Arsenal set to beat Barcelona to Premier League star

Arsenal is set to beat Barcelona to the signature of Leeds’ Raphinha after the Spanish club slept on the deal.

Barca has been linked with a move for him since last season and they hoped Leeds would get relegated so that they could sign him cheaply.

The Whites retained their top-flight status, and the attacker is now expected to cost more money if anyone signs him and this is a serious setback to Barca.

The Catalans have to offload some players before making new signings and they have been looking to sell Frenkie de Jong for some weeks now.

However, says they will miss out on Raphinha to Arsenal because the Brazilian no longer wants to wait for them.

The Gunners have also been pushing to sign him and he could now complete a transfer to the Emirates this week.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Raphinha is an exciting Premier League player to have in your squad and Arsenal will benefit greatly if he is in our group.

However, should we truly spend up to 50m euros on him? Remember, we still need to add players into other spots on the team.

Hopefully, we can drive down that price and add him to our squad.

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  1. Not going to happen. His agent is trying to move the transfer to Barca quicker by stating other clubs are interested..

  2. Dan’s analysis, as accurate and well written as they normally are, can be very demoralizing to say the least, however it shows how committed he is to the principles and tenets of good journalism which implores us to always say as it is, without fear or favor. I ‘d rather read his work than not read it at all.

  3. I have had several conversations with some Leeds fans about Raphinha over the last season and their opinion of him is that he is lazy and not a great team player.
    Do we realy want somebody like that?

  4. Dream signing. If true…just buy him. You fecked Bissouma up….don’t do it with Raphinha…he is top notch and very determined. He is a true wildcard like Alexis Sanchez. We need a truly creative gem

    1. He wants to go to Barca but they can not afford him so there might be something in the story TBH
      multiple sources have reported it .

  5. We don’t need Raphinha. We have Pepe.

    Raphina is not better than Pepe. Arteta should rather put his ego aside and work with Pepe.

    72m pound investment and the guy couldn’t even start a game time all season.
    If we sign Raphinha and Arteta does not like him, he will treat him the same way as Pepe. Arteta, this is Arsenal. We are Not a man city team that can afford to pay 100m pounds on Grealish and put him on the bench.

    You are the club manager. It is your duty to utilize your squad effectively. Stop the bias.

    Thee were games when Xhaka cost us 3 points. There were many instances when Xhaka let the team down, and Arteta still starts him the next match.

    Why didn’t he put Xhaka on the bench permanently?

    What wrong did Pepe do to warrant this treatment?

    All I see is bias. Arteta has to improve on his man management skills.

    I have always been consistent on Pepe. He is not playing not because of any footballing reasons.

    50m pounds on Raphinha is a waste.
    We should rather invest in a top quality striker like Osimhen, A midfield general like Ruben Neves and a full back like Zinchenko.

    1. It’s time people realized Arteta is building his own squad and when he has done that then we can judge him.

  6. Arsenal fans don’t see a trend here.

    We have a manager who has spent more money than Emery and yet still asks for more. Wenger would give his players game time to prove their worth.

    Give Pepe a consistent run in the squad. Even if you have the intention to sell him, at least, you can get more money from potential buyers.

    I am looking at Arteta as a manager. Someone who does. not mind wasting the club resources

    Arteta should work with the resources at his disposal.

    We are about to sell Guendouzi at a give away price to Marseille.
    We can’t even get a buyer for Torrera.

    We won’t get much for Mavropanus.

    We lost Aubameyang on a free.

    And now, Pepe a top quality player that cost us 72m pounds, we might not get 25m pounds from him.

    Arteta has to answer these questions.

    Raphinha is not better than Pepe.

  7. Raphinha is no doubt a world-class player or soon to be. But do we really need him now and can we make better use of 50M? The answers, IMO, NO and YES respectively.

    Raphinha would only make sense if we were able to sell Pepe and perhaps Saka too. No need to twist ourselves into a pretzel to sign the player.

  8. This comment section is so Negative tbh raphina will def come if Barca pulls out simple as that

    1. Hi Akuta, you may see it as negative.

      But try and understand some things.

      Our central midfield needs a complete overhaul.

      We need a midfield General like Ruben Neves. We need Telesman as well.

      Fine, we just signed Viera. But he will play in an advance role

      Ou central midfield has been the issue. Slow, sideways passing. We need deep lying Central midfielders that are composed on the ball. Someone who can move with the ball.
      We don’t need Xhaka next season. That is the truth.

      On the flanks,

      we have Reis Nelson on loan

      We have Saka
      We have Pepe
      We have ESR

      4. Wide players excluding Martinelli

      We need better options than Cedric and Tavares. Tavares can’t even defend. He does not have the required technique to play as a left back. He is only good in a wing back role.
      Tierney and Partey can’t be relied on. They can’t stay fit all season. This is the reason why We need Ruben Neves and someone like Zinchenko.

      We have the Europa league this season. More games to be played.
      A bigger squad is needed.

      Why go for another winger when you can prioritize the Centre midfield position and the CF role.
      80m pounds on Osimheh
      50m pounds on Ruben Neves.
      Then. Another investment on a tall, strong full back who can play on the right and left side is key.

      Raphinha is not what we need at the moment.

      Arsenal operates within a budget. We can’t afford to waste it on a player we don’t need.

      This is my opinion

      1. Yh you’re right but I feel that ma is trying to bring quality players to improve squad depth plus victor osimehn (sorry if I spelt it wrong) for me is not the right choice I would very much prefer Cody gakpo from PSV as our preferred striker

        1. I agree with you Akuta.

          I just want the club to prioritize that Central/defensive midfield role.

          Ruben Neves is a beast. Imagine if we add Telemans and Neves to this squad? That will be top signings.

          In recent seasons, if Partey wasn’t playing, our central midfield don’t have players who are comfortable with he ball.

          Sideway passing. We miss someone like carzola.

          We should make these signings before looking at adding another winger to the squad.

          That was my ranting about Pepe. 😂

          I have not seen much of Cody Gakpo. I will check his stats and profile.


  9. I will never point anything bad if we sign rafinha.. He is a good and skilful player…someone said we need to give pepe more playing time..apparently he’d never happy whenever he put on the jersey with arsenal badge.. So the point is we don’t have to force him to play for us…the point is..he’s scared of the league..the best is we have to welcome any offer for him…I believe that’s the best option

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