Arsenal set for at least one big money deal despite transfer budget reports

Today it has been reported in multiple media outlets that Arsenal has tabled a bid in the region of £70 Million plus for Lille forward Nicolas Pepe.

It would be easy to dismiss these sort of rumours because of the previous reports about a restricted transfer budget but from what I can gather it does appear to be credible.

Now, if you also consider the reports that Arsenal is set to come back with an increased offer for Crystal Palace forward Wilfried Zaha then the only conclusion that can be derived is that a huge transfer is on the cards.

There has been some frustration at the sort of negotiating that Arsenal has done with lowball offers, strange loan deals and so forth but all that will be forgotten once a major deal has been concluded.

Raul Sanllehi, the Arsenal head of football hinted at this when he asked for the fans to judge the transfer window once it ends and not in the middle of it.

I have to say that I am more encouraged today than I have been at any point in this transfer window and while I have no idea which transfers will be completed I am fairly confident that there will be one huge money deal done by the time the transfer window shuts.


    1. None of these rumours can possibly be true since we all know that arsenal only have £40m to spend. Haven’t they?

  1. I’m sure y’all have seen the news of us agreeing a fee for Kieran Tierney by the Scottish Sun.
    Fee was agreed ages ago but Arsenal and Celtic couldn’t agree the payment structure.Now it’s a thing of the past.
    Tierneyyyyyyy incoming

      1. No, the Scottish Sun have been reliable in the Tierney deal.They like Sky have stuck by their guns in the Tierney deal.
        It was the Sun that parroted that Ceballos cost Arsenal £15m not the Scottish Sun.That is a different regional edition of the Sun tabloid
        One thing I can say for a fact is that they are late to the Tierney deal and I can prove it once again as has already been called by the ITK’s

        1. That is very disingenuous and I have used the Scottish sun in the past and you have dismissed it but that is fine, I agree the deal is likely and will be reporting on it shortly.

          1. Yes, but they have stuck to their guns in the Tierney deal.That I will give them.Perhaps one of the only few sources that has done so.They never said the deal was off.I see them all the time on Twitter with regards to Tierney news and they are very accurate.

    1. Seems u are one hell of a happy man. Good u gave info to this blog in times of frustration on the TW.

      1. Thanks but the ITK’s I follow deserve all the credit.Even though they get some wrong they have proved to be reliable to me and opened my eyes greatly when it cones to transfers.Ive also learnt a lot about transfers due to their info

  2. Sky italia reporting we are apparently giving Napoli a stiff competition. My personal opinion is this, I don’t think Pepe will come to us. Napoli maybe his destination.

    1. I have no info from that on the ITK end.They can’t always be 100%.Even they are sitting down and watching the action

        1. Nothing concrete on a CB.Zaha bid was to be submitted but now news making rounds from well known journalists is that we have bidded for Pepe and it can only be one of them.
          I’m personally taking the news with a pinch of salt but so many well known journalists are reporting on this Pepe bid

  3. Okay Ad Martin in response to your previous article, I have a question for you, Billions of Arsenal fan have had to live with the búllshít the club and board has been giving us for the past ten years, the premises of glory, the promises of competing with the very best, no more penny pinching and other búllshît, Over Billions of fans lived and and let these stuffs shoved down in their throats, you people say fans are moaning. because they keep saying enough is enough and they don’t want to buy into any búllshît by the club anymore, Does it mean over Billions of fans who keep saying enough is enough and that we expect better, does it mean we are kids? Or does it mean we don’t know what we’ve been going through?

    Barcelona had just three to four seasons without the UCL and I know how many Barcelona fans keeps complaining they want more, they won the league last year and yet millions of them keeps on calling for the head of Valverde. Are they moaners also? Are they Dumb for calling for his head?
    Real Madrid after selling CR7 had just one season, just one season! of turmoil after enjoying 4 UCL in 5 seasons, the fans complained and the board heard their pleas, they tried to fix it by bringing in the coach the fans trust and respect, they’ve spent millions this summer, yet if you go on their blogs and stuffs, you’ll keep seeing how they keep pointing out for Mbappe to be signed and stuffs, are they moaners also? Are they clueless?
    We’ve been in worse positions for over 12 years and Us fans need to keep quiet?
    could you please answer my questions now since I didn’t use the word dumb or stupid now?

    1. Better.

      I asked a question, you have answered with your opinion, same as others have done, it is not for me to counter anyone’s argument, I created the debate, that is all I wanted to do.

    2. Billions? In the immortal words of Andre the Giant “I do not think that word means what you think it means”

  4. Reason why I believe this Pepe news is was first reported by l’equipe that we are interested along with napoli & Liverpool

    2.lilles’s president saying he has received good offers and it’s down to the player to choose between suitors.

    3.The president said he was satisfied with Napoli’s offer which could mean Napoli’s payment structure is the most attractive and beneficial to the club But as being reported now, not to the Agent.

    If Arsenal eventually comes up with a satisfactory payment structure to Lille and it’s indeed left to Pepe to decide, He’ll most definitely choose US

    1. Inter Milan is also interested. All things being equal, the problems for British based clubs in competition with Italian clubs are the tax structure (UK 45% vs Italy 25%) and the weather. Arsenal does have the attraction of living in London; however housing costs are higher. At Liverpool there would be more competition for a first team place and at Inter Milan and Napoli, it is difficult to see those clubs finishing in front of Juventus.
      Maybe Arsenal’s bid is as a smokescreen to deflect from its true target? Anyway, time will tell.

  5. If Arsenal have that kind of money they should spend it on Zaha. His PL experience would give us instant results. Yes Pepe is younger, but he still represents a substantial risk. There is no guarantee that he will be a PL success. The PL is not Ligue 1!

    1. Can’t help but agree. Pepe was really poor at the just concluded Africa cup of nations. Hope not a one season pony.

  6. It just a dream for fan to see arsenal landing a top quality players at this transfer window arsenal don’t have that kind of money cause our owner don’t want to spend big money for the club.

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