Arsenal set to free up space for new wages by offloading bad boy to the Germans

Matteo Guendouzi is set to leave Arsenal this summer, albeit temporarily, after falling out with Mikel Arteta.

The Frenchman has been out of the Arsenal team since he fell out with Arteta in the aftermath of Arsenal’s loss to Brighton during Project Restart.

The Frenchman has developed a reputation for being a bad boy and his attitude doesn’t seem to fit into what Arteta is trying to achieve at Arsenal.

The Spaniard claimed that he has given everyone the chance to have a new beginning, but Guendouzi is yet to figure in any matchday squad so far.

Sky Sports reports that he is set to make a move to Germany with Hertha Berlin after the Germans asked to take him on loan.

The deal is set to be purely a loan move with no obligation or option to sign him permanently.

While Arsenal isn’t expected to earn money from the transaction, the report suggests that the Germans will pay his wages, freeing up the north London side from that burden.

The 21-year-old might still have a future at Arsenal, but he will have to grab this chance and show the Gunners that he has matured well enough to still play for them. 

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  1. We’ll need him to do really well. Arsenal has kind of ruined the value of this player. He was going for as much as 50mill last summer. How quickly things change. Will be hoping he has a big season.

    1. absolutely the same is true about torreira.. june 2019 he was worth 55 mio euros.. now we had difficulty to sell him for 25 mio euros.. its crazy how we make our assets useless and then let them go free or struggle to offload them because of high wages etc. like Mkhi, LT, MG, Kola, M10 etc.
      we should learn a thing or two from liverpool how to capitalise on fringe players

  2. I an certain that Matteo Guendouzi would have preferred to stay at Arsenal if he was back playing in the first team. I am sure he asked for a transfer because he hadn’t been given another try.
    What he needs to do is change his ways and prove once and for all that he is capable of being an excellent player after all for Arsenal.
    I hope he learns from it.

  3. He need the loan no doubt.His development was fast tracked IMHO.Wish him all the best and hope he returns as a better person football and moral wise.

  4. I don’t think he’s going to return, as long as Arteta is boss. I just hope he has an impressive season and be well sought-after, so we can sell him for a higher fee. It’s a win-win.

    Who knows, he may even impress so much that Arteta may really give him a clean slate, which is also a win-win

  5. Arteta said that he’s giving everyone a chance to start on a clean slate. It means that Arteta is lying to us, and he’s not forgiving.

    1. TG, YOU REALLY NEED TO THINK FAR MORE DEEPLY THEN YOUR RATHE NAIVE AND UNTHINKING COMMENT SHOWS. Sometimes in life it is best and more grown up not to believe – like a little child does of its parents- EVERY statement that is uttered publicly by a key football figure.


      Shades of grey exist in life my young friend but if you choose not to see them then you will be the poorer, wisdom wise, for that.

    2. Arteta’s clean slate comment would obviously been conditional on a) putting the hard work in, b) following the rules and system and c) performing well.

      Unless you know that Guendouzi did a, b and c, I dont think you can say Arteta lied.

    3. Top Gunner, that’s what I think.
      He stated that everyone had a clean sheet just to cover for the fact that he had favourite players and I don’t think he ever rated Guendouzi. I hope Guendouzi does really well to make Arteta regret getting rid of him.

  6. Jon Fox,that means it’s a tactical lie.If he really needs to be fair at least he should give them some game time,Ozil included and if they fumble,we the could crucify them but as long as he keeps them on the bench, then no team would buy them.Secondly, another different topic what do u think about benching Laca for Nkethia ? As things stand now he is our EPL highest scorer.He has been able to nick in 3 goal in 3 starts which is impressive since no one has matched him.Let’s be fair and truthful, MA still has trouble selecting our match day squad.I still think our three best forward players should be Pepe,Laca and Auba.Well that is my opinion anyway.

    1. Daz, I agree with you that he hadn’t picked Guendouzi or Ozil for a match. How would Arteta know if they would play well for the team without giving them a go???

    2. Dax, Oh dear! Are you really The word “lie” is an emotive word much misused by folk who have not the reasoning mind to see how others use public statements for effect , for motivation, for threats and for all sorts of things.
      You really need more life experience, as your juvenile comment shows only too well. Why are you so worldly unwise as not to even have a clue what I wrote about?

      On Laca not starting, one obvious reason is that LACA has needed a rest . He is a very busy player who gets much knocked about in games as he is active and physically involved, unlike Auba who tends to be less busy unless scoring. This is NOT a criticism of Auba but merely my opinion on what I regularly see. It is impossible in the tough, fast, demanding PREM, TO PLAY YOUR BEST PREFERRED TEAM EVERY GAME. YOU REALLY OUGHT TO BE ABLE TO SEE THAT REASON!
      Finally, you need FAR more faith in the diamond that is MA!

  7. Arsenal have confirmed Matteo Guendouzi has completed a season-long loan to Hertha Berlin.

    It is reported the Gunners have received a €4million (£3.6m) loan fee from the Bundesliga outfit.

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