Arsenal send scouts to watch possible South American Aaron Ramsey replacement

Arsenal have been searching for a replacement for the departed Aaron Ramsey for some time now and if the latest reports are to be believed, they have finally identified the ideal successor to the Welsh wizard.

According to the media the international teammate of Lucas Torreira, midfielder Nahitan Nandez, is the man they have set their sights on.

Apparently, the Boca Juniors playmaker is now at the top of the Arsenal wishlist and while no price has been mentioned in the latest reports a fee of €20 Million has been previously reported.

That is a price we can clearly afford and it would open up the possibility of Torreira partnering up with a compatriot that he is comfortable playing alongside and that can only be a positive.

Nandez is just 23-year-old, is a proven international, plays for one of Argentina’s top clubs and while I cannot pretend to know too much about him I am certainly intrigued by the reports I have read.

He appears to be a talented individual and it could be huge for us if he does click at club level with Torreira.

You see, I like Torreira, he was brilliant at the start of the season and so we know he has the talent to be far better than he showed at the end of the season and it does help when a fellow countryman joins. It helps create stability, someone to talk and socialise with, someone that shares your culture and someone you can freely communicate with.

That can help bring out the best in a players game and it could well be that Torreira and Nandez do that for each other.

The bottom line for me is that I see this as being a positive signing for a whole variety of reasons.


  1. As usual, we are rumored to be linked with close to a hundred signings. With a meagre 45 million pounds in our transfer docket, I can hardly be optimistic. Just let us concentrate on promoting and developing our academy players.

    1. Probably, as he has made 22 appearances for Uruguay including all the games in the last world cup.

      1. as you should. Kroenke is a poison, AW facilitated a culture of complacency in the 2nd half of his tenure, and Gazidis did nothing but count his money and make nice statements to the fans. Trio of frauds.

        1. And that has exactly what to do with a rumour about signing a player from Argentina as far as AW and gazidis are concerned?
          Aw has been gone for over a year and gazidis for six months…so your point is??
          Oh, unless, of course, we sign him, he proves to be useless (aka Lichsteiner), thenanything that can be is put on their shoulders. Your comments certainly sums up the narrowness of someone who sees no further than their noses.

          kronkie is well thought of by his family and friends however.
          Bet you wish you had his money?

          AW, in the 2nd half of his tenure, won three fa cups, achieved 9 top four finishes and 9 CL qualifications…the most successful 2nd half of ANY Asenal manager…what a culture of complacency, nearly as bad as Wednseday night’s final eh?

          Not bad, one out of three correct observations, just my opinion of course.

          1. I should have added, if the present regime had done the job they were hired to do, we wouldn’t be looking for a replacement for Aaron Ramsey would we?
            Unless of course it was all down to A????? W?????. and notU??? E???? etc!!

          2. What drug are you on, you literally said above me that you blame the three of them. And none of your comment even makes sense. Why do I care what Kronke’s family thinks of him and why would I want to live his life? AW, in the second half of his tenure went on a 9 year trophy drought, had some of the worst results in Arsenal’s European history, and didn’t even get close to the EPL title. As i said, facilitated a culture of complacency. Holds a lot of blame in this.

            1. Spurs can spend nothing in two transfer windows and make it to EPL finals. While also not even being at their home stadium. keep making up those weak excuses for that dinosaur and fraud of a manager

      2. Ken, I have being looking for to your unbiased opinion on what transpired on Wednesday and I must say I agree with everything you said completely. We may have to hear Wenger’s squad excuses for the next two seasons as all those players can be replaced in just one season. As there is no such thing as a good coaching but bad players.

        1. Mobella, I have taken my time to give my opinion (for what it’s worth), reading exactly what I thought each regular contributor on this site would say.
          There were no surprises and, as expected, the same “blame game” was extolled regarding the previous manager and his”dross” players.

          As you say, two more seasons of not facing what actually happened THIS season and the list of endless players to replace the “dross” with transfer figures suggesting that they are not actually “dross” at all!!!

          The game was so disappointing, for many different reasons, but our club has faced and beaten these setbacks many times before.

          I have to admit that I got it wrong, in this particular game, regarding three issues.
          I thought Iwobi was terrific and scored a brilliant goal – Cech was so professional and didn’t seem at all bothered about the speculation around his future – Ozil did not rise to the occasion and, apart from losing the game of course, was my biggest disappointment of the night.

          That is, after the first 25 minutes and once Sarri had cottoned on to UE’s so called tactics.

          Listening to Cech after the game, I was encouraged by what he said regarding the work put in behind the scene, I should never have doubted his professionalism.
          Ozil getting stick for walking slowly off the pitch? Imagine the comments if he had sprinted off and smiled when receiving his runner up medal!
          The guy will never do anything right, but he did let himself down on Wednesday, that’s for sure.

          Don’t forget Mobella, mustafi told us what a better player he was under UE, so things are on the up regarding good coaching and bad players, we just have to use our eyes!!!

  2. It’s funny how the back end of Wenger’s reign coincides with the stadium. He was the only manager that could have done that. Also was a literal condition for the banks involvement. I think when people get some time, that’s what he’ll be remembered for most.

  3. Aaron Ramsey’s replacement is James Maddison. If we are forced by Satan Kroenke to buy chancey cheapos and freebies, then we cannot become great again. At our level we need the best. Satan Kroenke has a habit of feeding money into brick building projects and not his Portfolio sporting teams. He is hated more than Trump in America. Read it up. Arsenal will never, ever get the money that the Kuwaitis, the Qataris, Abramovich, Glazers, Usmanov put into clubs. Hence his MLS soccer team, Colorado Rapids, is the worst in MLS history and he does not give a monkey’s peanut. Until all the supporters accept Satan Kroenke does not love the club we cannot force him out. Only the supporters can get him out. We must get him out. It can be done. Otherwise Arsenal will be going nowhere.

    1. To me Zaha, Maddison and Harry Maguire are the best if we can get them. Pay the money Satan Kroenke!!!!!! Bring back, Chambers, Bielik, Reiss Nelson, and Smith-Rowe. Sell Xhaka, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Elneny, Mustafi, Jenkinson, and Kolasinac to up the pot. Release Lichtsteiner and Monreal. Try to keep Welbeck a couple of years…he’s still young enough to have a bench impact on games. Hopefully Rob Holding and Hector Bellerin will be back next season. What a bunch of twats Arsenal are for letting Ramsey go. Idiots, he’s in his prime.

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