Arsenal set to lose ANOTHER captain?

To lose one club captain could be said to be careless, but the way that Arsenal have been getting through them in recent seasons could be seen as criminal carelessness. Cesc Fabregas had the armband for three seasons before forcing his way out of the club to join his boyhood team Barcelona and since then the armband has been like a hot potato.

The Dutch turncoat Robin van Persie had it for one season before he claimed that some little boy was whispering in his ear about Man United, despite pictures showing him as a boy in an Arsenal top (I’m not still bitter I am over it honestly). So it passed to Belgian defender Thomas Vermaelen for whom it acted like some sort of poisoned chalice.

The Verminator not only forgot how to defend, he became plagued with injury problems that eventually led to him leaving for Barcelona, where he has yet to kick a ball in anger. So Wenger picked the reliable Spanish midfielder Mikel Arteta as the next captain and as you know, his season has been wrecked so far by injury.

Now a Metro report claims that Arteta could be leaving the Gunners at the end of this season when his contract expires. The theory is that he will return to his own boyhood club Real Sociedad and be re-united with his former boss at Everton David Moyes.

Arsene Wenger has said that he wants our captain to stay but with Coquelin now playing so well and with the Arsenal transfer rumours suggesting that we will try to sign Schneiderlin this summer, are we about to say goodbye to a fourth captain in five years?

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  1. It will be sad to see mikel arteta go, if this rumour is true! He has been a very loyal servant to the arsenal cause. A suitable replace for me if this is true, would be alexis sanchez! Coyg!

    1. Make Ramsey captain. I still believe in him and he would be the link between our defence and our strike force.

      1. Meets the necessary criteria for Arsenal captains as of late, spends as much time on the DIABY table as on the pitch

      2. If he keeps going as he has been Le Coq should be captain.
        He has the minerals to do the job.

  2. Arteta has been the consummate pro.
    He embraced every role asked of him.
    If he has the opportunity to be first-team at Real Sociedad?
    He should go– and we should be grateful for his class.


    1. Disagree why would he want to go to sociedas when we are finally building a very good team
      and winning trophies? Clubs need experienced and cool headed players and arteta I’s just that he would be perfect to bring off the bench when were seeing games out or playing him in a 3 man midfield when we need to dictate play and keep possession.

      I just think it’s so sh*tty and shady that everyone wants to ship him out as soon as possible when he’s done everything that’s asked of him with no complaints.

  3. If you want a good debatable article then here’s a topic for you gunners
    “Given Bellerin’s impeccable form at right-back should Debuchy be handed that position back to him without a fight on his return from injury?”

    1. Play players inform. We should’t have left Ramsey on the bench to start our crucial UCL match.

      1. watching replays, often times it seems welbeck not on same wavelength as ppl passing to him (ozil, caz, giroud). i would’ve played roziscky (or ox had he not been injured) instead of welbeck. i love welbeck’s attitude/work-rate but his positioning leaves sth to be desired. he’s often not at the hole he needs to be. he’s also been unlucky: once his shot hit walcott, once it hit that monaco defender who was falling; his goals will increase, but his position sense worries me.

  4. Flamini should be out before Arteta, and Diaby before Flamini. Thing is, even if they all left, we’d still really only need one player to replace them all. Bring in Krychowiak!

    1. Agreed but Flamini and Diaby are out of contract in the summer.. So I guess (and HOPE) that they are goners already..

      Now Arteta, he’s been total professional but if he can play first team football at Sociedad and Arsenal few mils out of him, then why not.

      I mean regardless we need a CDM in the summer.. and in that case Mike would be after COQ and a new man in the pecking order.

      Krychowiak, great shout.
      Schneiderlin as we all know, would be great too..
      Carvalho? Can’t say nothing about him, but he’s young and got the physical qualities.
      Gundogan, I think he’s more of a Ramsey-type than what we actually need. Anyone else in mind who could actually be available?

  5. It will be hard for arteta to challenge le coq for the DM role, le coq has been awesome in this role for the “gunners” so it will be hard for mikel walking back into the side, unless wenger has rotational plans for him with le coq!

  6. OUT
    Diaby, Flamini, Arteta released
    Podolski, Sanogo, Campbell, Jenkison and maybe Szczesny (if he wants) sold

    Top DM schneiderlin/Kondogbia, etc.
    Good Central defender like Subotic, Howedes
    Good GK like Cech
    backup young LB

    Cheeky Extras
    Another top forward like Reus, Greizmann, draxler
    Another box2box like Bender, Pogba (lol), Khedira, Gundogan, Vidal

  7. Rosicky remains one of my favourite players, but when it comes to shoes, on the other hand, it’s worth remembering that in a game of two halfs at the end of the day, the cream always floats to the top, so if you’re looking for someone to blame, we’re in great shape for the season after next….

    What do we think Gunners?

  8. Mertesacker will be captain. The vice captain always takes over. A shame because with the signing of Gabriel, Mertesacker may not get too many games. Cazorla will probably be captain for most games next season.

  9. Giroud
    Ozil Cazorla (C) Sanchez
    Ramsey Schneirdelin
    Monreal Koscielny Gabriel Debuchy

    Subs: Walcott, OX, Welbeck, Szczesny, Gibbs, Mertesacker, Coquelin

    Next season’s first 11 (confirmed by Twig).

    1. Carzola captain? he will be next to leave then…at 30yo he doesnt have the legs anymore soon…

  10. Dyabla

    Draxler Reus Isco

    Kondogbai Pogba

    Conentrao Hummels Varane Aurier


    Next season ‘ first 11…..

    Go for Quad 2016 Goal!!!!

  11. Arteta should not leave and stay as a mentor to not only younger players but everyone at the club. He is the ideal classic footballer. His discipline, leadership and character is irreplaceable. We need more Artetas, Sanchez (hardworking) and Eboue (positive vibe) in the team.

  12. one of the classiest players we’ve ever had at the club. he came in at one of the most difficult transitions in recent memory. getting rid of cesc and then being forced at come into the club and fill his shoes. embraced a deeper role and quickly became the leader on the pitch. my favorite moment was his 35 yard screamer 3 seasons ago to beat man city at home. they still won the title but i will never forget the look on na$ri’s face.

  13. Keep either Arteta OR Flamini – but not both

    Bring in one other top defensive mid-fielder (oh and a world class striker whilst you at it) and then I think we have the team to genuinely challenge all in the land

  14. At times I wonder whether people who make comments here are Arsenal fans or bother to check facts before posting comments. Arteta signed a two contract that expires at the end of next season. So the Metro article which has brought about this debate is not accurate one a critical piece of information. What makes you think they are correct about him considering leaving when they do not even know when his contract ends?

  15. Arteta is hopefully going nowhere. If he did, Rambo needs to take the captaincy. Our number of leaders will be dwindling again if Arteta leaves.

  16. make mert the next captain and he will leave in one season time,next carzola…rosicky, oh no..we all love this lad who never complains and gives his best…want him to retire at emirates and become an arsenal ambasador.

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