Arsenal set to allow Barcelona to steal another player for free

Hector Bellerin is set to be released from his Arsenal contract in order to join up with former side Barcelona on a free transfer.

The defender has fallen down the pecking order in north London, resulting in him being allowed to leave to join Real Betis on loan last term, and he has been linked with an exit ever since.

With just 12 months remaining on his current deal with Arsenal, it makes little sense to keep him at the club and pay another year of his wages, but at the same time, I don’t understand why we would allow a decent player leave for nothing and join Barca again.

We allowed Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to join them for nothing and boost their squad, which was admittedly a big saving on wages for us, but they are now set to profit from his sale with him seemingly set to return to the Premier League by joining London rivals Chelsea.

I can’t help but feel that a sell-on clause would have made sense at the very least, and I also don’t understand why any team would want to help strengthen Barcelona, especially the way they have actively given FFP the middle finger in recent transfer windows despite the common knowledge of their abysmal financial situation.

For Bellerin, I can understand why he would feel he has unfinished business with Barcelona after leaving at a young age to come to the Emirates, but that doesn’t mean that we should be allowing yet another asset to leave for nothing…



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  1. From the way the article’s structured it’s difficult to tell if the sentence “I can’t help but feel that a sell-on clause would have made sense at the very least” applies to Bellerin or Aubameyang.

    1. Bellerin’s deal is reported to include a sell-on clause.

    2. If you watched AON you’d know why Aubameyang’s didn’t.

    But moving Bellerin to Barcelona is actually good sense. It’s reported as a transfer, not a cancellation of contract.

    A. It probably weakens Barcelona – not surprising, they’re strapped for cash.

    B. It shows clubs like Betis not to play silly buggers. If they want a player, stump up the cash, don’t try to get him saying “I only want Betis” and hope to pull a fast one over on Arsenal.

    We taught Fiorentina a lesson as well. Some lessons cost both sides, but it has to be done – for too long Arsenal has been seen as a club you can mess about and the club takes a hit, this shows players and clubs that you don’t get to demand something from Arsenal and you just get what you want.

    Betis didn’t get Bellerin and Fiorentina didn’t get Torreira – but both are off Arsenal’s books. I’m happy with the way the club handled this in the end – in fact, I’m quite impressed.

    1. I agree with you 100%.
      Betis missed out because they gambled “all or nothing” and got nothing in the end; which I am glad to see.

      Same for Torreira and how they tried to renegotiate the transfer, which seemingly upset the player as much as our club.

      At least we get something if Barca move Bellerin next year, which is the best deal we had on the table.

      Hopefully we are done with the freebies and giving away players, and the latest with Bellerin and Torreira shows the club won’t get mugged.

      1. The point being glossed over though, is the fact that Arsenal DEMANDED a fee for HB and haven’t got one!!!!

        Am I missing something here, as I read it HB is losing nothing and will be playing CL football next season?

        How anyone can spin this (if its true of course) as Arsenal flexing their muscles, I fail to understand.

        As the headline reads…”Arsenal set to allow Barcelona to steal another player for free”.

        If he’s this deadbeat, can’t and never has able to defend player as he’s been described, why have we put a SUBSTANTIAL sell on clause into the deal?
        Wasn’t he one of the deadbeat MA inherited?

        Could it be that some of us were right about the players ability after all?

        BARCELONA!! Well done Hector.

  2. Mixed feelings on this

    1. I’m glad Arsenal is finally getting rid of this ‘false defender’

    2. The natural fullbacks Barca have already are all poor defenders,can’t see the reasoning in signing another fullback who can’t defend

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