Arsenal set for SHOCK transfer swoop on Man City?

The way things have gone for both clubs in the last 10 years or so, any transfer business between Arsenal and moneybags Man City would only have been one way. In fact the Gunners fans have had to see some of our best players heading north to pick up a nice fat pay packet and put on the sky blue shirt.

But according to one of the latest Arsenal transfer rumours, we could be about to see one of their players heading in the other direction and the fact that is is being reported by The Independent means that there could well be some truth in the rumour.

The player is the England international midfielder James Milner and the reason that Arsene Wenger and his backroom staff are looking at the 28-year old is the news that the contract talks between him and the Premier League champions have stalled, possibly over a lack of playing options when City have all their players fit.

So with Milner out of contract in the summer, Wenger would be able to talk to him in January and with our well publicised weaknesses in central midfield, maybe the versatile Milner would feel that he would get a lot more games at the Emirates than he has been doing at the Etihad. But is he really the right man to solve the Gunners’ problems?

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  1. Greg says:

    Im sorry but why would we really want to sign james milner, when we are already good in the area of midfielders! Its a defensive midfielder we should really be looking at to sign! Coyg!

  2. SUNNY13 says:

    Greg, James is DM.
    I am not a big fan of James, and I think we need better players in that department.
    To me Song is a better option then James. Southampton Morgen Schliderine is the even better.
    Pogba would be best but out of reach. In this are we need a very athletic and fast player to stop counter attack as our full backs will always tends to attack.

    1. andyarsenal05 says:

      Errrr. Pogba is a DM? Really?

      1. jgrim says:

        Well if Milner is aDM when in fact more often than not plays on the wing then I suppose pogba is practically a CB lol! You have to wonder if people actually watch football!

        This is never going to happen (thank god) Milner is a constant in the city team this year and is actually playing quite well and even when deployed centrally he is a box to box grafter! Was awful for England when asked to play the holding role and replaced by our very own jw! When both on form Milner is a poor mans Ramsey so we don’t need him!

        1. mike says:

          Milner’s best games have been out wide on the right side of the middle. Not in the middle of the park, or necessarily on the left. So, no, I don’t think he’s the answer to the CDM problem, and with Ox and Theo, would probably have the exact playing time problems he’s having at City.

  3. Grazza says:

    We’re linked with Milner every transfer window so same ol same ol. Hopefully Arsene gets the wallet out for a change and strengthen were we all know is needed.

  4. sylvainwiltord says:

    FIFA like talk here but maybe if we got Milner and khedira on a free then went for hummels for 35m in the summer as our big money marque buy ! That’s the trend with us now it seems , wouldn’t blow the budget to which will prob be 50m roughly . Obviously not forgetting a CB in January van dijk comes to mind as Celtic are always looking to sell! Should be the easiest deal to get done

  5. sylvainwiltord says:

    Milner plays in all city’s big games away from home because he puts an almighty shift in . Something we lack in the big games ! Chelsea away goin Milner left sanchez right we would be defensively sound down the flanks and wouldn’t get ripped apart plus can cover ALL midfield positions . I’d have Milner and sell podolski any day of the week

    1. supertuur says:

      Yes Milner as replacement for pod and campbell. He is a good utility player.

      1. sylvainwiltord says:

        What I mean is we’ve obviously got a wage limit and I’d rather sacrifice podolski and his wage for milner. We can afford to lose a big earner at the top end who don’t get a game for someone that will bring more to the team in my opinion . I’m aware it’s not a like for like

  6. Mesut O-grillz says:

    No. But getting him would mean that Wenger is showing some initiative in fixing our defensive problems.

  7. ned says:

    Being black big and strong dont make everyone a DM and pogba aint a DM…vidal alonso pirlo schneiderlin benders javi kross are all DMs
    in midfeld players jst have 2 work hard collectively and be alert and read the game very Well thats what modern DMs do eg matic is better than mikel even tho he covers every area of the pitch, mikel jst sits back but dosnt rlli read the game as well as matic
    Even afta we get a solid alert great passin game readin DM, wenger shud also change the mentality of the team, more of the sanchez pressin n hardwork type of play from EVERY PLAYER

    1. mike says:


  8. supertuur says:

    Milner is more of an Oxlade type of player. Down the flanks and B2B midfielder. He is versatile but I.don,t know if he would get more game time at Arsenal. In CDM position he would get game time but i don,t think it is his strength.

  9. goonerboy says:

    Now we are back on this DM issue again,of a truth we need a strong athletic midfielder buh i believe it has to do with the way the team has been established to play ie the attacking way.Arsenal under wenger is set up to be attack minded so getting a DM will always be a priority
    Buh imho,i think even Matic,Matinez,kondogbia just to name a few will still struggle in our team.
    Lets take chelsea for example the team is set up to be defense minded so Matic always looks so good(he is good tho)i remember when Song was wit us a lot were complaining about his lack of discipline and how he was a bad DM buh suddenly he becomes a world beater at Westham.are we sure if we bring him back he will be d same?am not saying we dont need a DM buh over streching d issue by saying getting a Dm will end all our defense problems is wot i cant agree wit a DM cannot cover everythin it has to do with the whole team.dat is d secret of bousquet at barca.

  10. YingYang69 says:

    I think Milner would be a very astute signing. With his ability to play more than one attacking position and a few defensive positions without his standards dropping he could be every bit as useful as our old Romford Pele were. Parlour, you always knew what he would bring to a game right till the last minute and i think all good teams have players like this willing to come off the bench and put in a shift whether you are hunting a goal or defending won.

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