Arsenal set to profit from this potential transfer deal

It appears that Arsenal may have found a buyer for fringe player Mohamed Elneny and the best part is we will make a profit on the sale of the Egyptian, albeit a small one.

According to the latest transfer gossip, Turkish outfit Besiktas have inquired about the availability of 26-year-old, who cost us just £5 Million back in January 2016.

Elneny has dropped down the pecking order since the arrival of Matteo Guendouzi and Lucas Torreira, featuring in just four Premier League games this season, though he has played in five Europa League games as well.

But it is clear that manager Unai Emery prefers to go with the likes of Guendouzi and Torreira and there is no real future at the Emirates for Elneny as things stand right now.

We did nearly sell the midfielder in January to Roma, however, nothing came of that and a summer move now looks an almost certainty.

The Sun, citing Turkish outlet Fotospor are claiming that Besiktas have now requested info on Elneny, who will go relatively cheaply, though for more than what we actually paid for him, so at a guess, possibly £10 Million.

It is a shame it has not worked out for either the player or us, there were high hopes that Elneny would run the midfield but apart from the odd decent game he was never going to be our go-to man in the middle of the park.

If this deal does happen then all we can do is wish him the best in the future and thank him for his service.


      1. For 3 years!! But will he last that long??!! He’s planning another unbeaten run… seeing as he hasn’t got to visit the Emirates ??

        1. He’ll be sacked next season! If those utd players liked mourinho they would be exactly where they are right now! He isn’t in the same class as mourinho as much as I dislike him! It must be f**king Ole night tonight ? haha no Unai knocked him off the wheel now utd fans think he’s at the wheel again ?

          1. After we beat them & then they lost to Wolves, some of their fans were saying I don’t think he’s the one for us, he shouldn’t get the job permanently ? bloody hilarious!! Oh well if he does end up getting sacked, there’s always Phil Neville, or his sister ?

            1. I don’t think I could ever befriend a utd fan lol I’ve always hated that team with a passion ? haha there’s always Gary he done well at Valencia ? I would take missing out on Europa League success if utd are to miss out on champions League as long as we get top 3 ?

              1. Trust me you’re not the only one!! All the Mancs I know are so big headed… actually come to think of it they’re just like the Liverpool fans!!
                Well hopefully you will have your wish! Me? I’m greedy & I want to win the EL & finish third ?

                1. I used to live near Liverpool for a while so I can stand them I just can’t stand utd ? your son in law is a big utd fan so I’ll shut up now ?? nothing wrong with greed it’s not like it’s a deadly sin ?? no I would love success in Europe I was only young when we won the cup winners cup ?

                    1. I don’t but I can stand them, I just can’t stand man utd at all they’re on par with spurs ? Im taking a screenshot of this Sue we better win now ?

                    2. We sure are ? I’m having another tattoo done next week add to the collection ? watching air crash investigation love that program ?

                    3. I have a full sleeve Chinese warrior, I have the taurus symbol I have a K behind my ear it’s my first name initial but also my daughter’s, I have an Afc back of my neck now the anti possession on my left pectoral is next ? you got any Sue ?

                    4. Is that from Supernatural by any chance?!! ? I like a sleeve on a guy… no I haven’t.. always said I’d have my kid’s names & the Arsenal badge… haha still waiting ?

                    5. That’s the one Sue ? ? I always said I would never get a sleeve tatt done but the idea grew on me ? I’ll probably have one more done and that’ll be a leg tattoo but I’m in no rush for that ? you should have it done if you really really want it haha

                    6. Haha well decide carefully unless you fancy painful expensive Lazer removal ? alright Sue I will let you get off to sleep hitting the hay myself after banged up abroad ? you sleep well, Goodnight Sue ???

  1. In this market Elneny is worth about £10-£16 million, it is about time we start selling our players at their worth.

    1. sure.for as long as i have known, arsenal always sell their players very cheaply.
      Iv never understood this because we as well pay for players more money than they should be bought

  2. He was never good enough for Arsenal. To make a poultry 5m from him is not worth the game time and wages we’ve been paying him. With what xhaka has previously said in the press I hope we see the back of him too. He’s beyond average and after the Alexis episode I think we can all agree that we don’t need any players who think they’re too good for us weighing us down, especially someone as rubbish as He’s not who’ll be easy to replace.

    To summarise I think replacing squad players like elneny and welbeck with youth players will do us no harm

  3. I am so happy, this post just made my day, what a horrible footballer to wear an AFC jersey.
    Please make my Saturday with Mustafi’s departure news and my Sunday with Ozil’s exit.Many of the academy players cannot do more worse then the above mentioned three are doing and grabbing our wages.Keep sentiments away, these 3 are holding AFC back. Also read Xhaka wants to move on, that is another bonus.

  4. Unlike Elneny who was good value for money, we will not make a profit when we eventually sell Mustafi and Xhaka .I doubt if we will get more than £25m for the duo who cost around £70m.

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