitch that matters, which as any follower of the game will know is something that Wenger encourages the players to take responsible for. If they don’t, it ain’t always about getting a new manager or buying the worlds highest paid superstars. It might just be about buying an Elneny, giving players confidence and showing belief in what you have. Nothing is certain in this league.

        What I would say is that some of the personal characteristics of AFC players does need thought. Forgetting the spectrum of skills that make perfection (meaning we all know Mert, Walcott, Ramsey, Giroud etc have deficiencies) do we really have the ability and attitude mix we need and do we have the leaders on the pitch we need? Do players like Walcott who at times look positively disinterested fit? Does Ramsays sometimes personal agenda reconcile with the team ethic? Or instead is the attitude and ethic of the likes of Coquelin, Cech, Campbell and by the looks of it Elneny the future? We live in interesting footballing times.

        I’d like to see AFC field a team like:

        Cech (top keeper, leader, has the positive attitude of a winner)
        Bellerin (no fear, wants to win), Gabriel (clearly desperate to succeed, wants to win), Koz (100% gunner, plays with 100% conviction), Montreal (gives 110% effort, totally reliable).
        Coquelin (man amongst men, leader, takes total responsibility, ready for the fight), Elneny (100% work ethic, doesn’t stop, prepared to take responsibility)
        Sanchez (Dynamo, game changer, never give up attitude), Ozil (100% belief in himself and exquisite talent), Campbell (incredible work ethic, team player but prepared to go it alone if needed)
        Giroud (team player, 100% commitment, not frightened of hard work, fighter)

        I’d be pleased to Walcott, Ramsay, the Ox, Mert, Gibbs etc have some prolonged bench time and let us see if a team that has more ‘attitude’ takes us forward, whilst giving the others something to ponder.

        1. Don’t disagree with much of this other than the bizarre willingness to let wenger off the hook for failing to build a team/squad/style that could capture the weakest league in years .. The others didn’t this year that’s right but their record over last decade is way superior to wenger’s who has consistently underperformed and doubt it is a new pattern we have always seen a surprise team at Xmas and then fade away Leicester to their credit have not.. Also I haven’t seen figures on Leicesters spending in 2015 buy my guess is that it was quite a bit higher than previous seasons give the number of players they brought in …some at bargain rates with hindsight … Wenger should be investing relative to clubs position as 7th richest club on planet and competing for top european honour.. He refuses to do so and remains content with 4th place and last 16 of cl….that to me is a lack of ambition.., team choice is I think best we could have at moment but when it gets to giroud and Campbell up front we now that doesn’t signal a top flight outfit .. Replace with say lewondiwski and costas or griezman and then u r talking a more or less complete team

          1. @rkw but city spent 200m in the summer and it has made fa difference. Spending just isn’t the panacea or else we all know the league would only ever be between city, Chelsea and Utd, but it isn’t. I know I omit to target wenger but it’s because team sport is about collective responsibility. Having spent time listening to top rugby coaches and wc winning players I know the personal commitment, accountability and work ethic is often the determining factors in success.

            Wenger does invest in the future – but the kids we bring in don’t excite the fans because they are not the ready made £MM superstar everyone thinks creates success.

            I do agree in ability terms we’ve got weak links and we should upgrade, but if we had the right attitude, then as Leicester show, what we have, should be enough.

            1. But for sure underinvestment doesn’t deliver especially if u want to compete on two big fronts… Bellerin is the first of our young players to come through in quite some time lots of expectation in last 6 years but can’t think of a real quality player from the academy… Wilshere might if injuries hadn’t prevented … Spurs now looking better on that front
              Attitude is key I agree totally …love the way Leicester hunt down ball in packs and break with 3 or even 4 players moving at speed …

    2. Lets all shut-up and Listen to ourselves

      Citeh 0 vs Leicester 3

      can y’all see what champions are made of?

      And Aguero is trully worldclass….. Making that goal out of nothing

      oh! Arsenal……where is thine ambition?

      1. FA Cup double with the aim to be the 1st EPL team to hold it 3 years running.
        Won the Charity shield both times against the league winners, not easy games.
        Still in the CL even though we had a terrible start but we got the ambition and somehow made it through… If we will win it or not doesn’t mean we have the ambition or not.
        Ambition to win the league? We can all see Wengers passion, he has said that the only thing he has in his life is football and how he respects SAF for having his horses… Ambition doesn’t seem to be an issue with Wenger.

        I do wonder where the ambition of Silent Stan is though, I doubt it is in Arsenals best interest… I think profit is more of his ambition :'( and that is reflected in Gazidis.

        So I would guess that the ambition is bouncing between profit and winning and as such will remain illusive 😛 lol

      2. I don’t know about anyone else but even with Leicesters five point lead I was expecting city to be the team we had to worry about pulling away. I thought if we can keep two to three point distance from city well then we’d have a title challenge for sure. If we can beat Bournemouth well then we have a great opportunity to keep that two to three distance with Leicester, it will be two if all goes great. Two points behind Leicester, that sounds much better than having to stay in touch with city on a two point advantage. Its not near as bad as plenty in here do make out.

        1. That requires us to beat bournmouth away and leicester at home and then we would be two points behind leicester. This is quite possible but someone needs to put the ball in the net.

    3. 5 week supporter?

      Best transfer that could happen to Arsenal is Gazidis out and Dein back in, Gazidis is the variable that changed which lead to Arsenal transfers being… 2nd rate at times.

      Dummies like you shout for Wengers head and it annoys me, how many idiots think we would be better off without Wenger? I do not want a Moyes or LVG.

      Just to highlight the change in transfers.
      Wenger and Dein: Henry and Wiltord
      Wenger on his own: Arshavin (Arsenal record transfer and we had stadium debt!)
      Wenger and Gazidis: Podolski and Gervinho. Then we have the Suarez joke of a transfer bid which was finally we have never had in the past, NEVER done a stupid bid like that in Wengers past… Can’t be Gazidis who is in charge of the cheque book right???????? Luckily we got Wenger because he got Ozil when the fans raged about Suarez and the joke of the bid we put in.

      Should I point out how Alexis also stated Wenger as the reason he joined us over Liverpool?

      Wenger isn’t the problem, Gazidis who is Silent Stans yes man is the issue!

      1. @Midkemma

        Who has the final say on transfers – Wenger
        Who picks the team – Wenger
        Who put players in the wrong positions – Wenger
        Who comes up with the tactics – Wenger
        Who makes substitutions – Wenger
        Who decides on players fitness – Wenger
        Who motivates the team – Wenger

        I agree with you that the board are major issue and have to replaced, but say “Wenger isn’t the problem” is absolutely ridiculous! He has more power and influence within our club than any other manager in their respective clubs.

        1. Wenger does NOT have the final say on transfers, that is a factless rumor perpetuated by ignorance.

          Silent Stan owns Arsenal, he has the final say on transfers, anyone who thinks and claims otherwise needs a strong cup of coffee and wake the up.

          Owner has final say.
          Owner hired Gazidis.

          Wenger does pick the team.
          Wenger has played players out of position.
          Wenger does come up with the tactics.

          The team is made up of players who was being sold under Wengers nose, Nasri has spoken out and we all read about how Cesc and Nasri wouldn’t be sold in the same year from WENGER.
          The team selection could of been different and the tactics could be different if he had better players. Players would less likely play out of position if we had enough depth… which requires signings… which isn’t decided by Wenger.

          Subs is Wenger, again good squad depth would make it easier and that would be done with signings which Wenger isn’t in charge off.

          Players fitness is down to the physios, Wenger has a backroom staff and he uses them, maybe sometimes situations call for gambles if the squad doesn’t have enough depth due to constant sales…

          Wenger motivates the team, Alexis doesn’t seem short of motivation so maybe we have to also consider the attitude of the individual players as well, maybe a bit of a clear out is needed to get players who are mentally motivated as well to match the team and managers ambition… This will require transfers and Silent Stan has final say on profit… I mean players.

          Sorry if I sound rude but ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
          How many people will believe the BS written about Wenger being some kind of god at Arsenal, yes he has more power than other managers at other clubs but that is because he has EARNED it! Show me 1 other team that has paid for its own stadium fully while remaining in europe top competition year after year even when he has his players sold for profit as Nasri confirmed.
          He may have more power than LVG has at UTD but that doesn’t mean he has the final say on EVERYTHING, he is still an employee of that rich ******* called Silent Stan.

          If everyone who moaned about Wenger stopped today and moaned at Gazidis and Silent Stan then I honestly do feel that it will have more of an effect rather than moaning at the man they will keep as long as profit is made.

          If Wenger is sacked due to public moaning then do you think we would get Pep or someone of that quality or do you think we will get a manager who can develop talent and sell it while keeping Arsenal in Europe top competition?

          News flash.
          Silent Stan would hire a WENGER CLONE.

          Have a look at how Silent Stan runs his other sports teams, they are for his portfolio of profit to buy more rich toys, he is a profit driven pathetic excuse of a human being. No manager will do much better than Wenger while we (Arsenal) have a cancer like Silent Stan killing us from the inside quietly…

          1. @MIdkemma

            I hear some of what you’re saying, but Wenger DOES have a huge say on transfers. Okay, maybe not 100% with player sales then in the past, but certainly today he does, and you forgot to mention players coming into the club. Who’s fault is it that we’ve ended up with the likes of Welbeck, Sanogo, Flamini, Kallstrom at the club!! Are you honestly suggesting our vast array of scouts couldn’t find anything better than Kallstrom when going for the title or Sanogo when we badly needed a top striker, amongst others.

            When I said about Wenger having the say on players fitness I meant that the medical team do their job, but Wenger more or less lets the players decide whether their fit enough, when he should be ultra cautious given our track record with injuries. The proof of this happens every season. How often do we see a player come back from injury, only to another set-back almost straight away. It’s always happening, are you really saying the medical team have been that incompetent for years! Another example is what happened with Sanchez. Wenger new he was in the red zone, ignored the advice given to him from medical professionals and we lose Sanchez for like two months! See what I mean about having the final say.

            Like I said before, I completely agree with you about the board. But how can you honestly blame them and not Wenger when Wenger is the manager! The board are not involved in what goes on a match day, Wenger is!!

            Many fans constantly defend Wenger saying it was lack of funds and losing star players which was the reason for us going down hill. Well all that has changed for the last three seasons and yet we still have all the same problems. If success is really down to how much money one’s got and star players, then please explain how Leicester are six points clear at the top of the table.

      2. @Midkemma
        I see your point…however, you speak as if Wenger has no fault at all in this matter.
        We keep using the point that Wenger got us a new stadium… Bla bla bla. I think 3 titles in 19 seasons is poor. Dien or Gazidis or Silent Stan. 3 in 19 is poor…very poor.

      THE OUTS
      1. WENGER – Heartless Man – Just push him out
      2. FLAMINI – Useless as His Coach
      3. ARTETA – Lacks ambition lyk Wenka
      4. WALCOTT – Ten years of still developing – SELL
      5. CHAMBO – Hez not serious – LOAN

      1. Iwobi – I have to say he might be better at Goal scoring than Ozil (Every AM must score)

      1. RUGANI – Young and Focused defender (BFG will be used sparingly, but we still need him)
      2. JAVI MARTINEZ – Cover for DM, CB & CM
      3. ANDRE GOMES – Replacement for Flamini & Arteta ( Hes very skilled and intelligent)
      4. CAVANI or MORATA – We need one of these two to Fight with Giroud (Competition)
      5. MANAGER – Just about anyone would be better than Wenka ..

  2. who gives a damn…
    when pep joins city he will bring even more world class talent
    when mourinho joins manure he will do same
    if isco is that good someone will easily outbid 35 mill- even if we did get him- we are in race for fourth..

    two seasons ago the league was ours, an every big team was underperforming- we blew it
    this season its looking the same

    next season we have two managers who are the best in the world at short term management coming
    we have no chance at the title unless we bring in another manager with that same hunger who isnt obsessed with the accounting side of arsenal fc.
    but why would kroenke get rid of the ultimate in business management wenger and gazidis.
    i mean no disrespect to arsene but i dont think he has a title run in him- i hope he proves me wrong

    this season will be our last shot in years in my eyes

    1. Without a doubt, Arsenal is a quality team. However, many teams are beginning to close up or surpass our quality…the annoying part is that we are doing little or nothing about it.
      I hate to be a doom sayer…but our chances will get slimmer if we don’t win the title this season.
      You’ve got to love the way Leicester are playing. Is there no stopping them?

    what a goal
    sheeeeet screamerrrrr

    leicester in one year have gone from relegation favourites at the bottom of the table to the top.
    with how much spent?
    those excuses of us not having money to compete are looking thin now.

    this has to be the year where we go the end, its now or never

    1. Unbelievable ?
      I never would have thought that Leicester would beat Man City away!… Surely the Spuds won’t be sitting in 2nd spot tonight ?

    2. Been a fascinating season from LC and they look unbeatable and worthy chanpions @ the moment

      KILLING CITY on the their home turf

      8 points adrift and its rather easy to see why when comparing the 2 squads

      Vardy>>>>>>OG and company
      Mahrez>>>>>Walcott, Campbell, Ox

      And it isnt close in the disparity between these players

      1. i tried to thumbs up, but my finger too big, you speak truth, giroud can not compare to vardy, if we had vardy, we would challenge barca, ox, theo & campbell produce almost nothing… LC scored 49 goals thus far, we scored 37, LC give away 27 goals, we give away only 22, our defense is solid, they have better finishing…

  4. WITH DUE RESPECT BOB. As far as I am concerned all stories of Arsenal signing this and that is only one thing …. BULL SH*T. We talk talk talk and talk but never do the business.

    ON A SERIOUS NOTE, I AM GETTING SLIGHTLY CONCERNED IT IS NO LONGER ABOUT SIGNING NEW PLAYERS. TACTICS, MOTIVATION, DESIRE, SELECTION SEEMS TO BE MAJOR PROBLEMS. This only points to one person ….ARSENE WENGER. I respect him for his past achievements but I will be lying if I say I have confidence in his work currently.


  5. WITH DUE RESPECT BOB. As far as I am concerned all stories of Arsenal signing this and that is only one thing …. B**L SH**. We talk talk talk and talk but never do the business.

    ON A SERIOUS NOTE, I AM GETTING SLIGHTLY CONCERNED IT IS NO LONGER ABOUT SIGNING NEW PLAYERS. TACTICS, MOTIVATION, DESIRE, SELECTION SEEMS TO BE MAJOR PROBLEMS. This only points to one person ….ARSENE WENGER. I respect him for his past achievements but I will be lying if I say I have confidence in his work currently.


    1. Too little too late. Wenger needs to go. Fresh ideas are needed and with Pep on his way we not winning anything. And its not just Pep. Almost any team can beat Arsenal because under Wenger you just don’t know what to expect from Arsenal. I tend to think of it as, slow start again, missed chances, certain players going missing during games, wrong subs wrong time and the quality of the subs. There’s not much quality on the bench. We should be bringing on the type of players that can snatch victory for us in tight games not bringing on Gibbs to help us hold on then we concede. I mean last wk, We sub Flam for Coquelin. A wasted sub because Coquelin should of been on from the start. If Sanchez could and did play the whole game why not Coquelin. Those and other decisions made by Wenger this season have cost us the little. Last i looked city were down 3 -zip. No faith in Wenger he should go end of ”this” season

  6. We have more quality then Leicester so why are they 8 points clear as things stand?

    See it is fighting spirit that is getting these Leicester wins. We don’t have any fighting spirit apart from maybe 5-6 and even that is being kind.

    I said this last season as well, we don’t have fighting spirit. Most of the players just ease out of the 90 minutes, some of them pull out of challenges, once we go behind our heads go down. Look at the amount of games we have come back to win in recent seasons from losing position. It just goes down every season. We should have won the last two home games in the league with ease, even with 10 men against a poor Chelsea side.

    1. Bec they arent earning 140k a week like walcott for example, what they are playing for is for glory

    2. LC are on an incredible run of form lately but I honestly dont see a transparent disparity in quality between the two sides,

      Huth<<<Boss(Closer than u think)

      Arsenal with a slight advantage, but Mahrez, Vardy and Kante would walk into the Gunners 1st 11

        1. WTF is wrong with this site?

          Disregard my previous posts, something wrong with the processing of information.


  7. The state of us if we were to play Leicester next week with Flamini as DM. Thank god for Francis Coquelin coming back.

  8. the problem with arsenal is simple that players and manager are to comfortable with being losers. 4th place is good enough.

    They all earn the money for doing nothing great for it. and fans go crazy bec our expectation and arsenal aims are two diff things.

    trophys are presents for the fans in the world, coz the players and club who we support are earning milions form them selfs.

    1. Unfortunately Arsenal has a collection of the most overrated, overpaid players in all the Premier League. Whether perpetually unfit or consisently out of form Wenger and co waste millions of pounds on players that would have a hard time featuring for the 22 million dollar league leaders.

      I think I mentioned in an earlier thread that Chambers and Debuchys transfer fees exceeded the entire LC payroll. Mindboggling.

      Many will argue and understandbly so that LC are a one year wonder this season and Arsenals class is a yearly involvement in the Top 4, Champions League and FA Cup however watching them today dismantle the EPL favorites in there backyard its difficult to overlook the disparity in passion and professionalsim currently from both teams. Raineri and company have been better than Team Wenger and its hasnt been close.

  9. arsenal have scored 37 goals after 24 matches, the top 3 teams all score 44 or above… arsenal give away only 21 goals, top 3 give away average of 25, our problem is not mert, flamini… all the players we seem to hate, our defense is number 3 in the league, our problem is we can not score

  10. Somewhere out there, Nigel Pearson is in his living room, fists clenched, muttering “This is me. This is all f*cking me.”

  11. Can’t believe Lei are destroying city, didn’t see any of the game but city must of played straight into Lei counter attacking plans, we must not fall into the same trap. Lei have slight advantage this season with them not playing European football as we’ve seen it happen before, just not from a recently promoted team though. Lei do have quality, sure Gokhan Inler was a target of ours before they spent allot to get him but he can’t even get into their side. Injuries are being very kind to them, people were expecting a couple of injuries to important players but it is just not happening. All I can say is we better beat Bou now for sure so we can try to knock Lei back a bit in a way that it matters. Worryingly we have the toughest fixtures whilst Leicester has the kindest,.

  12. If we draw or lose tomorrow, it’s over.

    If we win tomorrow but lose points against Leicester next week, it’s over.

    If it will be over, it must be over with Wenger.

    1. alot of if’s there. but no butts?

      we at justarsenal like butts…womens butts…brazilians womens butts

      1. Ohhh noooo Mr Muffin don’t speak about Brazilian butts; looking at the pics from the carnival at Rio is torrrrture.

        See ya next summer in Brazil for the Olympics, ye?

  13. It is TEAM WORK..AND THEY GOT IT EXTREMLY WELL..Kante run whole game something you will never see on flamini- ramsey nor LeCoq and let’s be honest..the Level of stamina are there for the the spirit..Theo , Ox do not chse down nobody like Mahrez, okasaki or Vardy do..and this helps the defence plus retrieving the ball as quick as you can was something we used to do to others..Only sanchez, Ozil and Campbell shows that spirit to get it back the rest are passive lookers..anyway, we should have got our ST and DM and this is gonna be the main reason we will not win it. i FEAR , I WILL NOT SEE ANOHTER epl TROPHY FOR YEARS TO COME UNLESS WE GET someone like SIMEONE ( the only one who will be free ) as Mou goes to Utd , Conte to Chelsea and Pep to City plus klopp ( we are in serious trouble fellas )

  14. I still can’t get over the fact that we didn’t sign a single outfielder in the summer. Even for Wenger that’s shocking.

    Cech was an amazing transfer. I take my hat off for thaT- BUT- We could have had an amazing season with 1 or two more outfielders

    Every season we are needing one or two players
    Frustrating as hell

    I hope Im wrong and we win the PL but doesnt look good at the moment and a loss/draw to Bournemouth could mark the end of our hopes


  15. Leicester fixtures:
    February 2016

    Premier League
    Man City
    Leicester Sat 6 Feb Full time
    Premier League
    Arsenal v Leicester Sun 14 Feb 12:00
    Premier League
    Leicester v Norwich Sat 27 Feb 15:00
    March 2016

    Premier League
    Leicester v West Brom Tue 1 Mar 19:45
    Premier League
    Watford v Leicester Sat 5 Mar 17:30
    Premier League
    Leicester v Newcastle Mon 14 Mar 20:00
    Premier League
    Crystal Palace v Leicester Sat 19 Mar 15:00
    April 2016

    Premier League
    Leicester v Southampton Sat 2 Apr 15:00
    Premier League
    Sunderland v Leicester Sat 9 Apr 15:00
    Premier League
    Leicester v West Ham Sat 16 Apr 15:00
    Premier League
    Leicester v Swansea Sat 23 Apr 15:00
    Premier League
    Man Utd v Leicester Sat 30 Apr 15:00
    May 2016

    Premier League
    Leicester v Everton Sat 7 May 15:00
    Premier League
    Chelsea v Leicester Sun 15 May 15:00


  16. Can anyone convince me why we need ISCO? He can’t play the deep lying playmaker role like Cazorla. We already have Ozil as number 10. And Isco hasn’t got the pace to play out wide. What we need is a cold blooded striker – simple!

  17. Arsenal lack fighting spirit because their manager lacks ambition. Wenger should just retire and spare us any more pain. Wenger out!

  18. Arsenal lack a Top Class STRIKER. Wenger is only interested in buying Kids hoping they will come good so he can sell them for a profit.

  19. Leicester go into tackles, Most Arsenal players pull out of or are too frightened to go into tackles.

    We have this player who is in his 10th season. After a single win he goes into a bum clash with Mertesacker or a fan. When he is on the pitch he seems like he has only been there for a few years and still a player who is learning. Ten years at a club, you should be leading by example. This player is also tied with Robert Huth now for number of goals in the league this season. This player has one good game every 10 matches.

  20. I don’t believe the Isco rumours, that is what I was going to say. I was thinking that AFC are not the type to negotiate over a player in advance of the window opening back up, we are the type that wait patiently and see whats about at that time is what I was thinking. But if I remember correctly we negotiated Cazorla transfer in advance, I think we did same with Gabriel. One thing I reckon to be true is if Isco was to choose which club ideally would he like well then I think he’d say AFC. He is an Arsenal player mould.

    Why I think its plausible too is after us not signing an outfield player in summer Arsene and Arsenal got slaughtered. I know they will try to make it one of our best ever windows for that reason and along with the stick he gets over the kitty ever rising. Its very plausible that this time the negotiating will be started well in advance.

  21. Talking about the fans who wants to win the league must need a world-class finisher and a lethal one to be exact. Nobody in the world will ever sell the striker to another club with potency in his record. It is really hurting the side with no 30 goal a striker in the side. The hope has been ripped apart and if they win it will atleast make Wenger look stupid in front of camera and questions of how a to-be relegated team won the league. We can only pray that the team is really feeling and i hope that Arsenal win against all 14 opponents from now on and just think of feeling it would bring back to the stadium.

  22. Consistently over the seasons there are many examples where it has looked likely that we would drop out of the top 4 in PL or drop out of CL at group stage. Every time we have been able to acheive these goals and in some cases, against all the odds. This has required great commitment and determination.

    However when presented with golden opportunities to get clear ahead at the top of the table, or stay at the top of the table, we fluff our lines. Nearly did the same in FA cup final two years ago.

    Generally it has been reported that when we moved to the emirates Wenger’s task, set by the board was to keep us in the CL and get us through the group stage. During this period it has been the big spending clubs who have won the PL, manc, manu, chelsea.

    Seems to me that Wenger has achieved the task he has been set, unfortunately now we are in a financially better position he does not seem able to step up our performance to actually win the PL and golden opportunities are squandered.

    Ok leicester are not a big spending club, but they have not won the PL yet and this may be a one off. Recent history is that big spending clubs win the PL.

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