Arsenal set for transfer windfall as former midfielder could change clubs

In the ongoing transfer window, Arsenal has made significant investments to enhance their squad, and they continue to be active in the market, pursuing new signings. Additionally, the club is aiming to reduce the size of their squad by offloading players who are considered surplus.

While player sales can contribute funds to the club, Arsenal is poised to receive a transfer windfall even before engaging in sales negotiations. According to a report from Football London, the club is entitled to receive 15% of the transfer fee that Lazio pays for Matteo Guendouzi.

This financial arrangement was established as part of the transfer deal that saw Guendouzi leave the Emirates. Arsenal incorporated a sell-on clause into the transfer agreement, anticipating that the French midfielder might eventually secure a lucrative move. As Lazio advances in negotiations to secure Guendouzi’s services, Arsenal is set to earn a financial windfall through this sell-on clause.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Guendouzi is a top talent and we were smart to have added that sell-on clause in his move to OM.

The French club is likely to make more money than they paid us to sign him, so they will have no issues remitting the sell-on amount agreed upon to us.

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  1. Yes, we are getting £2.3 million from the Guendouzi sale and have also received £2 million from the Mavropanos sale.

  2. “A financial windfall is when you receive a large, often unexpected, amount of money.”
    Is that really the case for us?

    1. Who will give you £2.3 million for free?. Mate stop acting like its small money, or can you give me £2.3 million for free?

      1. In one season Stutggart made a profit of 13M on Mavros and you think that 2.3M is a big amount to arsenal?lastly, we’re talking professional football money,i don’t see the correlation with me.

    2. Large yes……£4.3 million.
      Unexpected yes……. Did we expect the players to be sold by their respective teams? No.
      Therefore, a financial windfall, you can thank me later 😊

      1. 4.3M for 2 players we practically gave away. Stutggart who bought Mavros from us for around 2M made a profit of for Guendouzi who we sold for 10M,if you include his wages we haven’t a profit.
        Is 4.3M a big amount for a PL club like Arsenal?no
        Unexpected?if only you had been following the transfers news closely, you’d have known for months thst both players were going to be sold.Guendouzi had lost his place and fell out with the new coach.WH interest in Mavros has been known and public for months now,so NO.

  3. Not really a big windfall in the great scheme of things. We sold Gouendouzi cheap and gave Mav away for peanuts as well. I dont see it a windfall at all.

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