Arsenal sending centre-back on loan to Championship side

Well, this is a strange one, as in it is a transfer that has come out of the blue! It seems that the Birmingham Mail are convinced that the Brummies are signing the Arsenal centre-back Auston Trusty, who the Gunners signed from the Colorado Rapids in January and has never appeared in an Arsenal jersey.

Because very few Americans make it in the Premier League so the transfer fees are usually very cheap, so Arsenal wouldn’t have needed to win many jackpots at the casinos on to help to pay the transfer fees. Speaking about the transfer from Colorado to Arsenal in January Pádraig Smith, the Rapids’ General Manager said: “Auston’s outstanding performances caught the eye of several European clubs over the past 12 months and we are privileged to be part of an organization with the reach and scale of KSE that allows us to help a player of Auston’s potential further his development and career aspirations in Europe.”

Arsenal first loaned the defender back to the Colorado Rapids in the MLS, but they announced in January that he’d play on loan for a European side in 2022/23, although most of us didn’t expect it to be in the Championship.

Mikel Arteta didn’t name him in the squad for the preseason trip to the USA where he could have arranged to meet up with Trusty, but it looks like he is going straight to Birmingham to help them in their quest for promotion to the Premier League. The Blues normally expect to be challenging for the top six, but after last year’s horrendous season when they ended up not far from the relegation zone, they are trying a full rebuild this summer.

So it makes sense that Trusty gets to Birmingham quickly, when you think he could spend the month preparing for the new season with his new club.

Also, to be fair, with the number of centre-backs Arsenal already have in the squad it would have made little sense for him to join up with us, just to sit on the bench, but if he has a really successful season in the Championship we will know about it and plan accordingly.

Well, good luck Auston, I hope it all goes well for you in England’s Second City…..

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  1. Seems like a very sensible idea to me.
    He will certainly get playing time and will be in one of the toughest second tier leagues in european football.
    Let’s see how it pans out.

  2. Is there some reason that a betting site is randomly woven into the text of this piece, along with a link?

    I realise there’s a commercial aspect to sites such as this but that kind of shamefaced plugging strikes a wrong note, especially when it’s for something as morally questionable as encouraging people to waste their hard-earned on betting in tough times when there’s a severe cost of living squeeze going on.

    Just my opinion of course, but betting is for mugs. No-one wins over time except of course the house: “the house always wins”.

    1. I completely agree,I made a comment a while back about an article which read more like a betting firm ad.

    2. “the house always wins” is a term to live by. Save your money folks. I suppose if you have REALLY good restraint you can make betting work in your favor, but there’s a reason people get addicted to gambling so easily and it’s not because it’s easy to win cash.

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