Arsenal set to miss out as Newcastle close on club-record deal

Arsenal have been strongly linked with a move to sign Alexander Isak in recent windows, but he now looks set to leave Real Sociedad for Newcastle instead.

The Gunners have already moved to bring in Gabriel Jesus, the striker identified before the transfer window opened as our priority signing to replace the departed Alexandre Lacazette, but we appear to remain keen on adding another forward to our front line this summer, with the likes of Raphinha and Raheem Sterling both having been linked.

One player who was strongly linked with us 12 months ago was Isak however, both before and after his thoroughly impressive Euro 2020 tournament with Sweden, and it has seemed like a matter of time before a club came in with a big offer to sign him.

Newcastle now look set to jump in and break their transfer record to land him (the Telegraph reports) as they look to splash their newfound riches, with their recent takeover giving them the richest club owners in world football.

It will be interesting to see if the Toon can get this deal over the line, and just how ready he is for the Premier League. For a striker, he is yet to score a monster amount of goals, but he certainly has a huge amount of talent and I hope he does end up at St James’ Park this summer.

I don’t personally think he is ready to be our main man as we look to build a team worthy of finishing in the top-four this term, but at the same time, he certainly has the potential to be a world-beater under the right tutelage.


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  1. To help the club, I’d recommend against such titles and articles.

    Newcastle are already deliberately trying to create propaganda to make it seem like Newcastle are taking players Arsenal want (look at their Bruno Guimarães signing post).

    So even though it may be good for clicks to create this title, the reality is, we don’t know if Arsenal are actually in for him and so this article just helps Newcastle more on their desperate attempt to move up the ladder by trying to convince players they’re a more attractive prospect than others in the big 6.


  2. It’s the agents and media. Unless it comes from Arsenal disregard it. It’s not called silly season for nothing.

  3. We were only linked with him not our top target at any point, with his huge price tag I don’t see it as a miss out

  4. Non of the reputable sources like ornstein or Fabrizio reported we ever put in any bid, our first choice was Jesus and second scamaca, iono where the whole miss out parody is coming from, this window players we seem to have missed out on, Rapinha, Lisandro, with the later still highly contested.

  5. Maybe the previous windows, but definitely not this window. Isak was never on the list it seems. It was Jesus, Scamacca and Victor in that order. Whilst I like Isak, but comparing him and Jesus, I think we got a better deal. He may take off at Newcastle maybe, but that’s a big maybe. So, we haven’t missed a thing where it concerns him. I think wish we get Scamacca though, unfortunately he will cost us an arm and a leg.

  6. Am I alone in my surprise at not seeing a lot of the transfer business that we were told to expect to see from Newcastle (supposedly the next Chelsea or City)?

      1. That’s what the papers tell you, Ashley spent next to nothing for near on six transfer windows compared to Newcastle’s turnover for the 3 seasons those windows covered, Newcastle books wise have been self sufficient for around 6 years even when relegated for a season they still turned over a huge profit and can realistically spend around £300m, from what we have seen they are seriously upgrading a Championship squad with some brilliant signings, Pope, Targett and Botman are brilliant acquisitions on top of the brilliant business they did in the winter transfer window especially getting Gumaires in….be very interesting to see where they finish come next may especially if they kick on from how they finished the second half of last season, they absolutely wiped the floor against Arsenal, and Eddie Howe is a brilliant manager especially from what he did at Bournemouth in his previous position….

  7. As a toon fan honestly I’m so tired of media linking 10 new players to club every day. It’s journalism at its laziest and all just click bait. Take it all with a pinch of salt. Personally if any truth to isak I think 50m would be silly when really hasn’t proved himself. Good luck for season ahead Gunners.

    1. Hi BaldyG, im interested to think what the average Geordie thinks about having such infamous owners? Is there any disgust among the fans? Or just not bothered about the issues behind the family?

      1. My reply appears to have not been posted. It was long winded. Essentially geordies I have spoke to are pretty much same view as me. They and I are football supporters not supporters of PIF and associates. A whole lot of muck has been thrown at toon supporters “how can you still support club?” Etc. Check what they have money invested in, most people use at least 1 of products/services a day. Stones and glass houses comes to mind lol

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