Arsenal set to extend the contract of Matteo Guendouzi

Guendouzi set to be handed fresh terms

According to French news outlet Le10Sport, Arsenal outcast Matteo Guendouzi is expected to sign fresh contract at the Emirates Stadium.

Although the 21-year-old look destined to leave, the Gunners are willing to offer him a new contract to “preserve his market value.”

The former Lorient man had a run in with Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta just after the lockdown was raised in June last year.

As a result, he vanished from the first team picture and trained alone for close to a month. In the following shop window, the London side offloaded Guendouzi to the German Bundesliga outfit Hertha Berlin, where he made 24 appearances.

French club Marseille have shown the most interest in the 21-year-old this summer and have already reportedly seen an offer of 10m rejected. No one is willing to cough up to €20m, which is Arsenal’s asking price.

It’s astonishing how quickly the Frenchman’s market value has plummeted in the past few seasons. When Mikel Arteta took over at Arsenal in December 2019, Guendouzi was valued at an astonishing €50.00m.

Technical Director Edu and Arteta still see the young midfielder as a talented player, who can raise a significant fee from his departure. That’s why there is reluctancy from the club’s board to let him go on a cut-price deal.

Arsenal are hopeful of tripling the €7 million they spent on him in 2018. And that’s the reason behind the talks of handing him fresh terms.

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  1. Extend the deal, let him come to pre season and see how he gets on, if it doesnt work & his attitude is the same then can be sold on before the season starts. Hes a good player with massive potential that could become a real boss if he puts his head down & works hard.

    All down to the player to show Mikel he is up to the job representing Arsenal on and off the pitch. Hopefully has grew up abit since becoming a father as I really like Matteo.

    1. The fact that he was valued at 50m demonstrates just how meaningless these quotes are in the real World today.A player is worth what some Club will pay which ,in the case of Pepe at Arsenal is an example of the incompetence of our recruitment team at that time.The value of Guendouzi has not plummeted , but the perception of his value has .At his peak how much was Messi worth?We will never know , but Barca could not give him away now in view of his extortionate wages .As to the future of Guendouzi , at this stage in career he has already crossed swords with 3 Coaches at 3 different Clubs, all of which does not bode well for the prospect of Arsenal making a big profit ,if indeed they could sell him in the current economic climate.

      1. There was fraud in Pepe’s deal rather than a negotiation issue that’s why Raul was relieved. And I see the same. I pray the rogues are not going to follow sit with these big money moves.

        1. Liverpool and bayern were not willing to pay that money. Bayern wanted him to be first team player for most of his career, liverpool would develop achieve success and sell as that is their model, Arsenal wanted to do the same but paid too much and have spent two seasons watching pepe become a player he could be but not consistently, hence why bayern and liverpool didnt want to pay as much

  2. Smart move. The kid will sort himself out and we’d have kept a real talent…👍🏿

  3. The fact our manager can’t handle the attitude of a 21 year old is a bit concerning. You could never question his attitude on the pitch for us and Arteta needs to be able to handle a diva. These lads are young and rich he won’t be the last to have a chip on his shoulder.

    1. Think it’s worth mentioning some context for the situation. Guendouzi acted childish bragging on his wages to Brighton players, few will argue this.

      However, no red card (if i remember) or harm to our team.

      Compare that to Xhaka, who not only grabbed an opponent by the neck, but also told fans to “f@!% off”

      Or Willian when he disobeyed Arteta and went to Dubai.

      Double standards at the club; one way for his favorites and another way for others.

      Saliba says he “wasn’t given a fair chance” and is frozen out and eventually sent on loan. Another curses fans, which is worse, and why is the punishment so different?

      1. Furthermore we’ve seen in the past, Gallas, Adebayor, Anelka, Bendtner etc, players with attitude

        Outside of the club we’ve seen Tevez, Drogba, Diouf, robinho etc, all accused of bringing bad attitude. It’s not exactly unusual and if harnessed correctly, managed correctly it really shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

      2. spot on Durand…context is such a vitally important factor when analyzing/discussing such matters, yet far too often fans fall prey to the inevitable trappings of circumstantial evidence instead of relying on the objectively-arrived facts…as such, it’s so infuriating when some speak with admiration about the lack of a “double standard” under our current regime, when that couldn’t be further from the truth…there’s something so disturbingly contrived about Arteta’s interactions with the fanbase, visa vie the media, albeit on the surface they appear to be a breath of fresh air, especially on the heels of the Emery awkwardness and the years of Wenger’s aloofness and recycled jargon…personally, Arteta is little more than a poor man’s Wenger, post-Emirates, with a Legoland coif and a much savvier PR team

      3. Can someone explain to me why Guendouzi had the exact same thing happen to him at his last club? Curious.

    1. I just hope that the bridges are not completely burnt. If they are then sadly the journey will end this summer.

  4. I wouldn’t be disappointed to see Matty stay, as I believe there’s a player in there.

    He needs to get his head down, work hard at his game and reign in the (childish) attitude.

    The noises coming out of Berlin weren’t good on that score, but let’s hope he matures – and quickly !

    He and his partner have just had a baby which will give him a new perspective on life – so come on Matty grow up.

    But hey, last week he was Marseille bound for sure – who really knows what’s going on.

    1. He doesn’t need to sign anything, Arsenal have a 1 year option on his contract and can envoke it on July 1st.

  5. “It’s astonishing how quickly the Frenchman’s market value has plummeted in the past few seasons.”

    Devaluing outcasted/unwanted players…our manager’s current expertise.

    1. Are you suggesting that the fact that no Club has put money on the table for Guendouzi is due to the actions of Arteta or could it have something to do with the players failure to make a positive impact on the field?As I said in my earlier post the fact that three Coaches are unanimous in their condemnation of his attitude surely is sufficient evidence to highlight where the problem lies.Guendouzi is an arrogant disrespectful footballer who will never fulfil his playing potential because of his attitude.

      1. Spot on but very few young fans are able to see the immense harm in keeping a rotten apple around. I am all for him signing a new contract, PROVIDED THAT it is just a means to an end in getting the best transfer fee when he leaves us, hopefully ASAP!

        1. Not saying you are right or wrong John but the issue is Artetas. PSG he had no problems, Lorient he had no problems Hertha he had no problems and obviously French under 21s he had no problems, he was made captain, after that Brighton match and so called misdameanors. You say a getting rid of a “bad apple” makes it better and improves the squad. We got rid of Ozil and Kolasinac because they were “bad apples” also. NO IMPROVEMENT!

          1. Hi Reggie
            Hertha Berlin most certainly did have problems with him as was reported by various news outlets at the time.
            As far as Ozil and co are concerned I’ve not noticed any signs of dissent from the players since they left – in fact our league position improved. Is that a case of a bruised apple or two upsetting the cart? Emery lost his job due to an element in that dressing room
            Im not condoning a rank poor season at any level but as Guendouzi was described by the HB manager as in puberty and needing to grow up then I can’t see what we are missing?

          2. Sue, how has our league position improved, we were 8th las season and 8th this just gone? And the statement made by the second Hertha manager about his puberty was nothing to do with anything except he fell over easy in the penalty box to try and win a free kick for his team and failed. Not really ground shattering, that was what it was about. He got rave reviews from many at Hertha, including the manager before.

          3. Then Reggie I expect that he would be happy to take Guendouzi back to Berlin next season either on loan or on a transfer.
            I’m reminded often on JA that it was the terrible first half of the season that put paid to our league position. It’s undeniable that improvements occurred later. As I wrote before, it was a horrible season as 8th isn’t acceptable but neither was 15th. At that point I thought the club would pull the plug on Arteta but without a new man in the wings and the support from Kroenke intact he held on
            I don’t have the same positive reaction to MG that you have, although I did at the beginning and now can’t see how he would slot back in.

  6. I find it very interesting that Xhaka did almost the exact same thing (“choking” someone) against Burnley and then played right after his suspension. We can ofcourse never know what happened between Guendouzi and Arteta after the incident but it’s hypocritical to let just look the other way with Xhaka while punishing Guendouzi this hard.

    We have young players with huge potential (Saliba, Guendouzi, Martinelli, Balogun) who (in my opinion) haven’t been given enough playtime and it concerns me. Does anybody agree that the choice to play David Luiz over Saliba and Willian over Martinelli and including two goalkeepers on the bench in cup-matches instead of having Balogun there to (at that time) convince him to sign a new contract is worrying for the long-term future of this club ?

    I(‘m NOT part of the “Arteta Out” fanbase)

  7. Arteta has two or three big issues. Managing and playing young talents. Team selection and tactics. How he hovers over potential players in the market. My point keep Guendz Saliba&Willock,buy Isak,Lokonga,Eduardo,Odergard,BenW,Onana. Will fight for trophies

      1. Multiple outlets have run similar stories which are nonsense. They talk about the fact we have a 1 year extension. Then spout nonsense about activating it to improve our negotiating position. Obviously in terms of negotiation when you have an extension clause that is already added to the contract length.

        All an extension clause really means is that we can release for free a year earlier outside that it’s an extra year on the contract. Just a poor excuse to write articles.

          1. It is right. In practice it means we have the option to release him on a free a year early (not trigger the extension) for all other purposes it’s an extra year. It’s only relevant if we and we alone choose not to trigger it.

  8. I believe the contract stuff is just a strategy to make other interested teams pay up,

    In terms of comparing Xhaka to Guendouzi’s issue on the field, I think the difference is acknowledging and owning up your wrongs,

    Guendouzi is a good talent but I think he really needs a lot of training , he lost his position even in Berlin, that says a lot,
    Yet 3 coaches saw something in Xhaka to make him a captain and a regular.

  9. Convince him to sign and then sell him. He had issues at his previous club, left PSG as he believed he should be in the first team .

    He is a good player and once he finds that club and manager who will know how to handle him , he will become an important player .

    At arsenal we cant afford that time , the senior players have shown unprofessionalism along with discipline and consistency in performances.

    If we can sign him up and sell him for 15 with sell on clauses it would be good for the club

    1. I absolutely agree that Arsenal haven’t the time to wait for Guendouzi to rein himself in. He might not be a rotten apple, perhaps eventually realising he is damaging his career by his arrogance- but he hasn’t yet and unity within the dressing room is vital next season. It was certainly there in the last half of the season

      1. Arsenal can’t wait for Gwendouzi however !!!!!! Arteta gets a free pass. Selective SueP ha ha.

  10. Matteo is a big talent Arsenal should not risk to lose. He is young and needs to be pointed to the right direction. His character is a sign of a leader and die hard who needs to be well nurtured. If Arsenal is really rebuilding, then Matteo is the real deal.

  11. Please let him sign new deal and sell him….. I like the guy but he is average player, can he make us to be in top 4 or win the league, I doubt it…. So let’s sell him and invest on player that can fight for top 4 or even win us the league…. Next season will be very tough and difficult, Chelsea, Liverpool, the mans, Leicester, west ham, Aston villa etc are all already to fight for the league and top 4…… We have to be carefully with our signing and buy quality that can win us the league…

    1. I don’t think he’s an ‘average’ player @Wale. He has looked promising a lot of times

  12. There is no problem with Guedouzi attitude, he is just young and brave just like Tierney. There was no differs between the behaviours of MG and KT at the end of the Bridgton or Leeds game when Pepe got a red card. The only different was KT had Xhaka between him and his target, Xhaka had to stop him 2 or 3 times. Both players had to be escorted from the pitch by an Arsenal assistant coach, but the one is childish and the other one not. I don’t know if some people are just bias of don’t know soccer. Do you know how many times Harry Kane has hit, pull, boot and step on an Arsenal player and he is still captaining Spurs and England. Some people should stop being childish and grow-up. Since Arteta took over at Arsenal, we have settle as a mid-table team, players value have drop like MG, Auba had his first bad season of his career, Arsenal out of Europa for the first time in 25 years, The first change we need to do is to change our coach. We should be careful that we don’t loss players like Sake & Smith-Rowe

  13. He needs to stay along with Willock. Cabellos is gone, Elneny will be gone and Xhaka looks like hes off to Roma.

    We will sign Anderlechts midfield Captain Lokonga and Taveres LB for Tierney back up this week. Kola will be out the door very soon I’m sure also.

    Ben White to come in for Bellerin who best bet is off to Italy this summer.

    Saliba comes in for Luiz.

    This is where we are at today & Nketiah has refused a new deal so get rid with a sell on clause so Balogun can step up. Add Willian to leave and get SmithRowe on a new deal along with Tierneys & Baloguns.

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