Arsenal set to sign England’s new strike star?

It is all happening very fast for the latest star to burst out of the Arsenal academy, Alex Iwobi only having made his first team debut this season in a Capital One Cup match. But after some impressive showings from the subs bench and a very good game from the start of our Champions League tie in Barcelona, the 19-year old was handed his first Premier League start and grabbed it with both hands at Everton on Saturday.

That has got the England national team scrambling to stop him committing his international future to his birth country of Nigeria, which would happen if we were to play just one more game for them. Iwobi has already featured in two friendly games for the senior Nigeria side, though, so even though he did play 11 games for England at three different underage levels, it looks like he will be a Nigeria player in the future, just like his uncle Jay-Jay Okocha.

And Iwobi is already starting to show some of the great skills that made his uncle famous, which is why Arsenal are set to move quickly and get him signed up to a new contract worth 10 times the £1,000 a week he is on at the moment, according to The Sun.

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  1. We’re about to lose the first season in 12 years and we’re talking about some kid who had 2 decent games? who cares!! i want titles. we’re paying walcott 140k/wk, we’re overpaying to a lot of players, the fans pay the highest ticket prices in Europe and no title once again, fighting for top 4.


  2. Losing Ozil and/or Alexis THIS summer is not an impossibility

    They must realise by now that they will never win the PL or CL under Wenger and the promise of Trophies and more money will be very attractive

    I hope to God Alexis and Ozil stay with us as they are part of the WC core of Arsenal
    So offer them lots of money, promise to sign WC players, do whatever you can to get them to sign new contracts

    1. it will be very unfortunate if wenger went all that Length to build a WC core in Ozil and sanchez……..then in the end pulls down all he’s been trying to build cuz he just couldn’t continue building!

  3. @ Davros
    I think we all share that fear but nah that won’t happen. Ozil will spend at least one more year with us before he leaves as he has spent 4 years with Werder Bremen and another 4 with Real Madrid (very optimistic guess i know). This season has been his best so far with us and we all know he just needs more clinical players in front of him.

    Sanchez plays with heart and you can tell even he knows he hasn’t had a great season with us and i don’t see him running away after an average season at all. I believe he will also stay with us on more year at very least.

    In the last 3 years, our often delusional manager has somehow brought 3 WC players in Ozil, Sanchez and Cech. I believe this summer even his delusional self knows he needs to convince a WC striker and finisher to join us. This is the reason why i believe Giroud who is turning 30 this year will leave us this summer and will be replaced by a younger and much better striker. Don’t be surprised when it happens for i will not be one bit. Wenger may be many things but stupid isn’t one of them.

  4. Can we all keep a sense of perspective please,the lad has only played 2/3 decent games in his Arsenal career so far and we are already going overboard with out expectations of him….he is nowhere near ready, he still needs to continue his learning and under mo.circumstances must we start thinking he has his position covered because he does not….bring in established players so he can continue to.shadow them and continue growing, he needs to be kept on his toes, he needs to be made to understand he is still nothing but a prospect… many times we have seen young players overhyped on the basis of a few games and they buy into the hype and basically stop developing, learning and pushing themselves because they feel like they have arrived…the quicker he is made to understand all that the better for the club and himself moat especialy

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