Arsenal set for huge boost in St Totteringham’s Day bid

Tottenham handed Leicester City the Premier League title last night, but there was also severe damage to their grip on an expected top-two spot.

Chelsea came from 2-0 down last night to snatch a draw, much to the dismay of Tottenham’s players and fans, but Leicester and most other clubs fans celebrated an enigmatic Premier League title haul for the Foxes.

The game started perfectly for Spurs, but will now have to lick their wounds, and will also be hoping for some lenient treatment by the FA. Tottenham received a Premier League record nine yellow cards last night, while further bans are expected for Erik Lamela and Moussa Dembele for their parts in some disgusting scenes at Stamford Bridge.

Our neighbours also lost defensive pair Toby Alderweireld and Danny Rose to injury during the game, and could also be doubts for their remaining two fixtures.

The club will most certainly receive a fine for such an abysmal display of discipline during the match, but the loss of Dembele and Lamela added to the already-missing Dele Alli and potential injured parties, could spell the end of their bid to finish in what they will think is a deserved second place.

Tottenham take on Manchester City’s conquerors next weekend, before travelling to play in-form Newcastle United, who are battling to save their place in the English top division, and I would not be surprised to see them fail in both!

We of course have the tough task of travelling to the Etihad next weekend, but after their devastating 4-2 loss this weekend, paired with the fact they have a huge game in midweek in the Champions League, and we could come away smelling of roses.

We will need four more points than our rivals from the upcoming pair of fixtures due to their dominant goal difference, but I wouldn’t be paying out any of my Tottenham pals just yet…

Do we believe in St Totteringham? Can Spurs gather themselves after such an emotional week?

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  1. Celebrating what? Look Arsenal have for long be a global brand and not just a North London club. I’ve never seen a Sp*d fan near my vicinity. We should be talking about celebrating a victory over Real Madrid, Barca, Bayern, Juventus, PSG etc. in a champions league semi final and not an inconsequential whatever especially this year. There in London I know Sp8d will be celebrating a champions league spot, but for goodness, Arsenal have passed that stage except that we have stagnated in recent years. We should mourn that we have stagnated.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. This whole thing about celebrating above tottenham, is the same mentality that the fans who are still maintaining that wenger is still the best guy out there have.

  2. Premier League 2015/16 should be remembered is the year Arsenal won. No one remembers also rans. We need to concentrate on not losing to manc.

    OT but net spend on transfers for the last five years
    Leicester £55m
    Arsenal £104m
    Tottenham £54m PROFIT

    On that basis the underdogs are tottenham, they are the only team in the PL to make a profit on transfers in the last five years. Leicester are not the major underdogs everyone says, they have spent more on transfers than everton.

  3. I’m Cruisin for a Bruisin of thumbs down, with this comment,
    but hey!… I’m thicker in more ways than one! ?

    Some fan’s have to accept things for what they are!
    We have been a top four club for over a decade now!
    Literally a 4th place team And our once great manager with his belief’s, reasonings, tactics and transfer dealings has stagnated so much that the bad smell, just won’t go away.

    We have to ask ourselves, where did our high expectations come from?.. Surely the years of the same old senario’s should have taught us something? ?
    My point is… We are not as good as we think we are and we should accept that things will remain the same, all the while that Wenger is in charge… he has gone beyond repair.

    Finishing 2nd and above the Spuds is as good as it’s going to get for us. .. So embrace this moment because the spuds would celebrate (as if they won the lottery) if they were to finish 2nd and above us!

    Come on you Gunners!..
    Ffs!.. Don’t bottle this last opportunity to save the fan’s some face and dignity! ??

    1. Good on you fatboy! Beating spuds and coming second are things to get excited about. Not saying its particularly likely. At this end of the season teams tend to slow down and matches end in draws. Man City will be desperate to get something from the game with us. But we ought to wind our team up to go for it.

  4. I don’t expect any change at Arsenal next season whether we finish 2nd or 4th so I for one would LOVE finishing 2nd ahead of Spurs.

    I don’t expect Wenger changing his transfer plans no matter where we finish and neither will the board change our manager.

    Let’s take it one step at a time and play a half way decent game for the first time this year against City this weekend. We played well against them earlier this season (last year), so who knows, perhaps we can reproduce that same level of intensity and commitment again.

  5. There is an African proverb which thus ”when we pray hard and long not to know shame amongst our peers but shame befalls us then the next best thing is to pray not to die ”……..sure finishing above Spuds should not be our priority as a Big club” but life is what it is, we have missed out on been champions an and nothing will change that so why not take all we can get, even if that is just finishing above Spuds…i’ll gladly take that now Tha k you

  6. Whilst everyone is disappointed in our title challenge.

    I’d be happy finishing 9 as long as the spuds are 10th. So for me and my north London chums. When they bottle it as usual, it will a very very happy day.

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