Arsenal set to buy two top quality players – but which two?

How do we make the best out of a poor situation? by Galen Sona

Now lets not pretend and go overboard with the planes and the banners. Wenger will be our manager next season. Protesting has only created a negative environment for the team. It won’t change anything really. I came to the conclusion that I would just continue supporting the Arsenal team. 

Now, Wenger said a few days ago: ‘But first I think we have to keep 90 per cent of these players together and find one or two more who strengthen the group but we don’t need a lot. We don’t need many. But we need maybe top quality.’

So much has been made in the past 5 days about this comment and I wanted to digest everything before saying my opinion. Emanuel Petit even said we had a loser mentality and we needed at least 6 Players. Assuming Sead Kolasanic has been signed already , What 2 positions should we strengthen? 

I take comfort in the fact that he said “Maybe top quality” Come to think of it? What’s the point in just improving the squad with players that won’t add nothing to the team? Do we need another Elneny, Perez, Welbeck? Players that would not be starting for Arsenal football club? Is Wenger right after all? 

Should we take say about £100 million and go all out for 2 quality players, Than say buy 5 players with £100 million. I think whomsoever is coming to Arsenal needs to be better than what we have already. If not, what’s even the point in bringing them in, if I don’t think they could even start?

Personally I think we need to keep the Ox, Sanchez and may be Ozil. Give them the wages they deserve cause quality players are expensive to buy. Now what 2 positions do we need real quality in? 

Goal keeper. We are so blessed in this position , we even need to sell Ospina to bring back Sir Szczesney.

Defence; Knowing Arsenal we shall not buy any defenders especially with Calum Chambers coming back from loan and we play 3 at the back as well. With Sead Kolasanic signing I think that would be it. He can play LWB and Left Center back. Typical Arsene – for free as well. 

Midfield;   I think we need a midfielder cause I don’t trust Wilshere, Cazorla and Ramsey to stay fit. So one of these Top quality could be spent on midfield. The targets are 
Corentine Tolisso, ( Lyon, France)
Leon Goretzka,      ( Schalke, Germany)
Naby Keita             (RB Leipzig)
Radja Naingolan    (Roma, Italy)
Jean Michele Seri   (Nice , France)
Tiemoue Babayoko (Monaco, France)

That leaves room for 1 attacking player. Which I think we badly need. So who is available. 
Andre Bellotti             25 goals  5 Assists. Contribution in 30 Goals. (Torino , Italy)
Edin Dzeko                 27 Goals 7 assist  contribution in 34 Goals  ( Roma, Italy)
Dries Mertens             27 Goals 9 assist  contribution to 36 Goals  ( Napoli, Italy) 
Mauro Icardi               24 Goals 8 assist  Contributions to 32 Goals ( Inter, Italy)
Romelu Lukaku           25 goals 6 assist  Contributions to 31 Goals ( Everton, England)
Alvaro Morata             15 Goals 4 assist Contributions to 19 Goals (Madrid , Spain)
Anthony Modeste       25 goals 2 assist Contributions   27 Goals( FC Koln, Germany)
Alexandre  Lacazette 28 goals 3 assist  Contribution 31 Goals ( Lyon, France)
Pierre Aubameyang    31 goals  2 assist  Contribution 33 goals ( Dortmund, Germany)
Timo Werner             21 Goals     5 assist Contributions 26 Goals ( RB Leipzig, Germany)
Patrick Schick            11 goals    1 assist . Contributions 12 goals. (Sampdoria ,Italy) 

If we have to go for 2 quality players I would say Pay £75 million for Lukaku and £30 million for Leon Gororetzka. That’s £105 million, I would be happy if we do something like this. No need buying players that won’t have and impact at the club. If you add Sead Kolasanic to this, its looks like a good window. 

Hope we do the right thing in this window. have a lovely summer everyone.

by Galen Sona.


  1. khangunners says:

    Shame on the author. If you ask me the protest woke up both the players and manger. Its not bad to criticise when things are going south. We declined after city game away and that time there was no wenger out or protest. We were poor even before the protest. Its good we hve won and as many hve said lets relish this feeling first before we start discussing wengers future.

    1. gotanidea says:

      As the author has said, Wenger will still be in Arsenal next season, whether we like it or not. If that is the case, we should start the new season with positivity. Once Arsenal officially announces Wenger’s contract extension, the protests must stop. Unless the fans want to see another disappointing season.

      Regarding the transfer rumors, I think Arsenal will only add two expensive players, if Sanchez and/ or Ozil leave. The reason is because the current players’ wages are already high, like Walcott’s and Wilshere’s.

      I hope they are not interested in players like:
      – Andre Gomes (does not have enough skills to possess the ball longer and cannot produce forward through balls consistently, like Arsenal’s current midfielders).
      – Benzema (good but old and has achieved many things, I think Arsenal need very hungry players like Sanchez).

      I hope Arsenal can sign Belotti, Lukaku or Aubameyang. Lacazette is already set for Atletico Madrid. For the midfielder, I hope they can get Tolisso, Bakayoko or Seri. Whoever the new signing will be, he has to be hungry for achievements and spirited like Sanchez, Neymar and Messi).

      1. John0711 says:

        Won something have we then the AKB surface we need two TOP player if Sanchez stays 4 if they leave and if wenger stays he has a limited time to prove it’s the right decision

    2. gmv8 says:

      It is Kroenke that is the main problem, and we cannot move forward as a club, while we have the inefficient infrastructure put in place by him. It is going to take a lot of protesting to get him to leave. Wenger does care about the club – if Wenger left now, there would be problems, but if Kroenke left, we would only get better as he contributes nothing, and only takes away.

  2. Kedar Damle says:

    Morata, Lacazzate, Aubameyang would be out of question because they all would want Champions League Football….. Lukaku terribly expensive and and we can’t afford that much money on single as far as Kronke is our Owner…
    Realistic Targets are Andre Belloti, Edin Dzeko, Dries Mertens and Mauro Icardi…. But I think most suitable name In this 4 names or all names is may be Edin Dzeko because he has the experience of playing in the Premier League and scoring goals as well and winning the tittle as well so we all know Dzeko can be very good finisher and important player for Arsenal…….

    1. khangunners says:

      Belloti is the real deal . Dzeko is not as good as him. But we might face alot of competition for him.

      1. Kedar Damle says:

        But I guess Torino has put 90 Million Tag on him which is out of this world…. 90 Millions for a single player, we are not Real Madrid… And we are talking about Premier League where prominent players also fade but we know about Dzeko and that’s why I would go with Dzeko because he has history of playing well in Premier League and affordability….

  3. HA559 says:

    One player not there is Lemar from Monaco. Could be a cheap alternative to Lacazette plus he is more creative. Put him and Ozil behind Sanchez and you got something going there.
    Or make big money move for James Rodriguez.

    It’s true that you wont find many top strikers unless you offer huge money and offer UCL. Those strikers listed there are not realistic target or half are not good enough for Arsenal. Take Lukaku for instance, that guy is overated.
    You have to find the best striker who doesn’t mind missing UCL for a season atleast.

    1. Taxi4Wenger says:


  4. Raoh says:

    We are lacking a proper structure supporting the manager and sharing the load when it comes to transfer, completing deals and extending players before they get into the last year of there contracts…Not to say a director of football is a must but a middle man who will be the hearth of that with Arsene still having an important input as he is the manager for at least another year it seems…
    Now did we miss quality players yes but it’s mainly injuries (Cazorla, Welbeck), mental issues (Man City, Everton, Crystal Palace, Man U, Watford) and not being well prepared coming into the season (Liverpool) that costs us. Mainly Everton, Man City and Watford: 9 points which would have been enough for 3rd and would’ve made Spurs sweat in the last derby.
    For the forwards: Aubameyang, Mbappe, Icardi, Belotti and Lukaku, the latter already used to the EPL and it’s hard schedule. Belotti seems like the real deal and Aubameyang has proven what he can do in the Bundesliga with his pace and movements but is older than the other 2. Mbappe well we al know the talent and age.
    In defence If we were to keep the same system: Kostas Manolas or Marquinhos would be perfect.
    In the midfield: I would have a go at Naigolann or Goretzka.

    The only issue with Arsenal is that they can’t seem to act quickly and pay what is needed….I also hope that they understand that some will have to go, I will not put specific names out there but some shouldn’t be at the Emirates next season at least 3-4 players.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Football director is a name created by the media and Thats the job of Gazadis but he keep screwing it up

      Dein was the vice chairman and he get most of the things done

  5. Simon says:

    Good article-

    Not on your list but I’d go all out and buy Griezman.
    – He’s available
    – During World Cup he was lethal playing with Giroud
    – He would bring best performance out of Giroud
    – He’s creative and fast – perfect for Arsenal style
    – Work brilliantly with Sanchez if can be made to stay
    – Versatile – can move all around front line

    What you think?

  6. John Ibrahim says:

    We need 7 signings

    Gk, Lb, Rb, cb, striker, winger and DM

    Lack.of competition has made bellerin so poor

  7. the Drax says:

    Give this man a medal,if it wasn’t for the terrorist threat! There would be 3 open bus parades in London,Chelsea with the premier league,Arsenal with FA cup
    Sp**R’s for putting pressure on Chelsea lollll

  8. Cyaan says:

    If I was Kroenke I would break the bank to get Pierre Emerick Aubamayang

  9. John Ibrahim says:

    Well we totally dominate chelsea

    But let down on the poor finishing

    If we had a striker like costa…we would have won everything

  10. Aryan says:

    without qualifying for cl
    how do you convince lukaku to join arsenal?????
    be pragmatic …

    lacazatte is atletico bound

    Aubameyang will never join arsenal he’s money hungry

    icardi would be good … but I don’t think wenger will buy him

    celtic’s dembele might be the only prolific striker that would join arsenal

    1. DarkPope says:

      dembele just broke to the scene in way hes leaving being the next big thing for dortmund and long term replacement for aubemeyang

      if theres anyone leaving from dortmund, its aubemeyang who wouldnt be coming to arsenal

      1. AC says:

        two different Dembele’s there my friend. lol

  11. GrahamB says:

    Welbeck – not starting for Arsenal?
    @Galen, did he not start yesterday?!
    @simon – Griezman was quoted saying he would not go to any club not in Champs League.

  12. Break-on-through says:

    I’ll be surprised if we don’t sign Lacazette. He said nice things about Atletico, but he was asked a question so what else would he say. I think the fact we’ve been after him for a while along with our French connections will help us get him. Of those midfielders I’d like Goretzka. Good passer for the battling type he is and he can also dribble too also has good control. I don’t like always going with a CM who’s all about the forward play, you want abilities to be a good balance in my opinion.

    Charlie mentioned selling Coquelin and Giroud, I’d add Walcott to that. He also said Koscielny which I’m not sure about. Too many times he’s been the stand out defender, but if it’s about injuries then maybe. Gabriel I’d sell, also Chambers if it’s numbers that’s what’s stopping us from bringing in a top CB.

  13. Dennis kelvin says:

    Arsenal need player of mbaepe and any other flair attacking minded player and defensive minded player upfront and a player like nyarma at different wing or if possible bring in attacking midfielder who can on lock defence with pass and movements with d ball and without the ball and be always presents through out when needed.then our lovely arsenal club will come back to light. For lukaku no no not what arsenal need .and the most important is the coach having hunger and desire to win every tin even wen is impossible. And d board should stop playing arsenal and fans like dey don’t care what we need.of they don’t have d money dey shud sell to who have money to spend on the team arsenal.

  14. 75m for lukaku is kinda crazy….way too much…I’ll rather we get icardi..he is a good box player one thing we don’t currently have..naingolan or tolisso for d cm..wont mind seri thoo

  15. hg says:

    Greedy kronke out. , Osmanov in to compete with Abramovic , City ect

  16. Yossarian says:

    Good assessment realistic assessment of the forthcoming transfer window.

    GK and defence is ok, and with Chambers coming back, and Kolasinac coming on-board, looks ok as it is. Wilshere will be injured. Cazorla will be injured. Ramsey will be inconsistent, so need so we need a top-quality midfielder, and of course a top striker.

    Besides who we buy (And let’s face it, with our EPL competitors being more ambitious, we’re not going to attract the best of the bunch) the other problem is keeping them fit. We always have long-term injuries making a big impact on the season, so we need players that are robust and not injury-prone.

  17. Abel says:

    Aubumeyang is Madrid bound.
    Griezman likely Manchester United bound
    Icardi was never a target.
    Dzeko was also never a target.
    Morata will not be sold by Madrid as he was brought back from Juventus with the promise of game time and a future at Madrid.
    Lukaku would be an improvement on Giroud but not technically gifted enough for Wenger to pay premium price on him unless he would come cheap which is out of the question. Also, we are both in Europa league so it’s easy to see why a move to Arsenal from Everton would be a sideways move for him.
    That leaves Benzema and Lacazette as the striking options. Benzema is on 290K weekly. He would likely leave Madrid at the end of the season. He has been a long term target and Arsenal can only sign him on those wages if both Sanchez and Oezil who are presently on 140k weekly are offered similar wages.
    Lacazette on the other hand is on 85K per week but has a £59M release clause in his contract inserted last year.
    While it likely Arsenal will sign a new striker this summer, Wenger will have to pay premium either in wages or transfer fee to get either.

  18. Zax says:

    How abou these combinations if we could buy 2 top quality players?
    1.Marco Reus – Aubumeyang (if sanchez left)
    2.James Rodriguez – Lacazette (if Ozil left)
    3.Lorenzo Insigne – Mertens
    4.Radja Nainggolan – Icardi

    And also I would like to sell Gabriel, Chambers, Debuchy and buy:
    1.Kostas Manolas – Serge aurier

  19. lord wafflebury says:

    Aubameyang for me.
    2 players not mentioned…isco in midfield and if we must have a defender then howedes..versatile as can play anywhere across the back line.
    Great result yesterday…honestly never saw that coming especially from bfg…legend !

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