Arsenal set to partly refund season ticket holders after exiting the Europa League

Arsenal continues to count the cost of Europa League elimination.

Despite already recording some financial losses, Arsenal risk paying back their fans up to £4.5million because of their failure to make it to the latter stages of the Europa League.

The Gunners crashed out of the Europa League at the hands of Olympiacos on Thursday and that means they owe their fans who have bought season tickets two more cup games at home.

They have played five cup games at home this season and their next FA Cup game will be away to Portsmouth.

Should they win that game and get a home game in the next round, they would have one more cup game to give their fans.

However, if they lose to the Pompey, they would have to to pay fans back for the leftover games.

Arsenal fans can demand their money back for the remaining games, or they can ask the club to deduct the money from their next season ticket, according to Sun Sport.

The Europa League was one of Arsenal’s major route back into the Champions League after they reached the final last season.

Now that they have been eliminated, they would hope that they can win the FA Cup and guarantee their participation in the Europa League next season.


  1. Many say you shouldn’t live in the past.

    Part of a great club’s fabric is it’s history;

    YYYYEEEEESSSSS. !!!!!!!!!!!!!



  2. We lost. Yes we lost on Thursday. But let me tell everyone that as at this moment we are 5 minutes to go to still be the only INVINCIBLE TEAM.
    Watford 3 vs Liverpool 0.

  3. For the ones on invicibles, let’s give it to our legend maker Arsene Wenger.

    I wish he was at Emirates as Sir Alex every weekend.

    This shameful transition from Wenger has been completly nuts and shameful from Kroenke and dumb fans who fell into his trap!

    Hope he comes back and manage this club, he should the president of AFC!

  4. Mogunna, unfortunately for you, even Arsene Wenger was not immortal and couldn’t coach forever. How many replacements did Arsenal miss out on towards the end of Wenger’s tenure, when it was still an attractive club to manage?

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