Arsenal set for 3-way Rabiot transfer battle with Spurs and Inter?

I am not sure if the phrase ‘looking forward to’ ever really applies to Arsenal fans when it comes to any transfer window, be it summer or winter or whether we are in desperate need of new players or not, because they are almost always a let down.

Remember that January when we badly needed a striker and then picked up a key injury or two but Arsene Wenger signed just one player, the aging Swede Kim Kallstrom, who it turned out was actually carrying an injury of his won? That window was a real doozy for us Gooners and this summer was not much better.

Even though I am happy with the signing of Lacazette and Kolasinac, the fact the club made a profit when we were expecting a big splurge was incredibly frustrating so we can only hope that Wenger and the board will be more proactive next time and perhaps they already are, with Talksport reporting that we are one of the three clubs planning to swoop for the PSG and France midfield star Adrien Rabiot.

The others are our north London rivals Tottenham and the Italian Serie A club Internazionale from Milan. The 21-year old is a real talent and I think would add quality and options to our central midfield, but if PSG are willing to sell, will Arsenal be able to win this three way transfer tussle?



  1. Sal says:

    I would take him for sure alot of players can fit in in our midfield it’s not our strongest area, but this guy is french 6 2 local boy and playing every game in a team that has just bought Mbappe and Neymar, he’s going nowhere they are building a team to win the CL and he’s a gonna be part of it, maybe we could have gotten him at the beginning of the transfer window, but january or in the summer, dream on mate he’s staying in paris. it’s more likely a demand to increase his wages.
    i beleive we missed out on keita 42-48 mil is a bargain for that kind of quality but there are good midfielders out there for a similar price, we will just have to wait and see window is ages from now so let’s just concentrate on consistency and climbing up the table we need to pick up some momentum especially after the hard fought draw this sunday.

    1. waal2waal says:

      it would be wonderful to have rabiot join the side, at 22 already he’s an incredible talent that psg would do well to nurture and retain. however, he is in the current climate paid below his transfer value so i won’t be surprised if his club treble his wage (of close to 50k weekly) or else there’s we could see a scramble for this young mans signature. we’d need to be playing well thats if we’re to catch his attention – there’s no harm in dreaming.

  2. The barrel says:

    Rabiot or Draxler to replace Mr Lazy Ozil

    1. You mean Draxler to replace Ozil and Raboit to replace Xhaka or Ramsey. Raboit is a DMF

      1. And admin sorry I got a bit angry the other day at that JembutArsene . I started swearing and calling him names . It’s just he is so repetitive and rambles on about the same stuff in every single comment and they are so long . Won’t happen again

  3. gotanidea says:

    Like the Lemar’s case, it would depend on Arsenal’s situation in January. If they are in better position, there would be more players willing to join.

    PSG will most likely sell one of Pastore, Draxler, Di Maria and Moura. Which will be a good time, because we would know whether Sanchez and Ozil will extend their contracts or not.

  4. khangunners says:

    I am a big ozil fan and after watching yesterdays game i think we can use him more effectively. I reckon if he comes on second half then using his creativity he can really do damage so i feel he is like our trump card.
    Undoubtedly pple look at yesterdays performance and say ozil is a liability. Truth is we were so energetic and solid collectively and this shows that if we play with teams where everyone needs to work hard and fight then ozil should not start but i think if he comes on second half in this games his creativity can surely kill this teams.

  5. Mikekobi says:

    I don’t want ozil to extend his contract, he need to leave as soon as possible, he is too lazy and doesn’t have the fighting spirit needed, I’m sure we could hv lost against Chelsea yesterday if he played.

  6. Grandad says:

    While Ozil is a fine footballer he and Ramsay cannot be accommodated in the same team.They are both number 10s whose defensive weaknesses are highlighted when they both play. Silva and De Breune at Man City are in a similar situation but since the arrival of PG their defensive work to quickly regain possession has improved substantially. At Arsenal we need to get Ozil in particular to buy into the need to defend when we do not have the ball. If Mr Wenger can “manage” to achieve this ,the team as a whole will benefit and a top four finish may be possible this season

    1. I don’t understand why everyone is so obsessed with a top 4 finish . Our target should be to win the league I don’t care about top 4. This owner and manager have lowered our expectations that much that all we want is top 4. For me it’s the league or its a fail. If we are in the title race in the run in and miss out by a point or goal difference and we end up in the top 4 ok but just top 4 being a pass mark not good enough .

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