Arsenal set to lose another player to a three-month injury

Thomas Partey has reportedly sustained a fresh injury setback that is set to sideline him for the next three months.

Despite Arsenal’s acquisition of Declan Rice, Partey has been a consistent presence in the team this season, often operating from the right-back position as Mikel Arteta adjusts his tactical formation. His performances have earned him praise and have made him an important figure for the Gunners.

However, Arsenal will now face the challenge of coping without his contributions as a report in The Sun suggests that Partey has suffered a significant injury during training. According to the report, his absence could be an extended one, lasting up to three months.

This injury news comes as a blow to Arsenal, who had been relying on Partey’s versatility and form in their midfield and defensive setup.

Just Arsenal Opinion

If this turns out to be true, it will be a huge blow for us and we cannot sign any player to replace him.

Partey has been a key part of our new structure and this report means we will probably have to revert to our normal lineup with Ben White back as a right-back and Gabriel back in the team.

This is the only option after losing an important player like Partey and we have to find a way to keep our shape still and work with the system we have been using so far.

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  1. At the beginning of the transfer window Arsenal reported wish list was Rice , Havertz, Lavia and Timber, that was a reasonable and very practical wish list.

    Somewhere along the line Arsenal diverted, Raya came on board and Lavia removed, the Belgian would have been the perfect mobile and young midfielder to replace the Ghanaian.

    1. Who all are being told to different positions because of their versatility are going to treatment table one by one.
      Over experimenting has to come to a stop or pay the price. It’s as simple as that Me

  2. Something is so obviously wrong with training as too many players over the years seem to be getting injured 🤔

  3. A real blow if, as reported, he is out for three months.
    But, my question is , we know he is injury prone , at least when playing in our PREM, so why was this not taken more seriously when we made our buying list earlier this summer?
    Tomi is another injury prone player.
    SOME players just ARE constant injury risks. So why rely on proven injury prone players so MUCH?

    1. Zinchenko is injury highly prone as well. Injured to end last season and still injured to start this season.

      That’s why some of us were so concerned when Tierney left on loan and Holding was sold.

      We can question their quality, but at least we had cover, now we have nothing. Poor management from Edu and Arteta leaving us short like January a couple years ago.

      Silver lining tho is we should revert to the back 4 of last year and an end to “the experiment” of the last 3 games.

    2. Exactly Jon, we all know that Arteta and his back room staff are constantly analysing players so as you say Partey is injury prone so this should have been addressed….or does Arteta think that Havertz is the answer.

      1. Marty , not sure MA sees HAVERTZ as a Partey replacement.

        But someof us dont see why he is here at all !

        I will give Havertz more time yet but have deep forebodings that we have bought another LAZY half hearted player and I cannot abide lazy players, as many on JA will testify, about my constant calling out of OZIL for idleness..

    3. The plan should have been to bring in two young and mobile midfielders whether Partey stays or goes, honestly for a while I thought that was the plan

  4. Not much of a surprise really.

    If Gabby starts as CB I’m not too worried as I have got used to TP missing chunks of the season now.

    1. Nickerless, i reckon that many , even most of us, think Gabriel being back in as CB and no Partey asRB ,has strengthened us greatly today..

  5. Some of us did predict a Partey injury, playing him in an unfamiliar role. Timber and Tomi (last season) both sustained injuries playing in unfamiliar positions. Players that have injury history, should not be doing different things with how they normally play. Its a known fact, thats how injuries to top players come about.

  6. He would come back and probably head straight to the Africa Cup of Nations competition.
    Exactly why I had suggested earlier in the transfer window that he’d be sold and replaced.
    People argued that we couldn’t do without him and Xhaka at the same time. Now it seems we will have to learn to do exactly that very early in a season that hasn’t started with a roar.

  7. How are the two comparable? One came on a loan fee, the other a 50m pound transfer?

    When was Lavia ever proposed as a serious transfer target?

  8. Very LATEST news on Partey at 4.05 today, MA said ” he felt something in training and will be out a couple of WEEKS”!
    So not SUCH a blow as we thought.

    1. But after the United game, the same MA said Partey would be out for “weeks”, not “a couple”.
      Besides, we’ve had several instances when “a couple of weeks had turned into “several weeks” with our players’ injuries

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