Arsenal set to deal with Guendouzi again as Berlin lose interest in him

Arsenal farmed out Matteo Guendouzi on loan to Hertha Berlin in the summer after he fell out with Mikel Arteta.

He started his time brightly with the Germans and even earned high praise for his contributions to the team.

However, things have unravelled for him as it seems his old habits never died, they just went into hiding to allow him to have a good start in Berlin.

A report from Bild says the Germans will not sign him permanently and they cannot wait for him to return to Arsenal in the summer.

They branded the midfielder as having a ‘stubborn’ personality and a ‘resistance to advice’.

Guendouzi has always had a questionable character and that saw him fall out with Arteta frequently.

The Spaniard has no appetite to be his manager again and the Gunners hoped that he would find a home in Berlin and leave them in the summer.

With his contract expiring in June 2022, Arsenal has to sell him in the next transfer window or risk losing him for nothing after the next campaign.

The midfielder is undeniably talented, but the Gunners will pray that his attitude doesn’t stop teams from making a move for him when he is put up for sale.

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  1. This overrated and overhyped hothead should be shipped out of our club. The kid seems to be bad news everywhere he goes.
    He is no Cesc or even Diaby.

  2. Talent without attitude won’t get you farther In life. Some of us feel He has some potentials but until he works on his attitude, dude aint going anywhere…

    1. Nor will lack of talent with a bad attitude get you anywhere., either in life or in football!

  3. use to be his fan, until he began disrespecting club officials ……….an issue, the club covered so well until the Brighton incident.

    he reminds me of Nasri by talent and character

  4. With respect mish, he is not in the same league as Nasri who was a very fine player.Guendouzi is talented but not nearly as good as he thinks he is.Like Torreria , I doubt if we will get much more than 10 m for him.I shall be very surprised if Arteta gives him another opportunity to resurrect his Arsenal career.

    1. I go further than you Grandad. I am 100% certain that MA will not give him another chance. It will not happen and anyway it would be pointless. Which is why it won’t happen!

  5. Where are all the Guenduozi bandwagon fans ?! Who literally crucified Arteta for his handling of the young man and labelled Arteta a bad manager for that.

    If this Article was the other way around and about Guenduozi doing great in Hertha Berlin, they will all be here wagging their tongues and typing trash.


  6. With his record, including stuff not generally known about that happened at Colney and other disciplinary problems , I doubt we would get our money back on him.

  7. Yet, some all knowing fans on here berrated Arteta for being a poor man manager citing the Mateo situation.
    MA is a visionary coach.
    Trust the process!

  8. I was not happy about Artera handling our youngsters. I was of the impression that given his age, right persons and advice could change him. Unfortunately it seems he might not be a “coachable material”.

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