Arsenal set to seal STUNNING 1st summer transfer next week?

Perhaps Arsene Wenger is so keen to get his first Arsenal transfer of the summer done and dusted very quickly in order to stop Maurizio Zamparini talking about it, because the president of Palermo is just about the opposite of the Arsenal boss when it comes to keeping a lid on his transfer dealings.

The player in question is the talented and highly rated young striker Paulo Dybala and the Palermo chief has made no secret of the interest in him and the likelihood of him being sold. He has mentioned the Gunners specifically before and has now suggested that the deal could be wrapped up before the end of the season, as reported by Metro.

With reports from Italy suggesting that Wenger has made a bid of around £29 million for the 21-year old Argentinean, it could be that the Gunners are the club set to sign him up, although the transfer window does not officially open until after the season comes to a close.

Zamparini said, “At least three teams are really interested in him.

“The apple is ripe and we’re ready to pick it. I think in 10, or a maximum of 15 days we’ll know his future.

“We’ll meet the lad and his agent to complete the deal, those who understand football realise his potential.”

Dybala is very versatile, able to play on the flanks, as centre forward or behind the main striker and he is very promising but with less than 100 Serie A games behind him he is far from being the finished article. But with Chelsea and PSG also said to be keen, should Wenger be doing all he can to make sure that this striker becomes a Gunner?

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      1. @muffdiver
        No doubt my Brother. No doubt…
        I’m also diggin on the way Suarez is makin his mark at Barca…

        1. And the crazy thing is hes still a young player, youd think he was around for eons. I was even theorising Suarez would step into Messis shoes when retired but then remembered that i dont even know which ones older without checking.

          1. Messi young? He’s turning 28, he’s in his prime. He’s been around for years, at the age of 22, 5 years ago, he was already winning balon d’or. His debut for Argentina came 10 years ago (in august 2005)

            I’ve usually been a Ronaldo-fan when it comes to Messi vs. Ronaldo, but lately I’ve been becoming more and more of a fan of Messi. Maybe it’s related to how his image is becoming less and less innocent and “perfect”.

      1. Remember we can sell
        Ryo Sanogo Flamini Diaby
        Podolskii and Campbell
        for 670 mill all up.

  1. After watching the match just now Barcelona vs bayern I now see how Far from winning the champions league we are.that front 3 suarez, Messi and Neymar is just too good.

      1. Not only that disgusted1 but look at the team they tore apart. Two seasons ago BM where the best defenders in Europe, maybe Pep shouldnt quite get the praise he does for barca feats as maybe that team could have beating all even if rudderless. I did say maybe.

        I would have worries concerning defensive shape and unit if Pep does ever become Arsenal boss, especially knowing our league.

    1. Yes we are – and frighteningly it is looking increasingly like Bayern and Real maybe some distance as well. I know every team has their off days but I do get some perverse pleasure when I see one of the so-called unbeatable, beast galactico teams like Real look so ordinary. Made me laugh watching Ramos in that CDM role – to think we worry about our Coq’s limited passing ability. Ramos made Coq look like a Xavi/Pirlo crossbreed. Bale is definitely in trouble – worse than anonymous. Ronaldo most ineffectual I’ve ever seen him. Altogether now – Bye Bye Carlo.

      Ancelotti to City??? Sounds about right. Mind you Pep could be collecting his P45 after telling the press last week that the triple was a minimum target for Bayern. Ooops, I bet he wishes he hadn’t said that now.

        1. People who thumbed that prediction down – Ill make a bet with any one of yous… Madrid will make final.

    2. We are 13 points behind Chelsea, a team who cant beat 10 man PSG, who Barca walked past. We have a ton of catching up to do to even be considered UCL contenders. This is why we cannot be fluffing around in the transfer market. Teams in other leagues are getting better and better as well as our domestic rivals.

      1. PSG still had ten overly expensive footballers on the field and dont forget about where they are strongest.. where the battle is won. Also it was a last minute corner scored..we all know che are capable of doing very well in Europe but like us they went out on away goals in a knockout game.

        Barca finding ease in beating a team doesnt compare with anything Arsenal.. and this is Barca we are talking about. Your reading to much into knockout games and if they beat them so on etc etc.

    3. Yet a team more like us – Juventus – beat Real Madrid 2-1 home and could make it to the final. We need a player of the generation (like Henry was) to become clear favourites for becoming clear favourites for the CL. We have Alexis and Özil, but in my opinion they are more like Pires and Bergkamp, complementing that beast player on top.

      My question for transfers is who could become that new Henry (and new Vieira)? Lacazette and Pogba?

  2. Haha, Metro…it must be true then.

    Breaking news!!!

    Messi caught on phone talking to Arsene Wenger just minutes after destroying Bayern! Arsenal are in advanced talks regarding a stunning transfer, with Walcott going the other way as part of the deal. Announcement expected at the end of the season.

    Wow! Looks like I DO have the ability to write for Metro.

  3. Wow, messi sat boateng on his ass and then made neuer look like rob green. Different class.

    1. and this the the Boateng who was called the best defender in Europe atm. No shame in being beaten by the best player of all time. No shame.

  4. Will u fellow bloggers stop writing shite. Your taking up valuable space with your juvenile. dribble. It’s like junior banter.A sensible comment would be appreciated.

  5. Wathcing the bayern vs barca game made me realize how big a difference there is between EPL teams and these teams! Hardly any EPL player will be able to find a starting spot in these teams.
    No wonder that english teams suck in UCL in recent years.

    1. @Nokia810
      Not taking anything away from teams such a Barcelona, Bayern or Real Madrid. But their respective leagues gear them up for The CL.
      The Bundesliga is virtually a one team league. La Liga, a 3 team league. These top teams poach their respective leagues best players, weakening the competition. Their seasons are “training” matches readying them for the big stage, The CL.
      The EPL consists of 5 top teams and 4 good teams, with the remainder capable of upsetting any of the above, especially during end of the season”squeaky bum time” runs. And that includes not havin a winter break.

      So I’m never surprised to see these 3 in the CL semi or finals every year. I’d be more surprised if they weren’t…

      1. Mind you EPL
        has 5-6 levels.

        1 Chelsea
        2 Arsenal City Utd
        3 Liverpool Spurs Sotn Swansea
        4 WHam Stoke Everton
        5 Palace Brom Newcastle Villa
        6 Leic Hull Sund QPR Burnley
        Personally I would reduce the EPL to 18.

      2. partly agree. The grind of the EPL just takes such a toll. Some say a winter break wont help, but honestly I think it would. If England doesnt want to lose the 4 UCL spots the league needs to start helping their teams just like Bundesliga, La Liga does. I heard Friday matches are coming back soon which would help. Its hard to pin point why EPL teams are doing so bad lately. Top 4 clubs have so much money, much more even compared to Juvetus, and we still dont make it as far. Barca and Real in Quarters at best is routine though, and just about nothing is going to stop that as long as Messi and Ronaldo are still around.

        1. Yes, curious. 2005-2012 we had English clubs in the final for 7 of the 8 competitions. No-one spoke about the PL grind or winter break then. Seems a long time ago now but we have seen these cycles before. We are actually second in the coefficient scores behind Spain and ahead of Germany – haven’t done the maths but reliably informed it will take a few more years of rapid decline for Italy to overtake England and get the 4th place. Actually wouldn’t bother me from an Arsenal perspective if it was reduced to 3 as it would force a re-evaluation of our board strategy and may see some change. Also won’t hear the 4th place junkie jibe again.

      3. i’m not denying that their leagues give them an advantage, but the thing is that they have better players. As I said, hardy any EPL player can get into their teams as of now.
        Sanchez right now is considered to be a top 3 player in the EPL but he won’t even start for any of those. We’ve a LOT of catching up to do if we want to break our UCL duck.

    1. dybala for me. no question.
      more versatile, looks as he would fit our style personally, capable of cutting in from the right side which gives us something different and has more potential upside.

  6. I hope bayern come back I don’t want barca winning the CL and have Sanchez second guessing coming to arsenal

    1. a bayern comeback?………5% possible…. but Sorry!….they look a jaded shadow… barca ain’t porto

      1. Hey it can MAYBE happen! If Ribery is back and guardiola doesn’t play freakin lahm, alonso, things, and schweinsteiger

  7. Read quotes earlier about how dybala loves it in Italy and wants to play with Pirlo at juve ….

    Think he might b going there tbh !

  8. With La Liga possibly being shut down before the end of the season & maybe next because the government wants a more equal share of TV rights expect to see Some shift in European football power over the next 3 to 5 years.

  9. Not sure what to make of dybala. I’d love us to get lacazette but think hell be in a chelsea shirt next year with remy going the other way. Also feel bale will be back in the Pl next year, he was annonomous tonight. Chelsea, m city, or man u?

  10. You purposely omitted a significant piece of information that most are reporting with these Zamparini quotes – that the three “really interested” teams are specified as Juventus, PSG and Chelsea. This could be an accidental oversight but I think it is more likely intentional so you could churn out another article. It shouldn’t be about numbers; it should be about well researched, quality articles. At best, very sloppy indeed.

    1. in fairness to the author i highly doubt he purposefully omitted the quotes… more based it on the less factual articles written about dybala from less respectable sources. I had a quick scout on-line and couldn’t find any direct quotes from the club or president in regards to the clubs interested.. If you could please send a link i’d appreciate it?
      I’ve actually watched a fair bit of Dybala in recent weeks.. The way he moves, drifts and finds pockets of space and links with other players is far beyond his years. Not to mention his undoubted talents with the ball at his feet and ability to skin multiple defenders. Honestly seems as though he’d fit our style with ease.
      I’ve read his quotes on Juve… and i’m aware it’s a massively long shot but.. there’s still that part of me hoping he may have received one of those magical Wenger phone calls saying ‘kid you got talent.. big fan of your works.. come over to Arsenal and have a ball with Ozil, Santi and co. you’ll love it!!’

  11. You do not use the word stunning when Giroud is already in your team……..

  12. After watching semis Barcelona, Madrid, Bayern even Juventus, we must face reality we are far far from being a European powerhouse, we stand no chance with these teams, Henry was right we need at least four world class players,( excluding GK Ospina, he is a good one) to be at this kind of level…..and I will go even further Wenger will never ever win the Champions league, nothing against the Old Man but these teams are ruthless and so are their coaches, let’s not go far, we cant beat Chelski and MO that says it all.,….. Let’s be real and stop dreaming we might come second, we should win the FA Cup, but with the current settings that’s about it.

    1. I wonder if Henry has any explanation as to why some of the earlier vintage Arsenal teams with possibly 4 or 5 world class players never won it either.

      Probably just needed to replace the Lehmann/Campbell/Vieira/Bergkamp/Henry spine and we would have had a chance.

      Insanely difficult to win it. Lets climb the PL mountain first. Chelsea had to spend a billion quid over 9 years before they “won” it in 2012 and were by common consent perhaps the luckiest team ever to lift the trophy. They won only 7 of their 13 games in 2011/12, and had to win on penalties in the final, with a caretaker manager at the helm and after appalling backs to the wall defensive dirge in both the Sfs and final to get their paws on the cup.

      If Henry’s crowd couldn’t win it and Chelski have managed it just once in such circumstances then contrary to popular footballing mythology there is no great shame in not winning it.

      1. I think we had one hand on it then lame-man let us down, we could have recovered from goal down no problem especially knowing barca dont know how to sit. Lehman really fluffed us, he already won that medal so it was totally unfair of him. Even then however we should have went two even three up with chances on plate for Henry, he hit one wide and another he tried being to clever in lobbing keeper but he waited for goaly to get to close.

        Refs is another valid reason, rvp getting sent off for shooting one second after whistle. Barca have always been the official[s] darlings.. even with all that time wasting ive been shot antics.

  13. Just Arsenal has just been rebranded, it’s now called Rumours after Fleetwood Mac’s album 🙂

  14. Remember porto’s jackson martinez since the club is looking for the replacement

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