Arsenal set to bring Szczesny back as Cech backup?

Wojciech Szczesny may not have been at Arsenal for the past year but he is certainly not a forgotten man around the Emirates, with many wondering which club the Polish shot-stopper will be at next season.
The Metro have stated that Szczesny is “keen to leave” the Emirates permanently in the summer, but that Arsenal are casting any transfer into doubt. Arsenal reportedly want to either ship him out on loan again or to keep him at the club next season for backup.

Currently on loan at Roma, Szczesny has proved his worth at the Italian Club and supposedly he is wanted back on loan for next season. SkySports reported how Szczesny’s future however remains up in the air and that it seems that although he may want to stay out on loan at Roma, in order to command a first team place, his desire to achieve success still lies at Arsenal.

It seems like the jury is out on Szczesny, who on his day can be one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League. He shared the Golden Glove award with our very own, then Chelsea player, Petr Cech in the 2013-14 season, showing his capabilities in goal. But fans are split because although he does possess the growing qualities that a great goalkeeper needs, he is a controversial player and is largely inconsistent. Szczesny lost his original place in the Arsenal side to Ospina, after a terrible performance away at Southampton, and he was then later caught smoking in the showers. Szczesny was thus dropped to the bench and Ospina claimed his place for the remainder of the season, only returning to make appearances in the FA Cup. Now on loan, he was also temporarily dropped from the starting lineup as he was also caught smoking after Roma’s 6-1 defeat to Barcelona, showing that he is never a moment away from being surrounded by controversy. With Petr Cech now at the club, and expected to be here for many seasons to come, is there a place at Arsenal for Szczesny?

Petr Cech will undoubtably remain Arsenal’s number one for next season, and you’d expect for a few seasons to come, meaning Szczesny may not be able to have anything more than a backup role and rotation in the cup competitions. It would be understandable if the 26 year old would not be happy with that, however I think the club still believes in Szczesny and that he could learn a lot from Cech. It is then quite possible that Szczesny could reclaim a starting position when Cech decides he will hang up his boots on the professional game and that Szczesny would then be the commanding goalkeeper he was expected to be.

With David Ospina, possibly leaving the club this summer, I think that Szczesny should definitely make a return to Arsenal for next season, and develop under Cech, into the player that he was always expected to become.


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  1. The guy had his chances and blew every single one of them, he is very much of the staple that is slowly killing Arsenal…a huge potential but one not willing or capable of stepping up to the plate….personally I have developed a strong dislike for him because I rated him so highly after his loan stint at Bremtford and the way his career has panned out has been disappointing to say the least…having said all that Ospina is too good a keeper to be consigned to the bench permanently so if we cannot hold on to him I guess taking another punt on him is well worth it….

  2. Szcz could learn from cech and become a great GK, who has he to compete against prior to Cech? Almunia?

    The guy needs to see that he has to perform at his best week in and week out, act like a professional in life as well.

    Cech will be a good role model for Szcz to grow under.

  3. Stay at Roma or go elsewhere pls……… The Arsenal dressing room is full of mediocre players already!

    A complete overhauL needed….

  4. I don’t want him at Arsenal anymore..
    He lacks maturity and consistency, he has lest keep Cech and Ospina..

    How many of you think Cech has just been normal this season?
    Personally I don’t think he is outstanding..Ospina can match him..

    1. I think He has done pretty well all things considered. Made some vital saves along the way but there is just too much pressure on his shoulders with our defence being as shambolic as it has been at times. Too much on his shoulders and he isn’t getting any younger.

      1. @ AST…
        I agree, when we signed Cech, I was happy but I knew he would be exposed a little…
        He got his reputation from a solid Chelsea defence which we haven’t mastered at Arsenal..

        Overall, I think no matter what happens,the GK position won’t be a problem for at least 3years

  5. Well we have 5 keepers over the age of 21 for next season and we also have 3 decent u21 keepers.

    Personally I would loan out szczesney, martinez and macey next season as having 3 over 21 keepers pretty much wastes a place in the squad.

    I would then use Huddart as the main 3rd keeper with iliev and keto the u21 keepers. Though all 3 could act as 3Rd keeper and play u21. I think key also still qualifies for YCL.

  6. I to was a fan of shezza early in his career, but unfortunately he keeps letting us and his team mates down with mistakes and stupid behaviour. With Cech a certainty for at least another 2/3 seasons, id go all out for Jack Butland to bring along as the long term replacement. With the right offer am sure Stoke would sell. It would just be a case of persuading Butland that he would be number 1 in 2 years time, with cech winding down his career.

  7. Last season Ospina took his chance and was outstanding for us, best stats in PL by far. I think he is our most underrated player.

    The problem is that Ospina is too good to sit on the bench, i expect that he will want to leave and I will wish him well. That means that we need a reserve goalkeeper so I suppose it will be szczesny.

  8. Why are u all pampering szczesny like he’s a kid,how old is is coutouis of chelsea,how old is Hart when he took over Man City no 1 till date? He should man or be sold. Enough of mediocre players,that’s part of why we are were we are.

  9. We should sell him along with Walcott, Ox and Giroud. That alone should get enough money to buy a WC striker. Then a good CB required, like Varane who is 3rd choice at Real now.
    After that a first class winger. A real winger, not ones that goes in the wing position and can’t do anything.

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