Arsenal set to agree price for Xhaka today

At least Arsenal fans can be happy that the club is starting their transfer dealings early and in positive fashion this summer. The last game of the season was just three days ago and it is looking certain that the Gunners will finalise the negotiations with Borussia Moenchengladbach during the course of today for the arrival of Granit Xhaka at the Emirates.

Yesterday the two sides must have already been sure of coming to an agreement as an excerpt from the official Gladbach website said: The journalists were particularly interested in Granit Xhaka. Sporting director Max Eberl confirmed that an offer had been made for the Swiss midfielder. However, they were yet to come to an agreement with the interested club. Although Eberl refrained from naming Arsenal (as Wenger normally insists on total secrecy until the transfer is sealed in stone) but everyone in the world has been aware of the offer from the Gunners for some time.

It has now been reported in the Express this morning that personal terms were agreed with the midfielder yesterday but there was a slight (2 million!) difference in the club’s valuation of the transfer fee. This should now be cleared up today according to the Italian journalist Emanuele Giulianelli, who tweeted yesterday: “Xhaka fee should be agreed tomorrow. Clubs meet today. #Arsenal.”

This is excellent news and hopefully will be the start of a very productive transfer window for Arsenal fans.

Come on you Gooners!


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  1. Look at Arsenal injury-free starting line-up :
    Bell Kos Gab Monreal
    Coq Cazorla
    Sanchez Ozil Iwobi
    where are the weakest link? ST
    we must get a top class striker as priority number 1, where we should spend most of the transfer budget …
    Then we need a LWF/RWF with the same Sanchez quality …
    If there’s extra budget we can get a cheap DM and CB …
    Attack is the best form of defense …

    1. Thanks Sam, that’s exactly what I was thinking, I personally see great teams in 3 classes as follows:

      1. Super attacking team (Barcelona and co)
      2. Well balanced team (Bayern and co.)
      3. Massive defending team (ATM and co.)

      Which of the 3 are we? Actually none of the above because we have a weak link in both end, we need 2 more attacking players CF and Winger, plus 1 or 2 defending players CB and DM. Or CB if 1.

      1. Even the massive defending team (ATM) has a better attacking combination than Arsenal … That’s true, we have only Sanchez upfront and count no one else (Ozil is not counted as an attacker)

    2. I think Wenger is the only manager who insists on secrecy. So it’s fairly easy to figure out when a club says a firm offer has been made but cannot disclose the identity of the bidding club, its most likely Arsenal…or that’s what I hope.

  2. This is allot of money for a defensive minded player. If someone told you Arsene was going to spend over thirty mil on a defensive midfielder you would probably ask them do they know where their nose ends. I like that Wenger is capable of doing this, and Xhaka is at an ideal age so hopefully it all works out for the best. Iv noticed some changes in Wenger for a good long while now. I think he tries to listen to fans more, like how he’s been standing for games more than he used to, he’s not a loud guy but he has been trying to be more vocal on sideline lately. I also think he has changed slightly regarding team defending. We still get caught sometimes but we’ve seen performances when everybody does their duty, or tries to. In the past it was left solely to the back line almost, this has changed. So listening to fans probably can be helpful at times, but I have to draw the line in exactly which players are to come in. This should be the managers choice, and is, but it’s good when some things finally sink in with Wenger. That engine room was crying out for muscle pace grit all that stuff, so am glad he’s not replacing Rosicky Arteta Flam with like for likes (well another Rosicky wouldn’t be a bad thing). So this bid size for Xhaka fills me with a little more hope. The striker next, we need to get this spot on.

    1. I actually would not mind Giroud, Yes, I said Giroud! lol being our main striker next season if we get a reliable winger on the right side who’s on the same level as Sanchez, slightly better even. The three or four top teams in Europe have the best combination of wingers; Real have Bale and Ronaldo, Bayern have Robben and Ribery with Costa as their understudy, Barca have Neymar and Messi, ATM have Saul and Greizman all of whom are ‘consistently’ unplayable, Chelsea has Hazard who is usually unplayable on one wing but on the othe wing, they’ve got an inconsistent Willian one of many reasons for their dismal outing this season. Iwobi has shown flashes and we’ve seen what a fantastic combination he and Sanchez forms but he is still too young to be relied on. Benzema is almost as average as Giroud but both wingers are such a threat that they pull players out of his way. As a striker which is his primary duty, Giroud sucks for real and Wenger seems to not mind but he should at least get us a winger if he is so hell bent on keeping Giroud on the pitch, I wish Walcott was not so hell bent on being a striker which he is not and will concentrate on being a fine winger for us and also work on his consistency. Giroud however brings good work rate with him and I like the way he helps out on defensive set pieces but his mentality is suspect at times, we cannot be talking about loss of confidence for a 30 yr old man, can we?

      1. If we had all 3 scoring we would have won it all. Walcott Giroud and Sanchez should be 20 goal scorers during the whole season. CL, FA cup, League cup.

  3. Another transfer another fee dispute. Why Arsenal Why.
    Borussia valuation 30 million, Wenger – ok we give you 10 million (first two weeks)
    Borussia valuation 30 million, Wenger – ok we give you 12 million (1 month passes)
    Borussia valuation 30 million, Wenger – ok we give you 20 million (2 months passes)
    Borussia valuation 25 million, Wenger – ok we give you 23 million (3 months passes and 9999 articles later that he is coming)
    Borussia valuation 24 million, Chelsea/United/City comes and pays 30 million (Arsenal no signings after 3 months and 1 million articles).

    I hate transfer time as it makes me more frustrated than anything else. Please Wenger Prove me wrong.

    1. it’s one thing to accept the price, Another for him to be sold out to Bayern


    2. It is so easy to talk about transfer fees and only seven million pounds difference in valuations. To put this in context, if we spread seven million pounds over the 19 PL home games that is about £6 per game. Would we refer to a ticket price increase as “only” £6.

  4. Latest news: Walcott to have crunch talks with Arsenal…..
    I hope he Crunching Leaves ASAP.

    Arsenal should not be a place for average players earning 140k a week.

  5. I have seen Xhaka play. He is a good player. Reminds mi of Alonso as he has long range pass too but He is a Physical-Alonso if You like. I think He will flourish at Arsenal.

    Arsenal get Him Asap…

    Then Please get another Striker (an Upgrade to Giroud).

  6. Assuming it’s true (because we’ve been here before) then I’d be happy with the signing of Xhaka, he’s young, already an experienced player, strong, robust and a good passer of the ball.

    We all need to pray that Wenger and the club realise that we will never win the title with Giroud as our first choice striker. I like Giroud but he has limitations and is prone to long periods without a goal. Had he scored maybe even 5-6 extra goals in key games this season things might have been very different.

    The next priority after a new striker would be another centre back, Gabriel (IMO) will never be a good fit with Koscielny. I like Chambers but I don’t think he’ll get a fair chance at being a first choice centre back. If that’s the case then we need to allocate a sizable chunk of money to signing a top class proven winner to be the vocal partner for Kos.

    1. I agree with your comments about giroud. I like him as well but cannot see us winning the PL with him as our main striker. The problem is that kroenke has told us and jack wiltshire confirmed it on, the aim of the club is top four, not to win the PL.

      Lets hope that Kroenke changes his mind.

  7. next Lukaku/Icardi/Lacazete/Auba??? This round the rumours could choke you take it with a pinch of salt as usual and a sip of vodka.

  8. Emmanule Guilanielli… that not that attention seeking fraudster who talks the moat BS in football history?……i was dead sure the deal will go through but after hearing that loser’s name I fear the worse….having said that BILD also said same thing about the glitch in the deal and they are a pretty sound and decent publication….45, 42, just pay the damn money

  9. “West Ham have had a £31m bid for Lyon striker Alexandre Lacazette rejected by the Ligue 1 side” Sky sport
    £31m and Westham !!!
    We better have more than £150m in the bank …

    1. its clear as daylight now……westham wanna be up ere with the Elites

      They are building something big!!!

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