Arsenal set for ground-breaking tour of Uganda

The Arsenal foundation has made numerous contributions to promote football training all over the World and has supplied football pitches, training equipment and coaches to some of the remotest and unlikeliest countries like Iraq, Indonesia, Jordan and Somalia.

The latest partnership we have created is with the small East African country of Uganda, which has a total population that is similar to London. We have recently concluded talks with the Ugandan National Council of Sports Chairman Bosco Onyik, who is extremely happy to announce the plans in hand from the new partnership. “We went to London last month on January 16th and had three meetings with management of Arsenal FC with the aim of partnering with them,” Onyik told Xinhua.

“We agreed that they will train some of our coaches, give the Uganda Cranes chance to train at the Emirates Stadium in London, build an academy and also have their team to visit in June next year to tour Uganda and play some matches.”

The State Minister of Sports, Charles Bakkabulindi, has also confirmed that the Gunners will be collaborating on the construction of a new academy which will be began next month.”Putting up a well-established academy in Uganda will help develop football better in the country,” said Bakkabulindi.

“The training of coaches will help them develop and spot talent better in the country,” he added. “Football is a big sport that is very marketable and this explains why we are thinking big to have partnerships.”

Do any of our readers come from Uganda? Can anyone tell us about the existing infrastructure in the country?



  1. tas says:

    i thought Uganda had a population of over 41 Million which is close to England’s population and not London’s which is around 6 million

    lets not forget Henrikh Mkhitaryan is from Armenia which is just under 3 million population

    1. tas says:

      sorry London’s population has gone up to 8.7 million since last time i looked

    2. Muganzi Matovu Ronald says:

      Uganda has a population of 45 Millions, Kampala the capital has 8 millions

    3. K. Ivan says:

      Uganda should utilise this chance to have abetter position in the world .
      Let’s not concentrate at only getting money from this arrangement.

  2. Tedermaan says:

    do you know da wae my bruddah’s?

  3. Muganzi Matovu Ronald says:

    I am living in Kampala Uganda, a Supporter of Express T.v., Arsenal Fc and Uganda Cranes, and also a Chairperson of Arsenal Fans Club Central Uganda. Uganda is very talented with the gift of players like Onnyango, Farouk Miya, David Obua, Ibrahim Ssekajja and the Ostersunds defender Mukiibi. We are very happy for the news, this is the opportunity we have been waiting for, to show the world what we can do best! Ugandans supports Arsenal Fc

    1. Innit says:

      Are Arsenal the most popular PL club in Uganda?

      1. Ampumuza Adrian says:

        They are

    2. mayanja Gress says:

      @ matovu ronald glad to know am not the only Ugandan on this site. really happy to c u here bro.tell them onyango recently ranked above petr cech

  4. Katumba Julius says:

    am a ugandan staying in the western part. this country over 40m proud people with moderate infrastructure

  5. Pius says:

    Yeah! It’s great news first and foremost. News that will excite everyone, not only Arsenal fans here!
    Am certain fans will come from all corners of East African countries to meet the people they hold in high esteem in their lives. To us (as Arsenal fans) it’s more than a visit from the US president for instance.

    But talking about the state of infrastructure, Uganda has one of the best infrastructural development not just in East Africa, but also in the continent! There can be certainty of the best services that can be availed in the continent.

    1. okiror says:


  6. Emmanuel ojok says:

    We can’t wait to see Ozil.I wish they come and build Pece War Memorial Stadium in the northern district of Gulu.
    The has got only one football stadium that’s Mandela stadium Nambole.

  7. JIM says:

    Uganda’s footballing infrastructure is average. They have an over 40k seater in Mandela National Stadium (Nnamboole). Its a great footballing country with particular interest in EPL. Only area for improvement is cleanliness and security where their neighbors Rwanda do better.

  8. P. Mulundu says:

    Arsenal being the most supported club in the Eastern part of Africa,it is good for it’s fans.Secondly Uganda should grab that chance whole heartedly since the national team has been granted chance to go and train at the Emirates.

  9. Shitseswa says:

    Make sure you teach Museveni quality English, Uganda is not small as you term it,am from Kenya,the home country for Victor Wanyama

  10. McLovin says:


    Max Meyer changed to CDM this season, doing really well there. He’s got fantastic technique because he used to play CAM (wasn’t too profilic there).

    This season he has clogged 2 tackles per game and 2.7 interceptions with 90% passing succession. And yes, he will be free in the summer.

  11. Pius says:

    For record, Uganda has a population of about 36 million people and NOT 41. This could be slightly lower than England’s population and Uganda has an area of approximately 241,038 km², almost the size of England (50,301 mi²). The premier League is the most popular of all the leagues that there can be!
    Uganda has a rich history, arguably the richest history in the region……

  12. chris says:

    It would be good to attract excellent Ugandan players …. and perhaps we can leave our Manager there ??

  13. wenger says:

    arsene looking for da wey

  14. Aya says:

    Arsenal must get Maurizo Sarri as the new manager.
    Koulibaly as a new CB
    Jorginho as a CM
    Wilshere a new contract
    Sell Welbeck
    Ousmane Dembele as a surprise transfer

    1. Alkali says:

      We need 2 CB, RB,DM and GK that’s 5 players and i doubt we will get 3

  15. phil says:

    I remember Uganda being run by IDI AMIN.A Dictator who ran his domain from top to bottom and would never listen to advice from his Generals and Government.He ruled with a fist of Iron.
    Wenger will feel at home here-did he book the trip himself?

  16. stubill says:

    Complete and utter waste of time and money.

    I’d rather they helped English football more at grassroots level if they have spare cash to throw about.

  17. David Rusa says:

    Guess what? I am a Ugandan and many of you know me as a regular contributor to this website. I am very excited about this. What Muganzi said about Uganda is all factual. Arsenal is one of the two most popular clubs in Uganda together with Man Utd. I wouldn’t exactly tell which of the two is more popular but Arsenal’s visit would send Ugandans crazy with excitement. The Arsenal players might not believe the reception they would get. It would simply be more than words can describe. Ugandans are very hospitable people and Uganda was recently named the best English speaking country in Africa. Uganda is known as the pearl of Africa because of its location in the hinterland of the continent. It is a very fertile country which is also the home of the legendary Mountains of the Moon which are known as Rwenzori mountains. It is also the source of the famous River Nile that flows into the Mediterranean Sea and the home of the second biggest fresh water Lake in the world which is named after Britain’s Queen Victoria. Welcome to Uganda, Arsenal.

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