Arsenal set to be rewarded for quitting the European Super League

Arsenal is set to be rewarded after they agreed to abandon the proposed European Super League to make a return to UEFA.

The Gunners are one of six Premier League teams who broke away from the European footballing body initially to form the new competition.

It has since been abandoned by the Premier League sides and the teams are being reintegrated into UEFA even though Real Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona remain adamant that it will work and the defaulting teams will pay for breach of contract.

The Gunners and other returning teams have been fined just £1.44 million upfront and £6 million more to come later.

Sun Sports says the returning teams are set to make more money from UEFA, which is closing in on a new funding agreement.

The new funding is backed by London-based Centricus Asset Management and will help UEFA pay as much as £6bn in improved prize money for the Champions League and other competitions over the next few years.

This means that Arsenal now stands to make more money when they compete in the Europa League and the UCL.

This is a reward for returning to the ECA which works with UEFA for their club competitions.

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  1. That’s great 👍.
    Only thing is we won’t be in any European competitions for a long while.

    1. By Arsenal not playing oin n any Eiropean competion next season is a blessing in disguise. Playing Thursdays and Sundays has been our biggest undoing. I know we can build on returning to UEFA now henceforth.

  2. I don’t know when that will be.

    And not many like being controlled by EUFA (and FIFA) either.

  3. Rwarded?!!!!….We should be gratful to be still considred as a top club and act as a top club…The ESL is inevitable and we should agree this tome around

    1. Pires, you are almost alone in saying an ESL is inevitable. I believe that soon to come government legislation, backed by FIFA, UEFA and Prem plus other football associations across Europe, will make this selfish and immoral idea impossible.
      I think it a terrible shame and a source of regret that such a decent human being as you are, cannot see(or PERHAPS chooses not to see!!) the immorality and harm to ordinary football people and to our precious sport that such a ghastly and now impossible plan would have caused.

      Good will always outweigh evil and when good people worldwide come together to destroy an evil plan,it grieves me to see a decent person like you choosing to be on the side of evil.
      You should seriously reconsider your view and look beyond your own interests and that of your CLUB – as you see it, but I and others do not – and do what is moral and right. Never choose evil Pires. It will only harm you in the end!

      1. the Esl is indeed inevitable

        most people wants to see top clubs play each other

        if not why are we watching the champions league?

        why is the champions league attract so many viewers and funds?

        most people would rather watch man city vs bayern or Chelsea vs Barcelona

        Would Norwich vs West Brom attract heaps of viewers and commercial earnings?

        the operating cost for a football club is huge with millions of payout to wages and fees

        the only way to stop it is the political way, have a similar league or releasing enormous funds to the clubs by Uefa

      2. I’d love to hear your views on man city and chelsea ‘buying’ the Premier league and now champions league. Its always been a closed league. Please don’t kid yourself.

        My arsenal biased opinion wants us to have the richest owner who splashes the cash and buys the best players in the world.

        Will you be happy when Arsenal are playing silky football dominating every team like man city are doing today ….whilst very importantly getting all the plaudits from pundits and fans alike. With no mention of ‘killing competing’

        Why is that ok and how is it not similar to the ethics of the ESL?

        1. Ad1
          Yes i would love Kroenke to splash the cash as the Man City owner is doing ……Instead of that what do we have?Owners who are reluctant to spend,which is if you ask me stupide,why?Because the more you invest the more you have chances to succed and therfore get more revenus as a business …..It’s the same logic as ESL indeed if you have more spending power you’ll more likly have success and ,by doing so,have more income…

    1. Dear Jon
      You have sadly
      , at best, a very naive way of seeing how a BUSINESS should be run….It’s not a caritative asssocition nor a Mother Teresa world.You have to be ruthless if you want to succed.Otherwise with this manichean way of thinking we ‘LL go backwards further more and sink into mediocrity….Juste look at Chelsea they are not devilish nor angelic but pragmatic and, foremost
      , in the final of the Champions League!!!!

  4. When will that be…. we will stay where we are, mid table, until Stan Kronke has left the club. No ambition, No connection with the club & down right sees us as a business to which we are not just… we are a football club 1st a foremost with a rich history that is quickly going down the drain with this owner in place.

    Great while all teams who actually are in European competition will reap the rewards while we pay off fines and languish mid table next season again.

    Mikel needs to be shown the door as we need an actual manager, not a good coach.

  5. Can’t some people tire of talking about Stan Kroenke? Is it an obsession? I am getting utterly disgusted about Kroenke being dragged into everything including even injuries to individual players! It is very cheap. It is not Kroenke who hired Arteta nor is he the one who spotted and recruited the players. Kroenke has been at Arsenal for over a decade and we were always in the top four. The man is not a football fan but a businessman. What we should demand from Kroe ke is money not which players to buy. If he refuses to provide the funds we should blame him. We have triviliased this debate to a very low level!

    1. Honestly mate, well said. We drove Wegner out because we only made top 4. Now nobody is in love with the current ownership but blaming them for everything under the sun gets us nowhere. Back arteta with a strong summer window and see if we can compete next year. What other options do we have?

      There are many positives from this season.. Saka blossoming into a truly world class youngster.. ESR proving he has the skills to be great for us.. Martinelli coming back from injury and showing he can be a difference maker… Even Pepe has shown more promise as of late… Gabriel looks legit, chambers coming back from injury and displacing Bellerin.. the continued development of Tierney.

      Nobody is satisfied being mid table but IMHO it’s not as bleak as some fans seem to believe.

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