Arsenal set key condition for extending David Luiz’s contract

David Luiz could still stay at Arsenal.

Arsenal are reportedly ready to keep David Luiz at the club for another year, but a key condition of that could be that he agrees to a pay cut as part of his contract extension.

According to the Daily Mirror, Gunners boss Mikel Arteta is eager to keep hold of Luiz for a little while longer, with the 33-year-old certainly looking to have improved under the Spanish tactician since he arrived at the Emirates Stadium to replace the struggling Unai Emery.

Arsenal are likely to be one of the teams to feel the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which seems likely to see games played behind closed doors for some time.

That loss of matchday revenue is likely to hit a number of clubs hard and could affect their transfer plans for the near future, with Arsenal perhaps doing well to think about keeping the players they have instead of trying to enter the market for new ones.

Luiz may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but keeping him could be a sensible choice for now and the Mirror suggest we could try saving further money by giving the Brazilian something closer to a pay-as-you-play deal.

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  1. Loose Cannon says:

    Waste of space and money!Just promote some academy player, would do a much better job than Luiz. Also Holding and Mavro. are there. If they not up to it, transfer them or release them, no point in paying wages to so many who are not capable of kicking an EPL ball. Chambers is there, signed for a whopping 16M then in 2014, never had a consistent season (except one for Fulham!). Cedric Soares another injured player signed on loan? Did we not learn from Kim Kallistrom and Dennios Suarez fiascoes? Insanity means doing the same thing repeatedly expecting different results!

  2. Mogunna says:

    Come on now, enough with that irrelevant Luiz.

    Did anyone saw Dortmund game on Sunday?

    Sue was pointing how Sancho paid tribute to George Floyd.

    I don’t get how u can spend 3 days on Luiz hair extension instead to follow Sue’s lead and get on this racism subject.

    I saw an article on if weed should be legal in UK as in the US?

    I suggest topic of racism in Europe, in football.

    You can’t be there talking about hair extension while this is going on.

    Thousands of people in the street in the UK on Sunday, and you have not spoke about this major news the all world is in shock and shaken.

    Not a word! Thanks to Sue for Sancho news, if he paid tribute and his teammates supportive, there is a lot to say.

    Not asking you to land support but to not be silent because of Sancho do this and a reader as Sue points it, you should be on this topic in many ways. EPL players are tweeting about it.

    1. Admin Martin says:

      This site is called JustArsenal, David Luiz is an Arsenal player, Jadon Sancho is not. Also, we do not cover political, human rights, religious articles. current affairs etc unless it is related to Arsenal. We covered the Ozil comments on the Muslimn Uigers because it is related to Arsenal. I suggest you read the BBC if you want to read non Arsenal articles on current events.

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