Arsenal set to cash in on Mavropanos as Stuttgart move in

Arsenal fans are becoming jittery as the transfer window carries on passing without any action from the Gunners, either in purchases or sales, after we were expecting one of our busiest windows ever.


But after numerous Arsenal bids being rejected very quickly, it now appears that we are close to making our first sale at last.


Football.London seem convinced that we are going to let the big Greek defender Dinos Mavropanos move on to make room in the squad for Ben White, although the rumoured fee expected to be in the region of £7million it does not seem all that exciting.


Mavropanos has only made 7 appearances for the Gunners in his three years at the club, but after impressing the Stuttgart fans with 21 games for them on loan last season, the Germans seem keen to make the move permanent.


Mavropanos must also be keen to rejoin them as the report says talks have been ongoing since the end of the last campaign.


Oh I do wish Arsenal would start announcing a few deals to cam down the fans, who seem to be getting more and more frustrated as every day passes…

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  1. Another give away without being given a chance at Arsenal. Apparently the muppets at Arsenal don’t see what Sven Mislantat saw and now Stuttgart obviously see.

  2. Having.40m rejected for a player who might not be better than a player we want to sell for less than one-quarter of 40m is absolutely mental. This is sort of thing I blame Stan for. Allowing incompetent fools to throw away his club resources shows a lack of care. We don’t need Ben and if Arteta is bent on buy him he should sell Holding or Chambers to generate similar fee.

  3. Media reckon Arteta is going all English on us, Ramsdale, Lamptey, White and Maddison.

    Those 4 would cost circa £150m.

    We would need to sell quite a few to raise anywhere near that. Leno, Bellerin, Saliba, Mavropanos, Kolasinac, Torreira, Guendozi, Xhaka, Nketiah could raise about £140m of that total.

  4. We are a joke honestly….trying to sell players that have showed potential while trying to buy overpriced players

    1. it’s absolutely mindboggling that this team would even contemplate offering this player up just as he’s coming good, especially for such a seemingly miniscule amount…as I’ve said before, anyone who’s coveted by Diamond Eye deserves a proper shot at our club, especially considering our questionable decision-making when it comes to identifying and evaluating talent

  5. Is this a forum for discussion or a forum that is pro-Arteta. Anytime I am critical of him I find that my post doesn’t get accepted. Call it JustArteta then!

    1. You are joking surely? This site is constantly full of Arteta out posts from self entitled kids! The pro Arteta posts are as rare as hens teeth.

      I also want him out but am a realist who knows he will not be sacked anytime in the foreseeable future , so, as a supporter of our club , which includes the manager, I will continue to support his efforts whilst still hoping he proves me and all the self entitled kids wrong.

      BTW, I am 70 with 62 years of active support in my credit bank! Nothing self entitled about this life and AFC realist.

      1. Jon: I have had my post critical of Arteta and Edu rejected a couple of times at least. Like any Arsenal fan, I want Arteta to be successful. But the guy continues to baffle me with his decision making and the way he handles Arsenal’s limited resources. While I fully agree with you that I have absolutely no influence on his tenure as Arsenal’s manager, I can however, opine on this forum. But when I find my comments blocked, I have to question the motive.

  6. Insane from Arsenal. Mavropanos is way better than Holding and Gabriel, but Arteta seems to have his favorites, even if it means that the club will suffer. There are so many good defenders at Arsenal right now in Ballard, McGuiness, Saliba, Rekik, and Mavropanos. All these young players were bought with an eye on the future, but Arsenal are going to let them all go and spend their transfer kitty in Ben White. There are other areas of the pitch that need to be strengthened. Everyone in the world can see that, but only Edu and Arteta seem to be oblivious to that fact.

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