Arsenal set to save 1million a week in wages – and bump up transfer funds

Only yesterday we ran an article that named four players that are not up to Arsenal standard and should be sold and it seems that the club is in agreement on at least three of those players if a report in the Daily Mail is to be believed.

We suggested that Mustafi, Elneny, Iwobi and Jenkinson are not Arsenal quality and according to the Mail the club is preparing to offload all of them except Iwobi.

However, they are not stopping with those three, it is also being reported that Danny Welbeck can leave on a free transfer when his contract expires and they are also hoping to sell Mesut Ozil and Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

Petr Cech and Aaron Ramsey will also come off the wage bill which will see at least £200k per week slashed and once you add that to all the player’s wages that the club is hoping to sell we are talking in excess of £1 Million per week.

In terms of transfer fees that is very subjective. We will get nothing for Cech, Ramsey and Welbeck but we should get at least £70 Million (though that is just a guess) for the others.

As an example, the club had been hoping to raise £35 Million from Mustafi alone, can anyone really see that happening? Same with Ozil, who will pay a King’s ransom for him at his age and also trump up a massive wage?

So, with £1 Million in wage cuts, a potential £70 Million in transfer fees and a reported £75 million put aside by the club if we reach the Champions League we could, in theory, have £145 Million to spend and £1 Million in wages to play with.

Surely that will be enough to bring in at least four, possibly five, quality players?


    1. As a matter of fact Iwobi was not listed as a departure in that article.Just the admin getting away of himself.

    2. Only the insane would think iwobi is good enough to play for our club ..
      If fans want to see us become a top club ever again players like iwobi should be sold ASAP

      1. Iwboi is only 22 and is the most improved player this year. He’s a fantastic player on his day and deserves a few more seasons with Emery to see how far he can go. Fans like you need to get with reality and give the kid a chance. Hopefully he kicks on and makes you feel like a right twat.

        1. Bruno Fernandes, denis Praet will be playing for Arsenal next season plus we have Martinelli already

        2. The only person that looks like a twat is you by saying he’s a fantastic player ,not sure why you need to get personally ,it’s my opinion if you don’t like it don’t post on it .

          1. @Xxnofx I can clearly tell you’ve never kicked a ball in your life. Iwobi’s first touch & close control phenomenal. He needs to improve his end game we can agree on that but at the end of the day he’s still only 22. Raheem Sterling is 24 and has just finally for filled his potential. Iwobi can be just as good if not better than him.
            I called you a twat because you are a twat. What makes you think you can call someone else out but when someone calls you out its not on? Grow up mate.

            1. Thing is mate I played football up until I was 28 so yes I’ve played football ,but I’m not sure that kicking a ball only entitles me to be a critic ,so your saying just because fans have never played football they don’t know what they are talking about .
              I’m not going to get into another argument with a iwobi fan ,way to many on here .and I’m not sure who I called out ,you sound a little offended for me saying iwobi is sh1t …and what you just wrote as to up there with the most delusional thing I’ve read on here .

    1. Cue the cries that we need proven players not untested projects (Answer – the two aren’t mutually exclusive and we need both)

      In the unlikely event that we have £145m to spend I’d like to see it spent on two, maximum three, primetime players with the priorities being a CB and left back so we can return to a back four.

      1. The lad looks good in YouTube, Guendouzi had many people thinking he was one for the future yet look how he stepped into the team, I won’t moan as it isn’t exactly breaking the bank and could be another gem.

        Well, I won’t moan about the lad, I reserve the right to moan about other signings or lack off them 😛

  1. Unai Emery to be handed £45 million transfer funds. Ambition at it’s Highest. What a Joke.

    1. Do you honestly think that even if we had 10x that budget we would challange for the Premiership.We are so far behind both Liverpool and Man City that it will take at least 5 years before we will even challenge for the title never mind win it.Man uhave spent a fortune and look where they are.Money isn’t the only answer ,buying the right players ,using the academy and coaching them into a team is the way to go and this will take time .

  2. Ozil: Highly unlikely to leave due to his gigantic salary, age and long term contract

    Mkhitaryan: Could be sold as long Arsenal are willing to drop his price tag substantially

    Mustafi: A World Cup winner, prime age and excellent defending stats since he came. We surely would fetch at least 20 M for him

    1. 1 stat that stood out to me was… we’ve made 11 errors leading to a goal (the same as Bournemouth & Fulham ?) I wonder how many were Mustafi’s fault??

      1. Premierleague website has us on 11 errors leading to goals but unfortunately they don’t seem to have updated the players stats from the last game, counting up from the player stats and we’re on 9.

        What I can say though is that 9 from 11 errors do not include Mustafi, he has 0 errors leading to goals according to that site.

        Leno has 3.
        Xhaka has 2.
        Guendouzi, Iwobi, Kola, Lich all have 1.

        Lol, Iwobi made a list… I can understand Guendouzi as he is inexperienced but Iwobi… Think I’ll memory bank this stat for future reference XD

  3. £145 million? Snowball’s chance in hell of that happening.

    IF I say IF we even could raise £70 million from sales, NO WAY Kronke makes it all available for transfers!

    £50 million from kit deal, plus sales of players is more realistic. I’d say around the £70 million mark all together. Kronke puts the rest in Arsenal vault because we’re”self sustaining”.

  4. Lol it’s hilarious to see you all guessing what the budget is. I cannot for the life of me understand why you’d believe the daily mail of all places. First and foremost, you forget to mention the fact that the top 6 premier league sides have negotiated to receive a bigger slice of the pie of the overseas tv deal with each team getting an additional 75m. The adidas deal is 65 to 71m depending on performance objectives and the the New emirates deal is worth 40m per season on top of anoth r t 50m if we make the champions league. Winning the Europa league nets us another 30m. You base your theory on daily mail when the same paper published that Tottenham would have 150m to spend with that 1b stadium to pay off for.

  5. How about we worry about successfully completing this season, before we concern ourselves wih transfers in and out for season 2019/20?
    One match at a time – concentration, commitment , professionalism, skill and effort required.

  6. Iwobi will stay in arsenal, at age 22 some people don’t like good things in the lives. xxnofx stop talking about ok. I no you are bad belle for Iwobi ok, stop making noise ok. Someone ask you, whether you kick ball before stop that ok

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