Arsenal seen as the only team that can land Barcelona outcast

Arsenal has reportedly pulled out of the running for Philippe Coutinho, however, the Gunners remain Barcelona’s only hope of offloading the former Liverpool man.

Coutinho joined Barcelona in 2018 and that has turned out to be one of the worst decisions ever made by the Spanish giants.

The attacking midfielder struggled to justify the huge transfer fee that Barca spent on him and they have now given up on him ever reaching his full potential with them.

The Catalans sent him out on loan this season, hoping that Bayern Munich will make the loan deal permanent, but the Germans have refused to do that.

It means that he will now have to look for a new team after his contract with the Bavarians ends.

Spanish paper, Sports via Sports Witness claims that Barcelona sees Mikel Arteta’s side as the team that can help them solve the problem of getting a new home for him.

The report claims that the Brazilian wants to leave and that Barcelona also has no plans for him for next season.

They are keen to find a solution to the problem this summer and they are working closely with his agent, Kia Joorabchian, who is close to Arsenal’s top officials to get the deal over the line.

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  1. how do i unsubscribe to this newsletter. Keep getting pop up notifications on my PC for this!

    I don even remember subscribing in the first place!

    Rewove me immediately please.

    1. Once you accept notification s it creates a cookie in your browser. You need to go into setting on said browser. Look for notifications, and turn off the ones you don’t want

    2. Me on mobile but it is easier to leisurely swipe away if the story is not interesting. Don’t know about pc though. I would’ve love if this was notifications for comments as I am guilty of jumping to comments most of the time.

  2. Firstly, isn’t about time that people faced facts about why no other clubs are interested in Coutinho?
    Secondly isn’t it time that people expressed concern about the relationship of Arsenal FC with Kia Joorabchian and that he is trying to get this highly priced player to Arsenal?

    1. It is my conspiracy that those payments paid to Kia some amount goes to certain people’s bank accounts.

  3. PC is not known for being a hard worker, nor someone who tracks back AND MA insists thatall his players work ferociously hard on the pitch, which is one(of several) reasons that Ozil is now completely dropped from future plans.

    Barca will never let a player of PC ‘s quality leave for peanuts and anyway Arsenal have already allocated or at least planned, their “not even peanuts summer funds”. For those reasons, Coutinho to Arsenal is a non starter and always was, IMO.

    As for “reports” and what they say, take such nonsense with a huge pinch of salt. Oh yes, PC may well want out and Barca may well want him out. But that means nothing without a club willing and able to buy.
    A ” report” could accurately state that I want a mansion in Monte Carlo. BUT THAT IS EQUALLY MEANINGLESS TOO, UNLESS I WIN THE EURO LOTTERY!
    Anyway , the word “report” is a euphemism for a made up lie, most of the time. It is as meaningless as saying “a spokesman said” Get real, those naive readers who buy into this nonsense!

    1. I recently watched that great movie Fantastic Mr Fox he is such a great character he reminded me of you. But recently I have got inspiration I don’t remember if iys from this site or somewhere else to write about a character I will call him the Unremarkable Mr Fox.

      1. Come on Mr Fox! Wasn’t I complimenting you? That bandying word sent me to dictionary.

        If Barca want him out surely they don’t see quality in him? So it’s logical they will cut their loses on him and ship him to the reasonable offerer? Is offerer a correct word?

        I think I have to change my user name as I am not Highbury Hero it’s the man on my gravatar. I call him that. I will change my username to The Great Arsene. How do you like the sound of that?

        1. Highbury Hero, names are irrelevant, it’s the content of the posts that matter.
          Surely, “Highbury Hero” and “The Great Arsene” are the same thing anyway?

        2. Ken I am just teasing Jon because once or twice he called me out for hiding behind a fake name.

  4. Well said Jon and Ozzie.Why do I distrust Agents so much and this one in particular.Who is running the show as far as transfers is concerned at Arsenal?I know it should be MA but I have my doubts.

  5. “Arsenal seen as the only club to land Coutinho…. “the title could be Barca sees Arsenal as the only club stupid enough to agree to their terms!”as per reports” 9M loan fee plus his wages.

    1. Siamois, why are you denigrating our club, when it is being reported we have dropped out of the “race” to sign him?
      As for his worth, just remember what a sensational time he had at Liverpool. The fact that he wasn’t a success at Barca, shouldn’t influence our club’s decision… it’s what MA sees that counts.
      Barcas valuation of the player is also a red herring, if they are desperate to get him off their books.
      Time to see what our negotiaters are made of, not only with Courtinho, but Partey’s and Aubameyang grotesque reported demands as well.

      1. This grotesque word you keep using with regards to wages is kinda ironic coming from someone who blew a gasket everytime 350k was mentioned.

  6. At ken
    Even Arteta knows it wouldn’t go down well to pay off a “dross” #10 then turn around sign another out and out #10 headed down hill.

    1. Jah son, if he does sign Courtinho, get ready for another player to be pilloried from post to post..
      The knives are already out and it’s only a reported issue interest.

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