Arsenal set to profit from Chelsea’s spending

Chelsea have been throwing money around this summer like it goes on trees, and Arsenal are set to profit from their most recent extravagant signing Kai Havertz.

The Blues have agreed a deal worth £71 Million with Bayer Leverkusen for the 21 year-old’s signature, and the Bundesliga side are now eyeing a move for Hector Bellerin with their newfound riches.

The right-back is believed to be available for a move this summer for the right price, and while Paris Saint-Germain are claimed to have offered £25 Million thus far, Leverkusen’s interest will help us to land closer to the £35 Million we are supposedly holding out for.

The French giants are claimed to be ready to increase their previous offer, but the final fee may well come down to who is willing to pay the most.

The Metro also claims that they could be interested in signing Serge Aurier from North-London rivals Tottenham.

Arsenal currently have both Cedric Soares and Ainsley Maitland-Niles as options at right-back or right wing-back, and any sale of the Spaniard would likely see money invested in bolstering the midfield, with both Thomas Partey and Houssem Aouar linked.

We have recently agreed a deal to re-sign Dani Ceballos on another season-long loan from Real Madrid, which is a huge boost to our options, with the 24 year-old thoroughly impressing last term.

Would Bellerin be open to joining the likes of Leverkusen should they convince Arsenal to accept an offer, or would he likely hold out for a Champions League side instead?


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  1. Sell him 35million and bring for us two midfielders thomas party and Houssem both are need to the Gunners squad plz do it us we go back where we belongs if we do that I saw another invincible coming soon many thanks

  2. BL wont be willing to pay Arsenal’s $35M evaluation nor
    the Spaniards weekly wages.

    There are Better, cheaper options in the BL as well as
    across Europe.

    1. One of the reasons PSG are in for bellerin is because there is a complete lack of quality RB options right now in Europpe. So flush with cash i completely believe this rumour.

  3. Why are we selling Bellerin for Gods sake?. Is he not better than Cedric soarse and AMN(My opinion)?.

    1. Hector bellerin should stay at arsenal at least for one more season cos he is still instrumental to the squad

  4. Reading Lyon has rejected Arsenal’s offer for Aouar, cash + Player.
    There’s still time to sort this though

    1. @ Eddie, I always enjoy your transfer news update, and your sincere contribution, even though some I don’t agree with it…..Keep the good work and continue with your update. More over, am wale and I have been following this site for over 3 years now but I didn’t have assess to write on this site until yesterday but there is no a single day that I don’t open or read comments here and your comments is one of those I enjoy most in this site….Keep it up and don’t give up the good work…..

      1. Wale, Thanks for the kind words.
        It’s good to finally have you here contributing too.
        Hope to read from you, your thoughts on articles

    2. I thought a player plus cash offer had been made and rejected before now…. before their game against City….. it was the main reason I watched that match, just to see how well he plays

      1. It was never an offer back then..
        It was just a verbal proposal.
        Arsenal offered Guendouzi then + cash and to Lyon asking if they’ll be interested in a swap deal.
        It was never official.
        Lyon refused to give their response to that sort of suggestion, so it was taken by the media that they rejected it.
        I guess Arsenal made the official bid recently that got rejected

  5. I think we should hold out for around 40m if we’re to sacrifice Bellerin for Partey. Makes no sense to sell him for 25 and still be 20m short. It’s not like we have an absolutely solid replacement for him, so we should only sell if the transfer guarantees we get Partey. Look at how Atletico and Lyon are treating us. Cash or nothing. No structured deals, no swaps, no discounts. Full amounts or nothing because they also don’t have replacements for who their selling. Why should we be linient?

  6. selling bellerin will depend on the formation arteta want to use,bt wen we sell bellerin to bring players like party or aour dat will be a good deal for arsenal cause they lack ball carryng midfielders as at now,,,

  7. Is this news true that Arsenal made an initial offer of 35m to Lyon for Aoura and pay the remaining (20m) in instalment, but they rejected it. I just read it from one source but I believe is rumour…..

  8. Speaking entirely personally , I always concern myself about the club I have loved for well over 60years, far more than the welfare of any player, be that a great and valuable player or a lesser and easily expendable player like BELLERIN.
    I could not care less where he wants to go or if he doesn’t. I care only that we get rid of him this window and for the best price. Honesty as ever.
    I also believe that you cannot support both the club AND the player, IF the players welfare gets in the way of what is good for the club.

  9. I don’t know what is so special about this partey that arsenal want to sell the emirate stadium to raise funds and aquire him.

    I wonder why we are the only club interested in his service.

    1. Same here, he is good but ppl on this site are just obsessed with him and think he will turn us into world beaters or something. He is 28 so by all accounts If he was so talented he should have been in a bigger club by now. Real, Barca, Bayern, Liverpool, Juv…etc etc no one went for him so I think we don’t need to be desperate here. Plus what fans don’t understand on this site is we struggled more on creative side of midfield then defensive side. We already have got two new talented defenders in squad this season plus Xhaka Ceballos combination has worked well to provide shield for our defence. It’s the attack we should worry about. We are one of least chances created team in pl last season n if not for Auba goals we would have been fighting for relegation. Creativity is the problem big time for us, with no enough goals and assist coming from midfield. Willian will not solve that issue for us….that is proven by his stats in PL with Chelsea but some how all the deluded Arsenal fans think with addition of Partey and what we have so far we can probably even compete for title.

      1. That’s why we should perhaps consider either Soumare or Sangare. Both younger and cheaper but very good.

        1. Simple explanation why no other clubs are in for Thomas Partey:
          1. Atletico Madrid doesn’t want to sell him and has an offer on the table to re sign him with an increased buy out clause;
          2. If a club meets his buy out clause and the player wants the move, AM can’t stand in his way; and
          3. Partey has openly stated that the only club he will leave AM for, is Arsenal in the EPL. If Arsenal don’t meet the buy out clause, he will re sign for AM.
          The worry is that AM are in the process of signing Marc Roca (fee €20 million), are strapped for cash and need the money from Partey to buy. Arsenal is supposedly using this financial pressure to get AM to agree with a lesser fee for Partey, given AM’s profit on the selling Partey/buying Roca transactions. A dangerous game of who blinks first.

      2. Mohsan, for how many seasons now has Arsenal’s midfield been bullied and overrun, by even lower position teams. The midfield has been porous once Arsenal lost the ball, putting the defense under increased pressure. Look how many goals Arsenal concedes.

        1. I agree Ozzie but look at what has happened since MA took over. With better defenders in and better organisation we have shipped less goals but since santi left we have been struggling to create chances from middle. This for me is more concerning issue. I think Xhaka is doing a Fab job. So we need more offensive midfielders in the team.

  10. Is Partey really all he’s cracked up to be? Serious question as like a couple Mentioned above we seem to be the only fans/club linked with him.

    1. Chelsea were the only ones chasing Havertz. United were the only ones chasing Bruno. Not good? I dont think how many other teams chase a player determine how good they are. Not many teams in Europe need a player like Partey as desperately as we do, and are willing to pay 45mill. That is still a lot of money.

  11. Wish we could get these players out the door faster. All these rumors about our players going and none have left yet. I really hope once these sales go through we wont be waiting weeks and weeks for Arsenal to make an offer but we all know they will. I am not convinced by this current transfer regime YET AGAIN. It’s the same thing it seems.

  12. Arsenal should do what is expected , I’m tired of this noise about signing a prayer . Many clubs have gone far in signing the prayer but arsenal are running around the bush.

    1. Selling Bellerin for £25mil?. You sell Bellerin but not sure if Cedric will do a better job than Bellerin. Cedric didn’t even play 3 competitive games, but you pin your hopes on him

  13. Why is the Aubameyang deal taking so long to be announced one way or the otherp? Why is it always Arsenal that’s so slow doing business every window?

    1. That could be the surprise no one is talking about.
      Arsenal is waiting for the sale of bellerin, guendouzi, Lacazette or other CB to finance Aubameyang contract. All the talk about signing a new midfielder could be a pipe dream.

  14. There is still enough to get this deal done. Arsenal definitely need Aouar and he would be a fantastic addition to the squad. Partey too is a must get. If the sale of Belerin could get either of them then do it asap

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