Arsenal set to lose Alexis Sanchez to Bayern Munich?

With Arsenal fan groups already planning a concerted protest during the Premier League game against Norwich City on Saturday evening, with the board and the major shareholder Stan Kroenke as well as Arsene Wenger being the target, it is pretty clear that we are not happy little Gooners at the minute.

Our current levels of frustration and anger could soon look like nothing, however, if the Arsenal transfer rumours linking our star forward Alexis Sanchez with a summer move to Bayern Munich turn out to be true. The Mirror is reporting that the Bundesliga champions have identified the Chile international star as one of their primary transfer targets.

The paper claims that the German club has yet to formalise their interest in our player but they have already made enquiries about the chances of Arsenal selling. Wenger recently suggested that he is not worried about Alexis and our other main man Mesut Ozil extending their contracts and they do both still have two years left on the current deals, but that also means that neither has yet agreed a new deal and from now on we are entering the stage when you start to worry about the best players .nearing the end of their contract and leaving for nothing or a lot less than they are worth.

Arsenal and our manager must be aware of how important it is to keep Sanchez in north London but if the player hears about this interest from Bayern and decides that he would rather play for a club with a much better chance of major trophy success, would they stand firm and stop him leaving?

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  1. Let’s be honest here if Real Madrid,Barcelona or Bayern Munich come calling every player would want to join them,the best way to try and convince Alexis to stay would be to add 3 or 4 players of the same world class quality that he brings

    1. I agree.

      Top players do not want to stay where they feel they very little chance of winning their home league let alone CL. They want trophies

      Also give him a big bump in salary like Theo was given

      We can keep Ozil and Alexis but we (board and manger) need to do what is necessary

      Let’s hope the protests and failure of this season finally persuades them to bring in more than one WC player

      1. I think in terms of WC, it would be nice to get CB, DM, CF at least and if possible Winger.

        However, I doubt Wenger will get a DM at all, never mind a WC DM.

        We may also need rb and lb but we have Bellerin and Monreal so they just need to be good back ups. Assuming Gibbs and Debuchy leave.

        1. True we certainly need a strong spine of CB,DM and CF of world class quality,I saw an article saying we’ve offered Rafinha of Bayern a 3 year contract I think he’ll be a great replacement for Debuchy

        2. spend 30m get IBRA and Hummels = leadership/mentality/quality/experience sorted
          keep who needs to be kept for squad purposes anything else is a bonus

    2. And that they kick with there left. As for Sanches leaving, there is others out there that are better. Wouldn’t worry me if Ozil and Sanches left we haven’t done any better lg wise or Champs lg. CB

    3. Oh, he will leave, his price is higher now than when he played for Barcelona.
      Remember what I’ve said once the transfer window is over. We’d be without bot Sanchez and Ozil in the next season.
      Kroenke couldn’t care less, board couldn’t care less, Wenger couldn’t care less.

  2. Will all depend on Wenger showing intent. If he splashes the cash and brings in a 30+ Goal machine and a decent proven centre back. Then I would suggest the likelihood of losing him and or Ozil is slim.
    Let’s face it, if we’d signed Suarez the likelihood is we would be on our second title by now.

  3. Big Ton has a point!

    Tony Adams Official ‏@MrArsenal06
    @georgegraham00 @Arsenal wenger keeps banging on wanting our fans happy!if thats the case why doesn’t he walk away!its going to get messier

    1. For every one ex player of that mind you can find many more of the opposite persuasion. Merse Tone and Robson are the only one’s to come to mind. Merse is not the brightest tool you’ll find, and can be excitable and give overreactions out frequently. Robson, no need to explain. Tone, obviously feels robbed of managing Arsenal in his first managerial role and miffed about not getting a spot next to Arsene. While you may not agree, the truth is almost everyone who has worked closely with Wenger is a firm backer of the man. That doesn’t mean they are right though, just like it doesn’t mean someone with ulterior motives is necessarily wrong. I don’t take too much in what ex players believe, because there could be countless reasons behind there thoughts.

  4. If not this season than him and Ozil will definitely be leaving next season as we will finish out of top four and Wenger will be offered an another 3 year contract to rebuild the team for the umpteenth time!

    1. Doubt that, a few weeks ago I would have said yes Arsene will get offered another contract and you can be sure he’ll sign it. I think the writings on the wall now, people might not think it but Arsene was suffering after that Emirates game last week. It was the only time I ever seen us win a match with Arsene acting like someone died when giving post interview. This isn’t why I think it really is his last season though, I think it’s his last because too many fans are furious and I think they’re minds are set.

      1. Very well said. But don’t underestimate the board. They are really ignoring reality and pretending everything is ok, but truth is the fans have to erupt! Otherwise we’ll be stuck with what we have for a very long time! But the worst thing possible is for Wenger to get a contract extension and I’m fearing it might happen.

  5. There aren’t too many wingers around that are better than Alexis. When I say around I mean outside the best European clubs. Alexis will be a target for some clubs, Pep and city might even try the usual bs. Bayern might see him easier to try for than others, and might prefer him over others too so could see him as very gettable. Arsenal will never go for it though, I know to get maximum value/profit you need to sell with at least two years still left on contract. Another time they might have considered it but not now with so many fans already at boiling point, I couldn’t imagine anyone to be this naive. Alexis himself, all you’d have to do is say Alexis baby, we need you. Can you stick with us and give it your all and then we’ll see where we stand in a seasons time. I have no doubt Alexis would do this, if you could get a Suarez to do it at Liv well then Alexis would be a certainty at Arsenal. That doesn’t mean he’ll sign though.

    1. He is no Roben that’s for sure. Can’t see it happening and let’s be honest here Sanches has not been the same since his first season. Teams now read his game easy, he can’t re adjust his game. His control is average and his crosses are awful. Walcott did better in 10 minutes CB

  6. I dont see Alexis leaving. And to be honest any time I compare the set of player we have to those at Leicester and Tottenham, its like we have a way better line up in terms of experience and technical skill. So maybe the problem sits with the manager. his style of play is too predictable plus he lacks desire.

  7. The whole world will be watching our game with Norwich.
    How arsenal fans at the stadium act will determine the course of our club.
    Stay silent n silent Stan continues being happy.

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