Arsenal set to announce Elneny but will he be the only signing?

As usual there is a large gap between the Gunners buying a player and the official announcement from the Arsenal heirarchy, which always leaves the fans feeling ignored and frustrated. But Arsene Wenger has apparently decided that he will be announcing our new arrival in the next couple of days. He was reported as saying: “We hope to announce a player in the next 24 to 48 hours.

“I don’t need to tell you the name. After that we will see [about other deals].”

It is amazing how Le Prof likes to draw out the suspense as long as possible. Could he really be talking about Elneny or is he just playing a game of cat or mouse? And then “after that we will see”. Is he talking about more arrivals? I’m asking that because according to the after-match press conference reported on, he clearly says that “maybe we will get one player in”.

When he was asked about the upcoming fixture congestion, Le Prof replied: “There is a little bit. But I believe that the next step is to get Rosicky back, Welbeck back, Sanchez back, Wilshere back and maybe we will get one player in. Overall, I think we have no new injuries so I’m not worried. If we had the same number of injuries we would be a bit short.”

So in his usual enigmatic style, he has left us hanging. Could he mean that Elneny will be our only signing? Or does he mean after Elneny is announced?

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  1. I think he might be securing the deals in Winter and then will release the veteran players. Aubameyang looks more likely in summer. But I think we should target Samper or Rabiot in addition to El Nenny. Rabiot would be more easy.

  2. we all know Wenger after all these years.
    he wont buy any other player. team is doing OK without Cazorla, Coqelin, Sanchez and Wilshere. Sanchez is back soon and AW hinted that Coqelin and Cazorla might come back in February. Arteta and Felamini are alright at the moment too. then he signs also Elneny
    i dont give a 5% chance he signs another player
    to be fair to him, quality players are not available this time of year. Dont read the crap from metro and mirror etc

      1. It doesn’t matter whether they were available in the summer or not! The fact that matters is we are doing well without the so-called “quality signings” and without our key players.
        The only players i think should be replaced are Arteta, Rosicky and flamini because they are not getting any younger, but that don’t need to be rushed though. It can wait until the next summer.

  3. Maybe we’ll get one player in is not the same thing as Maybe we’ll get two players in. Why the confusion?

  4. I think the 2nd signing will depend on whether Debuchy leaves or not. The best thing to do is send him to PSG and get Van Der wiel on loan from them.
    You guys should only check the BBC,or sky for transfer news. They are by far the most reliable sources.

  5. I think Wengers attitude of not giving away details of what he is doing is correct. If he gave more details away we would end up paying more for the players we did get and not getting players we would have got.

    Look at Cazorla and Monreal, we had no idea they were coming. Its frustrating for us fans not knowing what is happening but its for the best.

    Lets hope that when AW retires he writes his memoirs and we find out what has been going on behind the scenes.

  6. The main reason why No One knows what Wenger will do is simply because he doesn’t know yet either!

    He is too Indecisive and far too stubborn to take on the majority of sensible advice!
    Which explains why he makes his decisions in the last possible moment, when often, it is too late!

    His latest trend seems to be One signing per window, followed by we have injured player’s returning,
    So don’t expect any other signings apart from Elneny.

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