Arsenal set for DREAM weekend in Premier League?

Knowing our luck and the way the season has been going so far for Arsenal, this weekend will probably go in the exact opposite way to the one we want. But looking at the fixtures as well as the struggles that some of our big rivals are having, there is a better chance that this could be a dream few days for Arsenal in the Premier League.

First up we have Chelsea playing host to Southampton in the early Saturday kick-off. While Koeman´s team with no real pressure and with the confidence boost of having won their last game and stopped their mini-slump, Chelsea will rarely have felt worse and the Stamford Bridge crowd could turn ugly (or uglier should I say) if they start slowly.

I have to mention the slating that the TV pundits dished out last night, quality stuff and what I have been saying about Maureen for ages. The mask is slipping and if they do not win on Saturday, there is just a remote chance that they could hit the skids, giving the Gunners just a glimmer of hope in the title race.

Arsenal must be focused and make sure we beat West Ham of course. Then we have Man City away to Burnley, who have been pretty good at times, especially at home, while City always seem to be on the verge of a calamity. If things go our way, the Gunners could end Saturday just six points behind the league leaders and closer to Man City as well.

Sunday sees the spuds go to Man United and a draw would be ideal and also not really a surprise to anyone and it would give us real breathing space in the race for the top four. I would also not be that shocked to see Swansea take points off Liverpool on Monday night. The home crowd is a big plus point and they are always fired up to face their former boss.

All these results going the way of Arsenal is pretty unlikely of course, but stranger things have happened Gooners.

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  1. All drawing with the likelihood city picking 3pts is most likely…
    With us getting 3pts of cause!

  2. I’m not focusing on other teams

    I’m just hoping to beat West Ham on Saturday and then beat Monaco by 3 goals on Tuesday

    I will be more than happy with that

    1. more than happy doesnt cut it.
      if we overturn monaco result and beat hammers…

      all female gooners should get drunk an report to camden lock with as little clothing as possible…
      just arsenal will be holding..ahem ahem ‘ auditions’

    1. really ? make it anywhere?

      we do this alot as gooners, get ahead of ourselves then crash down to earth.

      hope gabriel is back for monaco, whats the situation with ospina?

  3. Off topic
    anyone notice how ozil was used on the left wing last season and the first part of this season and he was under performing
    fans and pundits were all saying how wenger should build the team around ozil since that was his best position and he cost us 42m
    well since his return he has only played either cam or right wing (he said in a interview that those were his fav positions since he played them at real) taking the place of an in form cazorla and it all seems to work
    I think wenger has done this all on purpose because if u look at ozils overall performance after his injury its much better than before, he tackles, wins the ball back and covers more distance than anyone else
    wenger does this often using players out of position for a while only to make their overall game better and mostly it works

  4. After a great day on monday defeating man u and knocking them out of the fa cup, its another day at the office for the gunners against west ham on saturday! Lets take care of business and beat westham and get that all important 3 points! It would be great also if man u and spurs draw! Coyg!

  5. Don’t take Hammers lightly. It’s not so long ago they were competing for the top 4. Would like to see United at risk of dropping out of Champs league places, but that may be just me…

  6. achieving the 2nd spot in the league table seems likely to happen if we continue to win consistently, but winning the league title is far from it. i think chelsea will win the league. interestingly, i wanted them to progress further in the champions league because that would have created a smokescreen and raise their hopes only for them to lose both completely. let’s see how things pan out

  7. Why is Walcott not starting? He will make a big difference against Monaco if Wenger plays him.

  8. These articles are very annoying when you depend on other teams injury or results. We should focus on ourselves.

  9. I’m still on a huge high from the Man It’s game. Knocking out United out of the FA Cup at OT. You can’t get better than that.

    I agree with MoneyTalks
    Walcott needs to play on Tuesday at least
    Even with Ox gone we still have depth enough to handle both games. Walcott should be utilized. Not to do so would be nuts

    We can handle both matches without having to play the exact same players because we have some depth.

    Wings (Walcott, Alexis, Welbeck, Ozil (even Ramsey has played LW on occasion)
    CAM (Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky, Alexis)
    Striker (Giroud, Welbeck, Akpom, Alexis, Walcott)
    CB (Koscielny, Mertsacker, Chambers, Monreal)
    RB (Chambers, Bellerin)
    LB (Gibbs, Monreal)
    B2B (Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, Cazorla)

    The only areas we don’t have depth is DM. Coquelin will need to play both games. I would also play Ospina in both games. If Wenger wants to play Szczesny in one game, it should be West Ham.

    I think Wenger can put together two teams that can Win both matches If he rotates a few players.

  10. The game vs West Ham is going to be VERY physical. Big Sam knows the boys have a big game v Monaco just a few days after this and he’s going to instruct his players to test Arsenal’s “commitment”.

    Enter Chris Foy and well who knows what the hell can happen when he referee’s a match. Now if he shows the Hammers a couple of early yellows…things could calm down and we might see a proper football game. Otherwise I fear for injuries and/or suspensions.

    Playing Flamini instead of Coquelin would be advisable…I doubt he will do anything to trigger a straight red (fingers crossed). I’m thinking something like this would let us rest Santi and Sanchez and give us enough firepower both defensive and attacking.

    Chambers BFG Kos Gibbs
    Rosicky/Ramsey Flamini
    Theo Ozil/Rosicky Welbeck

    With Theo on – chambers would be more defensive minded and let Theo carry the ball on the wings. The key point is = Coquelin, Bellerin, Nacho, Santi and Sanchez take a a rest. Just a thought. We will have plenty of height for set pieces, plenty of pace out wide to peg back their fb’s and plenty of creativity which will test the Hammers defence.

    We will win this one…I just hope Chris Foy does his job well and at the end of the match – 0 injuries to our players.


  11. Hafiz getting thump up for the first time in recent time. Then we are going to win the CL. Has he stop being a clown?

  12. @godswil am shocked hafiz got such his comment is a bone in ur throat
    As per d game let’s use their hammer on them we r winning this one am very hopeful

  13. Focus on West Ham, not the teams we aren’t playing. This weekend could be great, but we could also f*ck up and wind up getting overtaken and sitting in a VERY dodgy position. We must focus on US.

    As a side-note we need to attack down our left on Saturday. Jenkinson is ineligible so West Ham will be using a different right back who has not been getting the games. They’ve already got a slow back four, so if we can get in behind them on that flank they’re pretty much f*cked.

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