Arsenal set to land long-term target in a major deadline day coup

Sky Sports reports Arsenal is expected to complete the signing of Thomas Partey today as the clock winds down on the transfer window.

The Ghanaian midfielder has been Arsenal’s top transfer target in this window and he has been expected to make the move to the Emirates all summer.

The Gunners have, however, struggled to pay his release clause which is set at £45m but that has changed now.

With some players set to leave the Emirates before the transfer window shuts at 11 pm today, the Gunners are expected to be able to pay his release clause and sign him from the Spanish giants.

Partey is an Arsenal fan and he has been keen to make the move to north London, the Gunners aren’t expected to have any problems sorting out his personal terms if that hasn’t been agreed already.

Arsenal had been linked with moves for Houssem Aouar and Jorginho in the last few weeks, but Lyon stopped the sale of any of their players from last Saturday, and it is unlikely that Chelsea will have been willing to allow Jorginho to join a rival.

Partey comes to Arsenal as one of the best box-to-box midfielders in Europe and he is expected to make the team even stronger.

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    1. Wiser to wait until the deadline hour has passed. I hope you and we all may well be able to Partey THEN, but I am not counting my chickens til then, personally.


  1. Don’t want to get hopes up until it’s announced that Partey has signed with us. However, he is one of the best B2B midfielders in the world, who consistently does it on the top levels of football; just ask Liverpool.
    At the risk of sounding greedy, add Soumare also as a DM and Arsenal could be putting together a very solid team with talent all over the pitch.

  2. So no creative player?. We have become more competitive but more boring. I miss the arsenal. Of 2000s…see Everton, leeds and Aston villa… Leeds never caved in even when the player Liverpool and mancity. Why must Arteta always fear big teams?.

    1. AFC are on the verge of FINALLY
      signing that midfield general we
      havent had since Viera and your
      moaning on about a lack of

      I cant only imagine what your
      complaint would be on winning
      lottery…”Well I still have to pay taxes
      on this”


        1. With supposed Arsenal fans always
          whining and condemning the
          club I love, why YES I DO.

          If AFC happen to add Benrahma
          before the domestic window
          shuts would you be pleased
          with the clubs transfer

          I reckon you’d find something to
          complain about.

    2. Why do we need a creative player when we have 2-4 players that can play CAM if we go back to 4-3-3?

      Its arguably Willian’s and Ceballos best position
      then you have ESR who could get game time there and if there is anyway back at all, Ozil.

      1. Well said Val.

        I would of loved for HA to join
        Arsenal but after coming back
        to reality following his failed
        courtship I’m quite content
        that Edu and MA decided
        against shelling out a ridiculous
        sum for the young Frenchmen.

        The addition of TP could provide
        the impetus for MA to switch
        back to his preferred 3-3-4
        formation with DC or Willian
        playing a more forward creative
        role in the midfield diamond.

      2. And don’t leave out Saka. CAM could ultimately be his best position. Total confidence that Arteta will now have what he needs (if this goes through) to get the best out of everyone.

    3. Oh ye of little faith! It must be so miserable for you and your permanent half empty glass. Just be glad you are a GOONER, as in different circumstances you might have ended up a Spud fan or of an even smaller club than them. And then be glad, sigh with relief and thank your lucky stars. As I do daily!

  3. Arsenal have been looking soft in the
    md for a long time.
    Hopefully he can bring physicality to me the md

    1. Getting Partey and Time to bring Ozil back into the team, to add creativity,even if he have to come from the bench… Spine of the team looks very good tho.. GOYG💪

  4. some fans ate ingrate,they don’t value anything arsenal is buying except those they miss.
    Now they are complaining about TP…

    1. I can’t wait to see Thomas partey deal to be done,we are all together waiting for it to happen before the end of deadline today

  5. His salary is reported to be 250 K per week + a seven-figure signing fee. I think he’s too expensive for what he does, because he’s just a DM

    Partey isn’t even at the prime Vieira’s level, but we’re too desperate to sign him. We should’ve looked for a cheaper and younger one

    1. 250k keep dreaming buddy aint no one at arsenal except auba and ozil at that salary level. more like 120-150k

      1. Achkay you really believe a 27 years old player who is wanted by so many big clubs will settle for 150k, in case you don’t know this is probably his last biggest payday.

    2. Hes definitely not “just a dm” hes great on the ball, can cut through midfields and has a great passing range as well as being solid defensively

    3. Have you ever watched TP play in
      La Liga or CL?

      He is the furthest thing from JUST A
      DM and has been widely considered
      by most respected pundits as one
      of best ALL AROUND midfielders in
      Europe over the past few seasons.

      1. Yes, ACE, many of us do watch La Liga, but he’s not very fast TBH and his passing is “just” good, it’s nothing special.
        Also, his lack of pace is not exposed at Atletico as the whole team is defensive and I’m sure Mikel does not plan on us playing the same drab football forever…
        Excellent player if you’re 100% sure he succeeds or have loads of money, but it IS a bit of a gamble, whether you admit it or not.

    4. typical Arsene fan boy.So TP now should not b the club top priority because he is too expensive.
      same you will slate arsenal for not signing him…we don’t need kids we already have plenty of them in our rank..all we need is established player like TP

    5. Yes, 250 K.
      The worth of his transfer fee + salary + signing fee = about 100 M GBP (and due to his huge salary he can hardly be sold a few years down the line).

      So his cost will be more than 20 M+ per year. If we can qualify for CL at least twice in 4 years, it will be worth it, though. Otherwise it will prove a bad investment since we don’t have Chelsea or United’s money.

      Aouar or Soumare would have cost almost nothing compared to that as they’re 22 so their transfer value would only increase, and their salary would have been much lower.

      But ultimately only time will tell what the right choice was/would have been so let’s be happy about Partey and hope Willian and Ceballos can do the job at AM (if Ozil is really frozen out).

  6. I am holding my breath waiting anxiously for the BIG BREAKING NEWS


    Won’t sleep until the window is finally closed.

    1. I should hope not, unless you want to sleep in the daytime! Apologies though if it is a different time zone wherever you live . I am of course being very British and assuming, which is wrong of me I admit, that everyone keeps British time!

  7. So we’ve managed to scrape together enough money to buy Partey. Gunnersaurus must have been on some wages……….

  8. Leno

    Mustafi Luiz Gabriel

    Belerin Ceballos Partey Tierney

    Pepe Aubameyang Willian

    Subs: Alex, Holding, Xhaka, Laccazette, Saka, Maitland Niles, Elneny.

    Top four is very much achievable with an eye on the title too.

  9. Ed seems to confuse this platform to a communist party meeting. People are allowed an opinion in this country. Beside, when Vieira was at Arsenal, we had Pirez who was a creative machine forward. Its loss of those gems that has devalued Arsenal. In his place we have Xhaka. I wont say a word about him and let you judge. There was a time when this club played beautifully and also won games. Now we no here no there.

  10. When deal is completed ,I will believe. But, if done, Arsenal will become much more stronger. Both Saka and Ceballos can play further up as creative midfielders. Arsenal will surely make the top four and compete for silverware. What a relief that would be. Still frustrated, until Partey signs.

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