Why Arsenal selling Aubameyang has worked out well for everyone

I have been on the fence as regards to Aubameyang situation at Arsenal and regardless of how it all came down to this we can’t change the fact that it is what it is.

Here is the reason why I strongly believe that all parties (Auba move to Barcelona) have fared well.

Arsenal have improved on the pitch since Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang left for FC Barcelona. But so have Barcelona. It has been a rare example of a high profile transfer borne out of toxicity that has worked out for all three parties involved.

Until Aubameyang’s last game for Arsenal on December 6th, a 2:1 loss to Everton – Arsenal ranked 12th in the league for goals scored per 90 minutes and average possession. They were also 8th in the xG table.

But since his move to FC Barcelona, they have almost doubled the number of goals they score per game, averaging 2.1 before their 3:2 win over Watford.

Mikel Arteta’s side is also keeping the ball better, with an average of 56.4 per cent possession since Aubameyang left.

Their xG has also more than doubled, from 1.2 to 3 expected goals per game. Put simply, they are a better attacking side in every department, with Lacazette leading the line and Aubameyang out of the club.

The move has also worked for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who has scored five goals for FC Barcelona already in a team now thriving under Xavi’s management.

FC Barcelona has now won four of their last five league games after signing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, while Arsenal boasts the same record without him. A rare example of a high profile working out for everyone involved.

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  1. Glad to see Aubameyang motivated again at Barcelona. Lacazette doesn’t need to play second fiddle to Aubameyang anymore and is much more productive now after the squad’s harmony is restored

  2. We need to stop saying we sold Auba. Truth is we payed him Lila 7M to rip his contract he went to Barca on a free transfer

      1. What’s the title of this article? I know English isn’t my first language but can u explain the title?

  3. I am beginning to think even our players were cool with him leaving. There has not been any sign of discontent or attitude towards Arteta.
    There is a play pattern now, there is unity, there is focus. I don’t know what Arteta is doing exactly but he is spot on IMO.

  4. Crazy rumors going on. I find it appalling that we have some Arsenal fans labeling Lewandowski “too old”, after the rumors of him maybe moving on because of no agreement on an extension. As far as I understand, Lewandowski is not after pay raise but a longer contract (like 2-3 years). He currently earns around 320k a week.

    This is the guy who has scored 185 goals, 27 assists in 169 appearances, individually won Ballon d’Or Best Striker, European Golden Shoe, FIFA’s Best Player (twice) and arguably, should’ve won 2 Ballon d’Ors. All these he’s achieved since turning 30!

    But no doubt we had armchair experts back in 2018 saying Lewandowski is deadwood because he turned the magical 30, too old!

    Juve bought Ronaldo at 33 years of age. He gave them 101 goals in 3 years, and I rate Lewandowski higher than CR in the past 5 years.

    Not saying Lewandowski to Arsenal is even remotely happening, but IF, big IF, it would be possible, I would jump at the chance of having the best player in the world. What has he lost at his age? Speed? He’s at 33 years of age, roughly as fast as Patrik Schick (who’s 26). Besides Lewandowski’s strengths have always been work-ethic, positioning and finishing.

    The only issue would be motivation, but seeing that Lewa is applauded for his mentality, work-ethic and work-rate, I don’t think this would be a problem. After all, our young team needs experience too and why not winning mentality.

    1. So you are willing for Arsenal to pay £330,000 a week for a 33 year old retiree?
      Some people don’t learn.
      Willian, Ozil, Auba (between £250,000 a £350,000 a week), and all were a disaster. Now you won’t mind us taking the exact risk with a 33 year old striker that has never played in the EPL.
      I am tired of our fans always clamouring for these shiny big name players that cost a fortune and earn ridiculous wages but turn out to be average or just okay.

      Pepe and even Laca, shiny expensive average players.

      I think it would be a disaster waiting to happen if your Lewandowski fantasy materialised.

      1. Talking out your arse I see. Özil, Auba don’t compare at all in this case. These players were bought in first, performed quite well and were given frivolous extensions. Both players, at the time of contract extensions, were KNOWN to have attitude problems.

        Willian was bought (well free transfer) but he’s no Ballon d’Or winner material, now is he? Willian was never applauded for work-ethic, mentality or work-rate, now was he?

        Very simple-minded to even compare Özil/Auba/Willian to someone like Lewandowski. First 3 are Fiat’s while latter one is a Ferrari.

        That’s why I compared Lewandowski to CR7 tranfer to Juve. CR did quite well there, huh?

        And simple-minded people somehow think that because our incompetent board did crazy deals with players with attitude problems, that ALL +30 year old players would have the same problems.

        Lewandowski was given +300k contract when he was already over 30 years old. Did he also ‘retire’ and stop performing for Bayern?

        1. I would take him for a season no trouble ,but if we’re to leave Bayern this summer I think he will be looking for a Nice big last pay day probably on a 3 year contract .

        2. @Dajuhi.
          Someone that thinks it would be wise for Arsenal to award a 33 year old retiree a £300,000 a week deal has the guts to label others simple minded. A 33 year old retiree in more than £300,000 a week in a new sweaty league like the EPL.

          All that after we had the exact same disasters with Ozil, Auba, Willian etc.. But buthe won the Ballon d’or. But but look at C Ronaldo at Juventus blah blah.

  5. A Lewandoski even at 40 is better than Lacazette

    But not withstanding I wouldn’t get him in though.. If it’s experience to lead the line, I would fancy Benzema instead

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