Arsenal set for another raid on Barcelona?

Arsenal Linked with January Swoop of Yet Another Barcelona Forward! by AT

While Arsene Wenger’s first call of action in January will be to strengthen Arsenal’s defence, recent media reports are suggesting that the Frenchman is also planning to comprehensively strengthen the attack as well. According to reports from The Express, the Gunners’ boss is all set to make a surprise bid for the Barcelona forward, Pedro Rodriguez.

The Spanish international, who is usually an integral part of Barcelona’s first team, has fallen out of favour under manager Luis Enrique. Having so far made just six starts in the League campaign despite his good form, the 27-year-old is understood to be looking to leave the Nou Camp. He also appears to be tempted by the recognition that former teammate Alexis Sanchez has received at Arsenal after stepping out of the shadow of Lionel Messi.

I have to say, the interest seems to be genuine as the reports are all based on solid facts. It is no secret that Pedro is unhappy at Barcelona as a result of his limited first-team opportunities. Also, after watching Sanchez making such a big impact on the English game, he’s probably fancying his chances as well. However, although the interest from Arsenal seems to be genuine, I don’t really see how we can land his services in the January transfer window. Irrespective of the number of his appearances so far, Luis Enrique is unlikely to let a player of such quality leave at the season’s halfway point.

Perhaps the only chance of that happening is if the Catalan giants make a big-money signing in attack, thereby making space for Pedro to leave. Regardless, I think Pedro will be a success in the Premier League should he be signed. The Spaniard has all the attributes to make it big in the English game and coming from Barcelona, especially at Arsenal. While it remains to be seen if Le Prof can pull a rabbit out of the hat in January, I think Arsenal fans can be optimistic of the club landing him in the summer.

Considering our luck with injuries, we can never have too many forwards and Pedro Rodriguez will certainly be a perfect addition to the Arsenal squad.


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  1. Doesnt make sense, for that money Arsenal could get Shaqiri for a lower price. He is a better player and younger. Pedro F. Off, you diving C*8nt.

  2. Unless we offload some permanently or on loan I cannot see us signing Pedro. Sanogo has to make way so that giroud can come into the Champions league squad, if we need a Cb and dm 2 more have to go with zelalem, diaby and coquelin being amongst the favourites. Personally I would rather podolski and campbell over Pedro.

    1. Your facts are completely wrong. Sanogo does not need to go on loan to accommodate Giroud in the champions league squad. The club has 23 players above 21 years including Diaby but excluding Sanogo. If the Epl rule rules relating to players that must be put on A list then Sanogo is not on A list and the club will have 2 players on that list excluding Olivier but including Diaby. If the mazimum number of players to be on that list is 22 and not 25 then Diaby will be the player that fives way for Giroud. Sanogo cannot be that player coz by virtue of age he cannot be on A list. Assuming you are correct that he is on A list he does not have to go on loan to accommodate Giroud he will simply be removed from the CL list.

      The club currently has 23 players on its 25 men squad list meaning two players above the age of 21 can be brought in without the need to offload players. Zalalem has some 4 years before he can count towards the 25 men, so why should he be offloaded. Coqualin counts in the home grown players list and Arsenal are not overstocked in that area. Offloading Francis will require Arsenal to bring in a homegrown player in the window. This will limit the pool from which Arsenal can buy and that will be undesirable.

      Before writing check your facts.

  3. If We only bought one player what would it be? A Dm or cb or something else?

    For me the answer could be javi martinez or carvalho, where u get 2 for the price of 1, but unless we offload 2 players i think he will stick with his squad.

    1. I think getting Javi martinez on loan would be a massive coup. He has only played in the German supercup final this season and after a long lay of May need game time away from bayern who have a perfect squad. They also bought xavi alonso and benatia in his absence a loan move would be a win win situation for everyone involved.

  4. Barca are only banned from buying I tgink. Banning them from selling will violate the Bosman ruling and punishes the player for the transgressions of barca. Having said that I dont think arsenal are even think of buying him. This is part of media rubbish that comes out during transfer windows. Pedro will be no improvement on any of our existing players. Vesides the club can only buy at most two players above the age of 21 unless it sells or send some players in that age category on loan.

    1. Pedro would be an improvement on all our left sided players. He has experience,technique,pace,work rate,finishing and still in his prime he would make an excellent signing to replace Poldi and Rosicky which would push santi central

  5. Wenger will NOT buy a CDM
    He is an attack minded manager as well as a highly stubborn manager.
    He is more likely to get a versastile or box2box midfielder (if he decides to get a midfielder). He may be happy with Arteta, Flamini, Wilshere, Ramsey, Coquelin, Chambers

  6. Considering Cazorla and Rosicky are of certain age, Diabys useless and Poldi Campbell Miyiachi are possibly on way out, also consider Gnabry Sanogo and one or two others would benefit from a seasons loan, i think it would be a good idea to have some contingencies in mind.

    If Pedro is truly on the market i imagine Wenger would want him. Obviously we have other areas which are more pressing, but when there is opportunity for buying star players you really should be looking into it. I dont know if Pedro is one of these sufficient big name players but i do think he would suit our game. The money being asked is fair but you can not put a price on the amount of successful experience he brings.

    I really cant say if i want us getting this player or not… 50/50 either way.

    With that said i would much rather talk about defensive recruits because i am very eager to see what our team might look like if the transfers go well.

    In going by the understanding that some of the rumours are correct.

    I dont think that Schneiderlin or Bender will be sold this window, same goes for Howedes Hummels and any of our top rated transfer targets. So i suppose the question is would we rather wait till summer and get our top listed targets or should we be happy just getting somebody in asap.

    Arsene or our board will never throw the extra sums that would guarantee a main targets arrival… pity, so i would rather we get in a young defender this window, maybe the young man from Basel, and then during summer we get in some experienced pros.

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