Arsenal set to agree deal for Torreira at just 7 million

Arsenal finally find club for Torreira

Arsenal have finally found a club in Galatasaray who are willing to take Lucas Torreira on a permanent deal, according to Fabrizio Romano.

The midfielder was one of many names who were on the transfer list at North London and now it seems his departure is imminent.

The Gunners’ departure lounge looks likely to be extremely busy in the coming days, as the new season edges ever so closer.

The club has nearly agreed a deal with Fulham and Reims for Bernd Leno and Folarin Balogun respectively, while Pablo Mari and Hector Bellerin are expected to be the next names in the line.

Torreira arrived in North London on the back of an impressive season with Italian outfit Sampdoria in 2018.

He signed for Arsenal after a World Cup in which he was an influential piece in the Uruguay national team, helping them reach the quarterfinals, only losing to eventual champions France two-nil.

The 26-year-old quickly settled in England and established himself as a regular within a few weeks’ of joining the squad.

His market value soared to a whopping £50 million withing six months of his arrival. However, after a good first season, Torreira failed to make much impact.

The quoted fee is 5.5m plus 1.5m in add ons

The midfielder has made 89 appearances for Arsenal, in which he has rippled the net four times, while also assisting his teammates six times.

When he signed for Arsenal, I thought we had our very own N’golo Kante. Unfortunately, things didn’t go the way the club and Torreira would have hoped for.

This summer is the perfect time for both the parties to move on. I wish Torreira all the very best for his Turkish escapade.

Yash Bisht

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  1. “The 26-year-old quickly settled in England and established himself as a regular within a few weeks’ of joining the squad.”

    The point is he didn’t settle in England, that’s why he’s been trying to leave for 3 years.

    1. He was doing really well till he was suddenly asked to play further up the pitch. We might as well keep him in stead of selling for peanuts. The guy can be really useful when we are up against quality attacks or when we have to defend a lead.

      1. Exactly he had some of the top stats in the first few months then was shifted further up the pitch and it didn’t suit him.

        1. So shifting a player from their preferred position to a slightly different one leads to them becoming sh!t there and then? It’s not like he was moved from DM to CB, Keeper, striker or winger. He was moved slightly into a more advanced position here and there..
          What a weird excuse to be honest. Torreira started off well but he then realised quickly that EPL football and England were not for him. Hence why he kept moaning about finding it difficult to adapt to the new environment (weather, culture, league) and struggling to learn English, how he missed his family blah blah etc..

          How many players have we moved between different positions but that was not reason enough to make them lose form forever..

          Even Saka is asked to play wingback sometimes but that he never been reason enough to turm him into a shell of what we’ve known him for..

          Santi, Sanchez, Xhaka, Odegaard, Martinelli, ESR etc have all been played in slightly different positions so far at Arsenal but was that reason enough for them to fall off form like that?


  2. Anything is only worth what someone is willing & able to pay for it, so if that’s the best opportunity then sell him. No point keeping players who’s time at Arsenal has clearly passed a long time ago. Same goes for all those deemed surplus to requirements.

  3. Lets be clear,Torreria was never valued at 50m and was overpriced at 25m.A player’s transfer value only crystallizes when he is sold, so valuations quoted on various sites are meaningless and in most cases, misleading.

  4. Should have sold him 2 years ago instead of continuously loaning him out without a formal agreement to buy.
    Whilst Arsenal have improved,somewhat,in their ability to buy targeted players…their ability to sell any player for a reasonable amount (at market value) remains questionable to say the least.
    Mavropanos is case in point.How can we agree to sell a CB who played virtually the entire season in the German top flight for less than £5m when Liverpool managed to get 16m for Neco Williams following a season long loan in the Championship.

    1. We were so stupid with mavropanos and guendouzi in truth. 2 talented players that anyone could see could do well if given gametime (especially in weaker leagues), so why on earth would we agree low prices before they’d been given the chance to show what they were capable of. Realistically we could have gotten 4 or 5 times what we received for mav and probably double what we got for guendouzi had we handled it with more care.
      (We saw in mav’s first game for us vs utd that he had real talent and I’ve never understood why he was cast off so easily.)

  5. The is doing well for the club previously, and I believe if the club keep him this season he will help again… Please don’t let him go

  6. i have the feeling that the news of Galatasaray interest might force some Italian clubs into action.especially since Fiorentina option to buy was between 15-20M if I’m not i previously posted,we are at a stage where we should accept that losses will be make on players sales .let’s get get rid of all of the players who won’t have a role to play this season,at least we could save on wages on top of the fees even if they are small but this would be the last window where it had to be done on such a scale,then we could finally move excuses,no unhappy players,troublemakers….but more importantly ,let’s try not to repeat those same mistakes.

    1. We cant keep making losses Si, im not sure Torriera want to go to Gala, he wants to go to Italy because he is home sick. This make little sense financially or personally.

        1. Phenom, firstly, i am not selling him or buying him so it means little but he is contracted to Arsenal and they will lose money on him. Im afraid we are getting known as a soft touch and we are giving players away.

      1. firstly,i agree i don’t think LT wants to or will go to for making losses,i know it has to stop but because of our recent dealings selling players,like with Leno clubs expect us to lower our demands.the closer we get to the end of the windows.that’s why i said let’s get done and over with it,move most of them.that would be the end of a chapter and will allow us to move forward.don’t you agree??

        1. Siamois, yes I agree, but not give them away at any price… or even for nothing!!

          Mari cost the club about £18,000,000 and is on a yearly salary of approximately £4,500,000!!!

          This isn’t clearing out deadwood Mikel inherited, it’s clearing out HIS DEADWOOD after just two and a half years.

          Let’s remember this going forward and when praising the manager, along with Willian and Aubemeyang, who he gave a three year contract worth a reported £350,000 a week too.

          So much criticism of past transfers under previous regimes, were a commonplace occurrence, but it seems Mikel isn’t being judged in the same way – I wonder why that is?

          1. @Ken,Where did you get that 18M figure from?I thought that we first paid a loan fee of 3M then another 6M to make the deal permanent.

        2. Good luck to him if thats where he ends up but this is a strange one. He even moved on early from a Spanish loan to Italy early because of it.

  7. come on guys. thats not ur money. dont affraid of loses some money. be affraid lose chance to become champions. money is nothing in front of our pride.(quote from psg fans and city fans)

  8. If LT wants the move to Italy so much as quoted then why doesn’t he buy himself out of his contract then the club in Italy wanting to sign him can give him this back in a signing on fee. Instead of us making even more of a loss on him

  9. Reports that he ducked out of his scheduled medical in Turkey today saying that he wanted more time to consider his options.

    Apparently the plane was booked, medical team ready etc.

    I’m not sure I’d choose Turkey as a place to live either in the current circumstances.

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