Arsenal set for another battle with Bayern over striker transfer

Arsenal fans will be sick and tired of the name Bayern Munich by now and it is likely to get worse for us when Carlo Ancelotti brings the German team to north London for the second leg of our Champions League knockout encounter in a couple of weeks.

You might be hoping that we could then forget about the Bundesliga champions for a while, or until the next UCL draw when knowing our luck we will be matched up with them again, but according to an Arsenal transfer rumour reported by The Mirror that might not be the case.

The report claims that Bayern are now seriously considering a summer swoop for the young Celtic star Moussa Dembele and that could put us into another battle with them as Arsenal are also rumoured to be tracking the impressive forward.

The Gunners are just one of many Premier League clubs said to be interested and when you see him play and check out his stats, especially for a player just 20-years old, it is hardly surprising. But it seems to me that Arsenal have to sort out the manager situation before making any moves in the transfer window, donĀ“t you agree_



  1. sanmi.marvellous says:

    “…….as Arsenal are also rumoured to be tracking the impressive forward”.

    Why do we need to stress ourselves with transfer rumours now instead of praying and hoping our UCL aggregate score does not reach 10 – 2. ?

    After all Dembele may not likely play for a club without champions league ticket next season. I was shocked to know that we are still dropping 3 points against United & City.

  2. Remember Hafiz? says:

    Wenger has his favourites who still play irrespective of their form..why should he continue buying players and let them rot on the bench or send them on loan?

    Wenger must go!! There was Arsenal before Arsen and there will be Arsenal after Arsen

    The house of Rahman has spoken

  3. HA559 says:

    Straight forward route to the semi final will turn into a struggle.

    1. Quophi says:

      Hopefully not

  4. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Yes, because when Arsenal have come up against Bayern in recent history we always come out on top………

  5. john0711 says:

    Firstly until we know who the manager will be lets leave the BS transfer window shut

    Wenger deserves credit for his first decade at the club, however, since then have we moved forward? i think not

    2 things; wenger has to take massive crtisism for favoritism with certain players and for spending latley on less than whats needed e.g why play ozil, ramsey, walcott, when they havnt performed, anyone can see a front 3 of welbeck, sanchez and perez would cause havoc
    Xhaka wtf he cant takle, is not mobile enough and has the temper and the decision making skills of a of a suicide victim, why didnt we go in for Kante less money and 10x a better player or even Schneiderlin
    thinking about what happens after wenger ask yourself this
    will we win the league next year with wenger
    then ask if we got the right manager next year would we win the league

    the club needs a complete change

    players out in my opinion
    poss 140 milion

    you may ask why not ramsey or chambo simple, i think someone like simone would make them class players

    juanfran as backup and to show belerin how to defend
    lucas moura

    poss 240 million max spend 100mill, its not like we havnt got it

    I think wenger is pinning his hopes on winning the FA cup, and with the draw so far we should make the semis, but will we beat Chels, Utd, Man city or spurs

    i think wenger has lost the players i would rather sanchz stay than wenger and for all ozils class we play with 10 men in big games i would rather see iwobi, chambo or even ramsey behind
    3 from sanchz, moura, Griezman,welbeck,perez

    the club recieves the highest money from fans and is one of the richest clubs in the world, the press stated today that kronkie is looking at Henry to return in some manger role where as Ustinov wants simone

    simone wont put up with 50% of our players attitude or workrate

  6. Raoh says:

    At point it is about showing your ambition. We were supposed to move to the emirates to compete with the best out there. In terms of financial power we are up there with one of the best stadium in terms of revenu and facilities. We finished 2nd last year yet attracted the most money in the EPL at 100.8m and 22m in the UCL.

    Yet what do we have to show? Not much! And yes we did buy Ozil, Sanchez & Cech but not all in the same window. Which would’ve had a much different impact. Also not exactly power moves considering all the players where deemed surplus to requirements.

    When did Arsenal go out of there way, bullied there way to purchase players that are genuine world class players in a situation where the clubs they are playing for do not really want to sell them or are not in a financial crisis? Mustafi had to go because of Valencia’s need for money. Xhaka was clearly becoming too big for his club in Germany and there was a willingness to sell. Lucas Perez wanted a big club move and as much as I like the player he isn’t exactly a top 25 striker.

    By the way apart from Xhaka who could well become a proper world class DM, Mustafi is only 2nd choice at CB and usually plays RB. If you look at the team as a whole how many players aside from Ozil, Sanchez & maybe Koscielny would get into any top 10 teams in Europe? We are clearly short of quality in some positions and our English core of players hasn’t exactly taken us to a higher level.

    In the meantime we miss targets like Draxler who looks like a bargain and Suarez in the past. And how many times have we heard our XI of what if or almost signed. It’s just frustrating.

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