Arsenal set for tough transfer battle with Chelsea over Turan

Even though Arsenal finished as runners up to the Premier League champions Leicester City last season and thereby have an automatic place in the coveted group phase of the Champions League this season, while Chelsea had such a poor campaign that they did not even manage to scrape into the poor relation that is the Europa League, do not expect us to be favourites to win any transfer battle between the two clubs.

The arrival of the Italian boss Antonio Conte, especially after the Azzurri were one of the few teams to really impress at Euro 2016, is sure to make them a more appealing prospect for players and most people expect the Stamford Bridge to be there or thereabouts at the end of this season.

So the news reported by the Barcelona based Spanish paper Sport that Chelsea and Arsenal could be set for a transfer tussle over the Barca and Turkey international star Arda Turan could spell big trouble for Arsene Wenger and his summer plans.

And if it comes down to a financial fight, how many Arsenal fans out there are really confident that our manager and the Arsenal board are willing to go the extra yard that Chelsea and Roman Abramovic have proved time and again that they will?


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  1. Isn’t Turan more of CAM?
    I think he can play both Right and Left but not a big goal scorer or assists
    He is also 29 years old which isn’t old but I don’t see him as necessary

    I’d prefer mahrez, draxler
    If he wants a attacking midfielder he can try Isco who is younger

    1. It’s not like we need Arda.
      But if we have a bidding war against Chelsea, we already know how that one ends.

  2. Honestly, I thought: ‘If I play very well I’ll end up signing for Barca, because my style fits this team. If I play well, finish at Arsenal.’

    a year later… – serves u right arda u ****

  3. Wenger is more complicated than we ever think

    Spuds have just completed the signing of Janssen for 17mil…..thay have Kane already and also acquired the services of wanyama same window… Arsenal have just giroud….finding it extremely hard to get another striker…. Before Le coq’s emergence , all we could get was flamini and an injured kallstrom, Arteta.. when it was obvious we needed a DM…. Then what happened this window, Another DM arrived in Xhaka

    now we desperately need a CB, LB(if gibbs leaves), a Strikerrrrrrrr and a versatile winger

    Maybe wenger being who he is may just go on and get another midfielder e.g Turan *sighs* to spite us…..

    I dn’t understand what’s going on at my beloved club!

    1. Do you guys think Wenger would be signing any quality player ? I don’t think so. He had ample of chances to sign quality ST, quality defender but the old man went for Asano. He ignored Janssen and now as per the records Akpom will be ST for the first few games. Sanchez and Ozil would be thinking what should we do.
      I am just waiting for this year end and hoping either Arsene doesn’t renew his contract or take up the England job. Thats the only hope left.

  4. @muff………. Yea serves him right and i dn’t want him anywhere near Arsenal…

    Recall the window when he left ath. Madrid for Barca …him and Aleix vidal of sevilla…. Same window Barca was under threats of Transfer Ban……that’s how much he was dying and willing to wait to play for the rivals

    He sacrificed game time at ath .Mad for no game time at Barca… he wants out

    and the whole world thinks Arsenal is a charity home…

    Chelsea can have him for half the price for all i care……. We have other pressing matters to attend to….. And the last thing we need right now is another effing Midfielder!

  5. Am i the only one who haven’t really seen or Heard BBC reporting the Takuma Asano deal?…….. No reports of his movement to Arsenal and no idea of the Transfer fee

    Arsenal Flying under the radar for some unknown striker from sanfreece hiroshima? SmH….this man called wenger

  6. Why don’t we just get Griezmann and be done with it? Obviously he links up well with Guroud, plus he’s been great for both club and country. Add Draxler to that and we’d actually be good.

  7. @JAmerican……. Yea sometimes we just keep wondering……. Why don’t Wenger ever think like humans do??????

  8. Last year I wanted Wenger to go for Kondogbia or Krychowiak and J. Martinez or Cavani
    Any combination could have won us the PL

    This season we got Xhaka (who isnt dedicated DM but good defensively), but now we still need a striker, need a CB and probably a winger

    One of each (ABC) will do it
    1. Higuain, Lacazette, Icardi
    2. Draxler, Greizmann, Reus, Aubemeyang,
    3. Hummels, Howedes, Benatia, Verane, Koulibaly, Van Dijk or at least if they cant get better Ashley Williams

  9. We should learn from Dortmund. They are a club who live hand to mouth, and to qualify for C.League to meet their spending. They sold 3 players, who were just 1-2 years out on contract, for 100M, and invested 55M approx immediately to snap up 6 of top young talents, for almost same salary. When was the last time we did something similar? Wenger cant handle more than 3 new players a year, it seems it destabilizes the team LOL. Ox, Wilshare, Walcott are there just because they are English, we should sell them and buy/promote young English players just to keep the home grown numbers. That money and salary can be used in 1-2 top players. Chambers, Campbell. Jenkinson can be tried for another year. Sanogo is a lost cause.

  10. Arsene Wenger Should reassign why?
    I feel as a coach he can only inspire players and improve the mental strength when the team is performing well! When the team is playing badly he doesn’t know what the hell to do, ie Arsenal vs Bayern Munich 1st Leg Arsenal was playing well he was able to inspire the team but the second leg injuries came Arsenal played badly why? weak mentality he could not inspire the team. How do you explain a team winning the 1st Leg 2-0 then Loosing 5-1 second leg. I feel Arsene gives the team a different mood in the training ground and that mood or feeling contributed to the mentality and definitely affects players. When injuries strike simply he doesn’t have a solution since he doesn’t rotate players. He ultimately gives a lot of burden to developing inexperienced players who have only turned 18 the other season and expects them to adapt to his philosophy real quick and they obviously miserably Fail. Why does this happen he fails to sign quality players for the current state and opts to sign quality for the future and he expects them to reflect there future quality performance immediately.
    Secondly for obvious reasons why he should reassign. SIMPLY WHY THE HELL CAN’T YOU SIGN A PLAYER WHOM WE MUCH NEED. Last season we needed a Defensive midfielder this Fraud of a coach ignored signing a defensive MF player and we had to rely on Flamini till the emergence of Le Coq in midfield which was purely Luck, that season we would have ended in a weak position 7 probably if he did not come around. We need a striker now and this coach will wait till deadline day to try and sign a striker on a bargain
    Third This is the type of coach without a Plan B! If Plan A fails (pretty football and pass, pass, pass, pass) then we are doomed.
    ##‪#‎wenger‬ out

  11. Yummy! Arsenal team list to face Bayern: Higuain, Sanchez, Ozil, Walcott, Xhaka, Cazorla, Monreal, Koscielny, Subotic, Bellerin, Cech

  12. Arda Turan? Really? I’m glad we’re linked to this player because we never sign players we’re linked to. I’d be happy with Draxler…

  13. The same Turan that apparently put Arsenal down?
    The one that actually could not impose himself at the first team?

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