Arsenal set to lose Loic Remy to Chelsea

There are reports this morning that Arsenal are attempting to hijack Chelsea’s move for the French striker Loic Remy, but we all know that Arsene Wenger had three months to meet the Frenchman’s buy-out clause of just 8.5million but has only now decided to take action after Olivier Giroud was ruled out for the next three months.

But alas, it’s too late, as Jose Mourinho has already admitted that he straight away started talking to Remy as soon as he knew that Fernando Torres was on his way to AC Milan. The Chelsea boss said: “Today I told my people in the club that I have no news until the end of the game,”

“They know I don’t like to communicate before the game.

“Obviously I know that we are trying since yesterday – since we knew that Nando [Torres] was leaving – that we were trying to get Remy.

“But now, when I arrive in the bus is the time to make some calls and to have news.”

There were reports that Remy’s proposed to Liverpool had fallen through due to medical reasons, but Mourinho doesn’t seem to be in he slightest bit worried. He said: “I have one fantastic doctor, we trust him completely, he has lots of people working with him in different areas.

“For sure they will try to identify what the situation is. But the information we have already from specialists in different areas is that he doesn’t have a problem to play football.”

I think we only have to ask and Newcastle supporter whether Remy can play football or not! The fact is that Remy came to watch Arsenal’s last game of last season and we all thought that he would be Wenger’s first signing of the summer (God knows every Arsenal fan knew we needed another striker) but now the Arsenal boss has finally decided to make a move it is too late…….

So now Chelsea will have three centre-forwards in Costa, Remy and Drogba to get through the season, while Arsenal have an out-of-position Sanchez and Sanogo until Giroud recovers….

I hope to hell Arsenal have a backup plan. Get Falcao, Arsene!

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  1. Take him to mess with jose! Than break costas leg and see him sweet…he didnt leave ba join us payback is a bitch

    1. he would be our first choice,
      he would be chelseas third
      what does that tell u…

      1 day 11 hours left till that mother closes…dicky law where art thou?
      sneak a win today lads…we fans need a boost

        1. there is no one ‘like’ falcao, an hes going madrid.
          maybe cavani, do u see wenger spending 50 million plus?

          come on need to lower your expectations

  2. 1st: If Arsenal had wanted Remy they could have tried for him all summer.

    2nd: Remy could has some say in this regarding salary and what he considers his best option for player time.

    3rd: This all could be made up transfer rumor stuff or perhaps tiny parts of the rumors are true. We just don’t know but we pretend like we do.

  3. I’d love us to get Remy for two reasons.
    1. He’s quick and can play up front and LW. He’s cheap
    2. It would annoy Mou.

    As always I feel we’ve left it too late and will miss out 🙁
    On Costa players need to keep tweaking this guy like Coleman did yesterday. Costa is a red card waiting to happen.

  4. Here we go! Lost the chance to sign him when it was all clear. Now battling with Chelsea to get him. At least we had the advantage of London over Liverpool , but what in case of Chelsea ? Good luck Wenger with your NEGOTIATIONS!

  5. Personally i would have liked to see a big World Class name as striker at Emirates. Is Remy really an upgrade on Campbell ? I don’t think so. Wenger when asked about the transfers says that he signs only those players who can improve quality of the squad than it already is. Then he plans to bench Joel and go out and battle a futile fight with Chelsea to sign Remy after already turning him down when he had the clear chance to do so. How does it make any sense i would never know probably.
    “Wenger knows” my arse!

  6. REMY IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ARSENAL !!!!!!!!! 6 weeks ago no one wanted him, If that is all we have coming in this transfer window god help us, We are still way behind man city and chelsea and i see people every day saying we can win the EPL, not a chance with the team we have, we are not that much stronger than last year, we need 2/3 more top players no more wingers or 4 foot midgets please

  7. And Redknapp has actually confirmed to a reporter when asked “Is it Chelsea?” . “As far is i know, yeah ” he said. So goodbye and please lets stop mentioning his name here again. Thank you.

  8. we didn’t try for him this summer because his 8.5m clause is/was only applicable for those clubs which are in cl we just qualified 3-4 days ago that’s why wenger didn’t make a move

    as of now we have only contacted QPR not made a bid seems like a last minute option but I would rather prefer someone like Jackson martinez/kevin volland than him

    as for cdm if we can’t get carvalho hope we go 4 schendrlin/lars bender

    1. I have heard that wenger has moved for remy because campbell has asked for a move after being left out of the squad to play Leicester and hearing that wenger into sign another forward to replace giroud.

      I now expect 2 forward signings, one to replace giroud and one to replace campbell.

  9. Ba in a recent interview said that this year he was allowed to go to a club of his choice, hinting that if Arsenal had come for him this time Jose would not have blocked his move. He also said that he wanted Arsenal move but Besiktas came first and Chelsea sold him to them. I am not sure about Remy, but Ba’s performance in the CL qualifier makes me think that he would have been an upgrade on both Sanogo and Giroud. Wenger went for him last year, why could not he do it this year too ? Now scrambling to get Remy ? Wow!

      1. Of course i would slate him. I want players like Falcao/Cavani at the Emirates. But it is no secret that Wenger never had any plans to bring any of these two here. So out of the remaining two i.e Ba and Remy i would choose Ba. And i am frustrated more at the manner of the transfer planning that is being done by Wenger. Purely reactive. He did not want to bring any CF this summer, thinking that there would be no injury, Sanogo will score 20+ goals etc etc. Now all of a sudden its panic again. Do you call this planning. I certainly do not.

    1. Podolski,Ba is similar to giroud in terms of quality but different skill set
      Remy is slightly behind these two

      Verdict keep poldi forget remy
      If we can go for falqao then let’s do it
      #top top quality

  10. Any way enough of this transfer nonsense, I’m looking forward to the window shutting tomorrow so we can get on with our season, hopefully with the boost of 2 signings tomorrow.

    OT: Predictions for todays game?
    I think it’s going to be tough they drew against Everton and put on a good show against Chelski.

  11. For today’s game, I won’t accept anything less than a convincing victory against Leicester. The fitness excuse is not there, we already have enough game practice. And those saying , it would be a tough game should know that if we start considering these games as tough and come out with a point or barely 3 points then we are not good enough for the title. Goodison park is one of the toughest places to go to play and still Chelsea hammered them. Clean sheet and at least 2 goals. That is what going to convince me at least that we are going to be genuine contenders this season.

  12. If you are a manager like Arsene Wenger who hates to spend money and yet you want to give the impression you are actually trying to buy players, what do you do to get fans off your back? You will indicate interest in numerous players and follow your interest up with ridiculous bids or an unwillingness to offer an additional 500k to seal the deal. And even when your targets are ready to succumb to all your demands with the fees and everything meeting all you requested, you still dilly dally as if you are waiting for a big target to become available. And then a few hours before the transfer window closes, you put in a few bids here and there knowing fully well that the clubs involved will not sell because they have no time themselves to buy replacements. And then the window finally closes and you announce in your press conference that you searched all over the place but could not find top top players. That is Mr Wenger for you. This is all a game to him and he even admitted that much.

    It is sad. Arsenal Football Club has become his play thing. Remy was available all summer and Wenger did nothing. Instead he spent his press conferences trying to convince whoever cares to listen that he does not need a striker. And then suddenly, he is bidding for Remy who is already on his way to Chelsea? Surprise surprise. Do you guys see a pattern here? This is classic Wenger. I hate to be negative but what exactly is there to be excited about our transfer plans and process? Manolas is off to Roma after he spent days in Arsenal doing a ‘medical’. Bottom line, Wenger was never going to buy him. Rabiot’s mother supposedly had good talks with Wenger and Rabiot was just a heart beat away from joining us. Somehow, he wound up in Roma as well. So we were never in for him. let us see how the Carvallho and Socratis dramas play out as well. But I do not trust Arsene Wenger. Even Everton now has Mirallas, Lukaku and Eto and also want Welbeck. And they are not even playing champions league! For a club like theirs, that represents ambition. And here we are thinking that Sanchez alone can play a 100 games and not get injured.

  13. Thats weird.Realistic fans have called for Remy here even before the window opened.He is quick,cheap and a great finisher not to mention EPL experience.He was overlooked all summer.Now that chelsea bound we are suddenly interested.Do i have this right?…SMFH

    1. He only became cheap to Arsenal on Wednesday. Before that his release clause didn’t apply to us. So no point in saying he was cheap and we could have got him all summer because we could have only got him from that price the day Chelsea began negotiations!!!!!

  14. As it stands, as far as out and out strikers are concerned, City have Aguero, Dzeko, Negredo and Jovetic. Man U has Rooney, Van Persie, Hernandez and Welbeck. Liverpool have Sturridge, Ballotelli and Lambert. Chelsea has Costa (beast), Drogba (veteran beast) and are about buying Loic Remy. Arsenal has Sanogo and an injured Giroud. How confident are you feeling? Can we stop all this we are going to win the league crap talk? Get back to earth boys.

  15. Chelsea + City are good
    but we can beat them.
    Arsenal is stronger this season.
    We moved quickly this window.
    Sanchez Debuchy Ospina Chambers
    Campbell were signed early +
    we scored a good fee for Verm.
    We only need one player now
    a CB or DM which we can easily get.
    Community shield won,
    world cup players back
    Ramsey Chamberlain and Podolski
    are fit. Arteta was out but is back
    while Theo is close to a return.
    Only Giroud is out for long.
    Win and a draw in the league
    ECL group stage achieved.
    A win over Leicester and its an
    excellent start to the season.

    1. A couple months back i read a study which somehow linked frequent injury of certain players to genetics.structure of muscle tissue,attachment of tendons bone and muscles and more.Do you ever get that weird feeling that some of our players a predisposed to injury.Theo,Ox and others not even mentioning Diaby
      Are you really willing depend on these players for lets say 25 games for the season?

      1. Yes I believe injuries
        are the greatest threat
        to Arsenal’s success.
        If the squad stays
        generally healthy I think we will win.

    1. I don’t think Swansea will sell this late in the window. They’ll need to find a replacement themselves. We should have move for a striker even before Olivier got injured.

  16. I am sad to say this, Chelsea look scary…
    Despite d fact that we started the transfer window well, unfortunately we still lack fire power….I hope Wenger would do something before the window close..
    Unfortunately..David Ornstein said we are not close to any transfer..

    1. BBC REPORT:::::::::

      Loic Remy: Chelsea lead bid for striker after Arsenal end interest

      Chelsea are favourites to sign QPR’s Loic Remy after Arsenal withdrew their interest in signing the striker.
      Chelsea triggered a £10.5m release clause in Remy’s contract on Saturday lunchtime and he was then left out of QPR’s squad to face Sunderland.
      The Gunners made an enquiry on Saturday night but will not continue their pursuit of the France international.

  17. In the Leicester game we need to come out the blocks quickly and go at them. If our top players are on it we should blow them away early on even if they park the bus.

    BBC say we pull out of Remy deal, why am I not surprised!
    The fact they say we are close to signing no one is worrying as Ornstein is respected and reliable 🙁

  18. Truth is Remy has a better chance to win the league with Chelsea + Mourinho knows how to convince players and also willing to give good packages.

  19. With one world class striker (not Remy) we r good to go, without that we are not better than last season. Our major blow now is Giroud, we r missing 16 league goals in Giroud

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