Arsenal set to play a European game on a Wednesday

Arsenal’s Europa League clash away at Portuguese side Vitoria will be played on Wednesday, November 6th at the unusual time of 15:50 (GMT).

UEFA took the decision to move the game from the usual Thursday evening because of clashes with other games taking place in the Porto, the area that Vitoria is from.

Braga and Porto are in the same region and both are in the Europa League so something had to give and because Vitoria is the lowest-ranked team of the three it was they that had to move their game.

Vitoria had been hoping to play Thursday evening but the local authority would not be budged, thus the ruling from UEFA.

The reason for the early afternoon kick-off is that due to TV rights Europa League games cannot clash with Champions League games which have early games starting at 17.55.

It is all a little convoluted but it has all been sorted now and the change in time and date has been confirmed officially by Arsenal football club.

One of the biggest jibes aimed at Arsenal fans from the likes of Tottenham and Chelsea fans is the stigma of playing on Thursday evening, a clear association with the Europa League and not the Champions League. Well, at least that joke cannot be used, not that Arsenal fans can take any pride in the change of kick-off to a Wednesday, it is still the inferior Europe League.

One area where it will actually help Arsenal is that it will provide an extra days rest before the Sunday Premier League fixture against Leicester City, though that has yet to be confirmed as well.


  1. Agu Emen says:

    If we get Wed it will be jammy.
    Reckon Wolves and Chelsea will protest. Can’t blame them.
    We probably get rescheduled for Saturday.
    BTW Leicester is now just one of 9 teams
    competing for 3rd and 4th.
    Arsenal, Spuds, Choilski Chequester Utd.
    Flosse, Yamyams, Evitt-in, Wheres-Sam? Cristool-Phallus 🙂

  2. RSH says:

    hell yeah back in the big times ?

    1. Les Martin says:

      It’s likely a small misunderstanding what they mean is 3.50 in the morning and the team is only allowed to cycle to Portugal which will obviously reduce the carbon footprint.

  3. Sue says:

    It’s quiet on here, what with this boring break! Where’s Kev72? Oops i meant 82 ???

  4. koss says:

    at least it will make us feel like we playing champions league on Wednesday again

    1. Declan says:

      Yeas, better than playing on spursday night?

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