Arsenal seriously need to start winning again or kiss our season goodbye

We need a win now!

After watching the game against Norwich, I came to the conclusion that if we don’t fashion out a way to win our next five games, we may as well kiss our season goodbye! That is the sad reality we need to face now.

Every business enterprise is set up to generate profit and make interest. Arsenal football club is a business venture and also a football club; we need to learn how to balance success off the pitch and on the pitch. I may be wrong but I strongly feel the owners of Arsenal are more interested in earning profit than winning trophies. They need to change that mentality and start looking for ways to make Arsenal start winning games.

Why do I say we need to start winning games soon? Simple….

Our season depends on it- When last did we check our position on the league table? Have we noticed that we are almost falling out of the top ten? Should we continue losing points and keep on sliding down the league table? No. We need to start winning games and we need it soon so that we can start climbing up the league table. If by the end of the year, we find ourselves out of the top ten, then do you think we would even qualify for the Europa league, let alone the UEFA Champions league?

Our corporate partners and brands depend on us winning games- Every business entity involved with Arsenal depend on us winning games, to strengthen their marketing strategy. When we don’t win games, we miss out on the Champions league and when we do, our brands may not want to associate with us because we are not at the high level they need to push their publicity.

The fans need to be won over again- Arsenal fans right now, are not happy with the way things are going at the moment we can kiss our season goodbye. Most fans have given up on the team. The team needs the fans, just as the fans need the team. I foresee more fans boycotting our home games, unless the team starts winning. A team like Arsenal commands a large followership around the world and these followers need something to keep them glued to their team. We desperately need a win.

Other contenders for the top four are not doing so good too- When other teams are fumbling, Arsenal should be taking advantage. Chelsea, Manchester United, Spurs and Manchester City are not in the best of form at the moment. So, if Arsenal were to start winning games, our chances of qualifying for Europe, will be very big.

I hope we all agree that Arsenal needs to start winning games and they need to start doing that, now! Or we can kiss our season goodbye right now….

Sylvester (LagosGooner)


  1. There are no easy games in the epl. Winning has become tougher. Mc were supposed to beat Nu just as MU withAv.
    Arsenal play a possession type of soccer.
    Even near the box they still indulge in overpass ing. Why not be like Grealish who scored against MU or the
    foxes whose swift passing resulted in goals.

    1. No Arsenal player can shoot the ball.What do you expect?
      We need to overhaul this team from the scouts to the management.The game has evolved but we are stuck in the past.
      The personnel at the club should change for us to instill a new mindset in the team & cultivate a winning mentality.

  2. Of course, otherwise we can kiss EPL goodbye and say hello to Championship

    We will need all players to be fully commited to Arsenal

  3. Our season is already gone. Gooners everywhere should accept that. And I seriously don’t understand why is everyone getting their panties wet after one game under Ljungberg. At the moment our priority should be to gain confidence and improve our play. When klopp came in they were still losing but were improving steadily. So calm the f down and let December finish. Then judge Ljungberg.

    1. I agree with Hardave Singh above. Fans should look for actual tangible improvements and keep supporting the team and players.

      It was hard doing that under Emery as after the match, there were hardly any talking points or visible improvements in the play, despite Emery’s insistence on the opposite.

      But under Freddie, in just one game, there were many improvements and everybody saw that. It wasn’t a biased opinion of an isolated fan base. There was attacking drive and intent, lots of off the ball movement which was completely nonexistent under Emery, fluid formations and interchange between players was seen, like between Kola and Auba, Ozil and Kola, Guendouzi laca, they were moving on and off, the improvement was definitely there.

      That’s what as fans we should look for and support our team and players, rather than title chases this season. Arsenal needs to stabilize first, developing and solidifying the game plan and making our players grow comfortable to the tactics.

      Arsenal after Wenger wasn’t a one or two year job, that we shouldn’t forget. It was our bad luck that we got Emery who wasn’t the right man at all. If there was any visible improvement in any aspect of the game, fans wouldn’t have been so hostile.

      Freddie seems the the right guy to me because of his post match interview. He wasn’t hiding facts, he was as blunt as he could about what was our main weakness, and the kind of football Arsenal are going to play under him. It was reassuring to hear Freddie wants to play possession game as he understands our defense isn’t any good for any other style. And he said the next task for him is to fix the vulnerability during transitions. That is conviction. That is also something everybody saw during that match. What he said was visible on the pitch, unlike Emery who made you wonder either him or us aren’t living in the same universe.

      1. This is really a good post and observation. I was so baffled why am I the only one seeing it from this angle. We really controlled most parts of the game and opposition had lesser attack on our goal. This for me is a major improvement. Fixing the vulnerability during transitions will make us incredibly solid. Everyone should stop expecting miracles. At least not with Arsenal.

        1. Arsenal fans have become very pessimistic and I myself felt similarly under Emery. But point is as fans, our voice and the tone of it, can either be morale boosting or dampening to our players. So we should also constantly re-align our thoughts and opinions based on changing dynamics, and not act like mindless bots programmed by rage and pessimism.

          I for one was encouraged by what I saw in the game against Norwich and can’t wait for the Europa fixture.

  4. There is a distinct difference between now and a few years back when some floated the idea of us tanking so that we could focus on the EPL without the distraction of Thursday night games in Europe…of course we’ve seen more than one team, in recent times, take full advantage of that very situation…unfortunately that is no longer a viable option as we simply can’t afford to tank now that we’re several years into this horrible Europa League project…if we sink any lower now we’ll almost assuredly lose some of our most valued assets, with little chance of viable replacements coming in…likewise our ability to attract players of the highest qualities will take a serious hit…leaving us to rely on finding hidden gems again, which could be the reason we were thinking ahead when we brought in Sven…oh yeah we already chased him out of town…I really like Pepe but just imagine if we didn’t let Gnabry get away for next to nothing, we could have used that money on a proven DM and another highly rated young CB to pair with Saliba…way too often this team is like a kick in the dick!!

    1. After Sven Mislantat, Arsenal (Raul Sanheili?) has also given the flick to Steve Morrow, another knowledgeable football man. Scouting and recruitment is an issue in today’s Arsenal.

  5. Ljunberg’s first Match was not bad, lets give him time to fine tune the Squad.

    I noticed a difference in the way Arsenal played this weekend (the long balls) a bit of fighting spirit. We were winning that game but the coach failed to notice a liability in Wilock, the boy was tataly lost and he should have been removed at half time. What do you expect from Mustafi when the midfield is not okey? Overal the coach is okey lets give time to fine tune our squard

  6. it would be an achievement for FL to keep us in the top 10, that is how bad we are.The only saving grace is our strike force and they too will be gone in Jan.Then we are championship if not league 1 material with our existing super heroes.This is what happens when you indulge in partiality, pay a lazy tired looking fella 350k and an energetic loyal soldier of the club gets kicked out for free.No hope for this club without a total rebuild. Brendon said no, Max said no so we are left with Poch or Arteta.Bleak future ahead

    1. Too pessimistic, Loose Cannon. And that’s coming from a guy predicting that Arsenal will become a fully-fledged Everton in the next five to ten years (unless Aliko buys out satan K in the near future).
      First of all, if either of the two strikers leaves in January, it would only be Auba. His contract was signed in January. If Lacazette leaves, it would be in summer. So get those facts straight first.
      Take into consideration that Emery might have really been the reason for them not signing their extensions, so let’s wait on that one too.
      I do believe we’ll lose one of the two in the summer, should we fail to reach top 4, the other one will get an Ozil contract and stay for the money. My bet is on Auba staying and Laca leaving.
      Let’s not forget, regardless of the shayte form we’re in currently, that can change and opposition will drop points (Chelsea lost at home against West Ham and their top striker is injured for who knows how long, manure continues being manure, scum are a worrying factor, though but it’s finally time to bring back the blooming st Totteringham’s day back).

      I’m not saying top four is gonna happen, it’s more likely not to for reasons like not finding a proper replacement for Ramsey and having horrible CBs but it’s still mathematically possible so we should hold our pessimisms for at least some time.

  7. Well win on Thursday and United beats or draws Tots and we will be close to 5th already.

    We are our own worst enemy.

  8. When was the last time we took advantage of teams around us fumbling?! Uh… like never?!
    Right now, I can’t see us making top 4, we’ve dropped too many points! The gap between us and first place is unbelievable and we’re only 14 games in!
    Let’s just hope Freddie can salvage something from our season.. maybe another FA Cup?
    Good luck to him – he has a mass6job on his hands!

      1. I’ve already accepted that we wont make top 4. Personally I’m more interested in seeing our team improve our transition, combination play, defence and overall gameplay. Even if we dont get top 4 but improve in all those areas it’ll a huge achievement. Currently we have more bigger problems than top 4. Whole team looks like they playing with each other for the first time.

        1. I thought we played better (Sunday) than we have done in ages… I am excited about Freddie (& Per)… so onwards and upwards!

    1. @Sue
      Take advantage of other teams fumbling? Erm, we don’t do that here! 😂
      After the line up and subs I saw from Freddie, winning trophies is going to be the least of our worries. Midtable here we come.

      1. QD.. With the injuries and unfit (?) players, I don’t see what else he could have done.
        People were calling for Mustafi to return (after his EL games)
        We all know what he’s like! All of our defenders just aren’t very good!
        I do believe after Sunday, he’ll have seen who was up for it and who wasn’t and will change that for Thursday, starting with Torreira in!!
        One game in.. and that game, a few weeks back, we’d have lost for sure!
        You wouldn’t want to go back to Emery??

  9. It’s not impossible to get to the top four this season but that means the change starts with the next game and doesn’t stop until the end of the season. And I pray to the sweet lord, halleluyer, that the board realises how desperately we need at least one proper defender. We’re in dire straits in that department. Should they buy a good defender and pair him up with Holding, I believe that top 4 is manageable. And to talk some sense into the midfield.

    1. Yes, there is biased mere hope “top four possibility” and there is also sound sober thinking, using rationale possibility and top four can NEVER be in that second unbiased possibility. I know which one YOUR post is in. And is is not in mine. WHY NOT BE TOTALLY HONEST WITH YOURSELF INSTEAD? WHO DOES SELF FOOLING HELP? NOT OUR CLUB, THATS FOR CERTAIN!

  10. How can we have players who can’t run. That’s a big problem in our squad especially midfield. As long as we continue to play those slow midfielders, I expect to see poor results. Arteta come and do your thing by fielding our quickest players in a 5 man defense and 5 man attack formation.











  11. We have 2 managers teams playing in the same team and as for Freddie he was Emery assistant I did not see him shouting from the line oh 1 occasion so why do you think he will turn it around. We need a top manager NOW before Man-Utd sack their manager and then we miss out yet again

  12. “Kiss our season goodbye”!………………………if we dont start winning games we will kiss the Premier League goodbye !………………..seriously !

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