Arsenal set for crunch talks with Lacazette with replacement identified

Arsenal are set to sit down with Alexandre Lacazette to talk about a transfer away from the club this summer, with Chelsea’s Tammy Abraham believed to be lined up to replace him.

The Frenchman was the club’s top goalscorer last season, with 13 Premier League goals and further four in other competitions, but with just 12 months remaining on his current deal, his future remains uncertain.

The Gunners will no doubt be keen to rectify the situation in fear of losing such an asset for free in 12 months time, and an exit looks to be the favoured option of the club.

The Express claims that Arsenal are now ready to sit down the Laca to decide how to move forward, with TheSun claiming we would accept as little as £15 Million this summer in order to part ways with the striker.

At present, it seems unlikely that we could move forward with a deal to sign Tammy, not unless we were able to offload one or more of our current strike options, with Folarin Balogun, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Gabriel Martinelli and Eddie Nketiah also in the squad.

How many strikers should Arsenal have going into the new season? Could Laca prove difficult to move on?


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  1. Why would any serious club ship out its best scorer, when we have people like Nketiha in the squad, and the highly rated Auba who look uncare since signing last deal, even when Auba was scoring goals, it was Laca that do most of the dirty work. I will rather sell either of those two and keep Laca.

    1. Absolutely agree. Auba is a diva, and not that much a leader and hard worker like laca is. More interested in his tattoos and his luxury cars than his club. His contract with add ons (can go to up to 350k per week) makes him way more costly than Laca.

  2. Not a happy Goooner here. There’s a few in/outs I’m not happy with and the amounts paid. Now we selling out best goal scorer and a hard worker for pittance. Not much seem to make sense at Arsenal anymore

    1. who is going to buy aubameyang? Is aubameyang going to move with those high wages? There needs to be actual demand in order to sell a player.

  3. They don’t even look at a better replacement. It’s Abraham if all striker. 😢😢😢 I pity my club.

    1. The same stuff Willian’s agent gave them last summer which got them high and dream about lifting the Champions League trophy within three seasons by signing Willian.

    2. 😅😅 they were right Auba and William are a five star attack. 0.5 million per week for this fantastic tandem. Only 11 goals last year. In the same time Saka is on 40k a week…

  4. Laca may not be the best striker in the world but he genuinely put in all of his effort every time he’s on the field. When he has runners from midfield going past him he is actually brilliant. it’s the coaching/tactics letting us down up front.

    Auba is a more natural striker clearly but I’d rather him not play until he actual looks like he wants to be here.

    1. He is not the best in the world but he is the best in Arsenal, goal count, goals per minute ratio, link up play, everything except headers in which our other strikers do not reallly excel in.
      Selling him is merely business management rather than football. We are failing to displace any of our other strikers for a decent fee.

  5. Selling Laca only makes sense if we cannot renew his contract at an affordable wage level. We clearly cannot afford the wages some of our top players are on. If Laca wants to be paid Auba or Willian money the only solution is to sell him now rather than have him leave for free.

    1. Laca knows for certain that he won’t be offered an extension package as juicy as Auba. But, our management set a wrong precedent last summer by letting players know how to get a rewarding deal, when they signed Willian.

      Laca now knows that he can pocket more as a “free-agent” next summer than moving to another club this summer with the certainty that he’ll be expected to take a huge pay-cut if he wants to move. Why would Laca let the club pocket a nice sum this summer by taking a pay cut, when he can pocket that himself next summer along with his current hefty pay cheque for one more year?

      Even, Nketiah might feel that same way. It’ll be almost impossible to make a profit by moving Laca and Nketiah this summer. They’ll be content with keeping up their fitness level high while playing those odd minutes on offer with much vigour this season. It’s a high risk gamble, yet highly rewarding for them, if things work out in their favour.

  6. If there is any sense left at the Emirates offer Laca a 1-2 year deal, and ship out Nketiah. Laca always gives his best and is a good leader unlike a few others …

    1. new deal with a wage cut only thing that makes sense. would he take a wage cut? I’d rather every striker older striker we have now be gone by the time Auba’s contract is up. We should only be dealing with one striker over 30+, and Auba automatically takes that spot.

    2. Why would he, at just 30, accept a 1 or max 2 years deal (and a pay cut) when auba at 31 was offered 3 years (and a big pay rise). Especially when you compare their production this year : not more goals, less work, ethic, or leadership…. This is sad because i feel like lava want to be at arsenal. It is not fair to him. What would the club tells him ? “Sorry, we like what you do but unfortunately we made the error to pay you colleagues Auba and willian way too much so please could you help us repair our mistakes by accepting small wages ?”

  7. I don’t want to see laca leave arsenal for now because he is good when arsenal is playing but for auba or nketiah they are not doing well let arsenal see nketiah and offer laca two to three year

  8. Laca is our only striker who never goes missing. I can understand if Arteta has his heart set on Abraham but Lacazette shouldn’t be the one to make way.

    1. If Arteta truly believes in TA’s ability and is going to make him a definite starter this season, he must do his best to bring TA on a season long loan with an obligation to buy. By the end of this season, Laca and Nketiah will be gone and Auba will have just one more year left in his contract.

      Moving Laca and Nketiah will be very difficult in this window and we won’t be getting enough from the sales of both these players to reinvest in TA deal.

      Ideally, we can get the best out of Laca this season and send Balogun on a season long loan deal to make space for TA. Balogun is not going to offer anything more than what Martinelli, Laca and Nketiah can offer.

      Signing TA this season makes absolutely no sense, IMO. When we begin the next season, we’ll be having a player similar in TA’s profile, Moller who has been sent on a season long loan to Germany. He may not be ready to be a starter in the PL by playing a season in Germany’s third tier. But, we could have retained him here and eased him into our senior set-up and instead sent Balogun on a season long loan.

      p.s: I personally feel that Laca can provide cover for ESR in the AM role, if needed. He’s got everything in his locker to slot seamlessly into the AM role. Plus, Laca was never prolific as a lone striker in the past. He needed an able partner beside him to flourish. If we play Martinelli or Nketiah up-front and Laca slightly behind in the hole, we can reap better rewards.

  9. Sale makes sense because this is the last year of his contract and he’s on high wages, unlikely to renew. It’s the right move all around. I will be very sad if Tammy is the replacement though because I don’t think he’s what Arsenal needs, and his pricetag is ridiculous.

    1. Also, his highest goal tally is just 14 goals. Laca has consistenly okay numbers, not numbers that show he has ever really been worth it. Get some money for this deal so we can improve other positions. Lacazette is not even close to a big loss. Our strikers got us an 8th place finish lets remember.

  10. Why will a club trying to move forward even think of selling laca while other options are there, even, did Tammy Ibrahim or Abraham they are targeting worth buying at expense of Laca ?. This our club needs a serious deliverance, I mean a serious ones. Anyone with Pastor or Imam 😄😄

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