“Arsenal seem unable to keep 11 men on the field” Pundit bemoans big problem

Arsenal has been struggling to win games, but even more worrying now is their serious lack of discipline.

The Gunners have lost players to red cards more often than they have done in a long time, and 90mins claims that it is a huge problem for them right now.

Arsenal’s poor run of form is obviously weighing down their players, and it seems that they are struggling to stay disciplined.

Nicolas Pepe, Granit Xhaka, and Gabriel Magalhaes have all been sent off for the Gunners in recent games.

Joshua Wroath of 90mins says that the Gunners’ big problem in this winless run has a lot to do with the fact that they cannot keep 11 players on the field in matches.

He pointed out that Arsenal has had seven red cards since Arteta has been their manager, three more than Brighton that comes in just behind them.

He then adds that when you’re a man down, you can’t expect to win.

He Writes: “The main issue, almost unfathomably, is that Arsenal seem unable to keep 11 men on the field, and it’s not just a problem that has affected them this season.

“Since Arteta was appointed in December 2019, the Spaniard has seen seven of his players – yes, seven – sent off, which is four more than Brighton have had in that time, the Gunners’ closest rivals in this rather forgettable category.

“To further substantiate just how bad that is, seven Premier League teams didn’t have a single player sent off for the whole of the 2019/20 campaign. Arsenal, from January 2020 onwards alone, had four – David Luiz twice being the guilty party.

“So is it any wonder that having added another three dismissals this season, Arsenal are dropping points? Most probably, no. It’s clear and obvious that when you’re a man down in football, your chances of picking up points reduce dramatically, particularly when you’re playing at the highest level.”

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  1. A very appropriate article , on an issue which requires to be sorted out pronto.Our players simply must play with their heads rather than their hearts as it is well high impossible to win in the EP L with ten men.No doubt Arteta will impress upon them the fact that anyone sent off is effectively letting down his team mates and fans, big time.

  2. Yes we have a discipline problem to a certain degree, but so do all the other teams in the Premier League, it’s just we get punished all the time, but the other teams only get punished some times, look what Chilwell did against wolves, if that was any Arsenal player straight red end of story. The officials are way too card happy against us

    1. Mike, Ah, that old paranoia complex that so many one eyed fans use all the time! Not merely at our club but non deep thinking fans at all clubs, It is of course nonsense to believe that we are unfairly picked on but convincing those with paranoia is an impossible task. REALITY!

  3. After watching Villa vs Burnley 35 fouls just 1 yellow for what was a bad foul but there were a lot more fouls which deserved yellows that never came.
    So after that and seeing how we are treated in that category I must say the refs do not like us.

  4. The refereeing that we have witnessed over many seasons, has been a biased one, bordering on an illegitimate nature.

    Names like Riley and Dean spring immediately to mind and a petition from thousands of Gooners demanding that the latter never referee another Arsenal game was sent to and ignored by Riley.

    However, the three red cards this season cannot be argued with, as they were blatant and gave the referees in charge no option but to send the players off.

    This is also, not an Arteta scenario, as I remember Wenger having the same disciplinary record during his time at the club and we weren’t in any kind of relegation issue during his twenty two years.

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