Arsenal set to sign another Chilean star to partner Alexis?

There are some more interesting Arsenal rumours emerging that the Gunners are close to sealing a one year loan deal for the Chilean international Eduardo Vargas from Napoli. Vargas and our very own Alexis Sanchez made an impressive pairing at the World Cup, and perhaps Wenger thinks they could perform just as well for Arsenal.

Vargas’ agent Cristian Ogalde admitted that he is likely to be on his way out on loan again, after spending last season with Valencia. Ogalde was quoted as saying to the Chilean newspaper Emol: “Edu is working well and will fight as long as he possibly can to earn a place in the Napoli shirt,”

“He has a very good rapport with Benítez. We are also evaluating a possible loan move and I have received many offers.

“We knew his return to Napoli would be very difficult, as they have other priorities.”

That quote from his agent is a bit vague, but now it is being reported in Chile that Vargas has already told his family that he will be moving to the Emirates imminently. Will his arrival be enough to convince Arsenal fans that Wenger is extremely serious about winning the League this season?

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      1. Off Topic:
        Laurent Koscielny is a doubt for Tuesday’s clash against Basiktas after reports suggesting that his Achilles problem has flared up.


        1. Kos has problems with his achilles since the world cup,French medias were speaking about his achilles during all the world cup, so that’s’ mean we gonna need a CB for sure and a DM. #BringCarvalho

          1. Yes we need someone to come in, but in terms of Tuesday night, we’re in trouble with Chambers and Monreal as CBs.

            Chambers is great, he’s really impressed me, but he’s never played in European club competition before, we really needed Koscielny to provide some experience in the back 4. As for Monreal, I thought he was decent this weekend, but let’s not kid ourselves, he’s a second choice right back, not a CB. We’re going to be very weak defending set pieces with both Kosc and Per out. Worried.

            Yes, we’re the better team and we’re the favourites to win. But this is a very important match. We can’t afford to lose and Besiktas will play their hearts out to get into the CL.

            1. Can Debuchy play CB? I’d rather play him at CB and leave Monreal at LB. Then start Bellerin at RB.

            2. Carvalho can’t play cb

              Manolas will be in soon but if koscielny injury looks to be something that could be reoccurring type then we should go in for benatia he is first class.

              Toby alderweild is also available on loan

              Demobs ba would be a hand full for a frail duo of chambers and Gibbs fit?

  1. Absolute no need for him whatsoever, we desperately need a world class CDM and a back up CB right now.

    1. although we have cdm an cb which r more important – to say we have no need whatsoever for him -lol-
      that was funny

  2. I liked what I saw of him in WC. If it happens it happens, if not, that’s OK.
    I do hope we see a few of the much needed additions really.

  3. Looked at his stats on Wikipedia
    Quite average. Nothing spectacular

    If Wenger wants a forward, why not Reus, Falcao, Cavani, di Maria

    Maybe it’s to make Sanchez happy?
    Or maybe Wenger thinks Sanchez and Vargas work well together. Maybe Sanchez will play up front

    Still odd signing.

  4. I think we also NEED a striker unless Wenger plans to play Alexis there, but he seems reluctant to do so at the moment :/

    1. That’s because Walcott is yet to get back. I’d rather have Walcott upfront though. I feel he’s more of a striker than Alexis. We could really use Alexis creativity and energy on the flanks.

        1. I believe Walcott is the better bet for central striker as well.

          For one thing, I believe that Arsene would play Alexis as a striker right now if he was planning on him being there later on. He realizes the importance of playing in one position, especially for a player that just joined the team. I think that is a clear sign that either he stays on the RW and Walcott plays through the middle or that both of them will be on the wing with the immovable object still through the middle.

          Even then, I like Walcott’s skill set better as a striker than Sanchez. He makes runs and is very aggressive looking for a shot. Alexis looks to me like more of a playmaker that will look to pass as often as he looks to shoot. Either way, I think there would be plenty of movement between them and either way you line them up both will be moving toward the middle on most plays.

          1. The whippet doesn’t have a skill set he is a one trick footballer.. Ok for bench against tired team in last 20 mins but that is it…part of a 4th place outfit

  5. I actually like this guy. He’s really good and impressed me at the world cup, however there are way too many people in his position which is the winger/striker Walcott, Sanchez and Campbell.

  6. If these are our only signings, I’m well disappointed:
    1. Manolas
    2. Rabiot
    3. Vargas

    Not as good as:
    1. Hummels
    2. Carvalho or Khedira

    1. I mean in addition to Sanchez, Debuchy, Ospina and Calum

      Although, overall I’m not disappointed. Just disappointed in August if these are the only 3 we will get.

      Hopefully, I’m wrong

  7. If he can’t make it in Italy with Napoli then why do we ant a reject to keep Sanchez happy..?
    What will keep Sanchez ozil and Ramsey happy is winning the league but if we are after a centre forward we don’t want average.. We want world class.. We have the money.. Get them!

    1. U guys dont get whats trending in arsenal, wenger is gradually revolutionalising his players, last season ozil, this season sanchez,no more marquee signing this window, expect one of the most outstanding striker in the world next season, and i humbly concur with him, rome was not built in a day, unless its in the central part of manchester!

      1. That’s why loaning a striker who won’t command a starting spot may help us to go for a Stella striker. Look how it effected Chelsea buying ba adding eto stopped them from buying a top st for a couple season we shouldn’t buy for buy sake eg remy when we could get a world class striker like falqao,rues,higuin. Next season

  8. I’m pretty sure we won’t sign Vargas, Rabiot, Manolas, and other made up links. Saying Arsenal won’t sign a player we’re linked with is like saying the sun will rise tomorrow.

  9. This signing would be great!, Vargas is better than Giroud and Sanogo wrapped together…..Vargas doesnt have a great reputation in Europe, but hes well respected here in southamerica (Im not chilean)…

    1. check Vargas and Giroud stats mate, I have posted them in a previous arrticle, Giroud has better scoring record overall

      1. Vargas looks far more prolific in the international games, as he is teamed up with Alexis. Might be the diamond in the rough; they wouldn’t sign him otherwise.

        1. check the stats, they include international games, I dont even recall seeing the guy play, but i am basing my opinión in stats.
          as i said earlier, i dont mind another attacking option as good as what we have, i just dont think he is better than what we have

  10. Wanyama had an outstanding game today against Liverfool. A CDM worth having a second look at. Would fit in perfectly with the AFC style of play.

      1. Is it Mvilla or Capoue or Mbigwa or Sissoko or Diame OR
        Mvilla and Capoue and Mbigwa and Sissoko and Diame?

        Knowing your views, I’m sure you meant the latter, not so? 😉

        1. Rahman, is just listing all the other failed Vieira types that people have demanded over the last few seasons. I am certain that wanyama and carvalho are 2 more that promise to be the new Vieira, but would end up being more like the new denilson.

          This is totally without racist tone, but just because a player looks like Vieira 6ft plus and black, doesn’t mean he will be him.

          IMO khedira and Rabiot would be 2 good signings. Khedira because he adds a world cup and champions league winning mentality to our squad, whilst rabiot is one for the future, same age as chambers but not taking a place in the 25. At around £15-20m the pair they represent far better value than carvalho.

          As for vargas, for me he is not the striker we need. We need one that strikes fear in to the opposition, much the way suarez did and aguero does. Only cavani and falcao of the top 10 strikers in the world are actually available, if we really can’t land one of those 2 then i would take on remy or a gamble on finnbogason

    1. Actually most of the SH squad had a good game today. I was impressed and thought them to be unlucky not getting a result. but in the end it was the defense that cost SH the game and Wanayama is part of their defensive core.

  11. Off topic: we’re thin at the back for Tuesdays game following knocks to Gibbs and Monreal. Wenger says Koscielney will be assessed on Monday, Mertesacker will be in the squad in case of emergency and also mentioned that bellerin could be used. Not sure where he’d fit in though with Debuchy, chambers, Monreal sure starters, then if neither Mertesacker or kos are fit Monreal might play CB and bellerin LB.

      1. I read your comments and I am really trying to figure out if you have some purpose for what you write or if you are just grabbing criticisms out of the air. I really do not know.

        Lionel Messi had a weak world cup. Based on that you would probably suggest that Messi is not good enough to play for Arsenal.

        Why do you think Bellerin is not good enough? He is one of only a handful really promising young prospects in the reserves. Is he not ready? Does he have some flaw?

        Why do you think Arsenal need a LB? To replace who? Gibbs? Monreal who just had a fine performance vs. Palace?

        You don’t know. You just throw criticisms and negativism against the wall to see if it sticks.

        1. Messi didn’t have a weak World Cup statistically he was the highest points scoring player at the World Cup and created the most chances.source:squakwa

  12. can someone please explain to me why are we going in for vargas we already have enough wingers and he cant play as a lone striker so were is the sense in all of this ???

        1. he cant even make it to the first team…….and if we sign Reus….its either Campbell, Ox or Pod has to leave…..or 2 players have to leave

    1. hopefully this transfer rumor is just like all the others – false. vargas would add a body without adding any real increase in quality to the squad. no problem with acquiring him, but another players just sits out or leaves and the team is likely not improved at all.

      1. Vargas is better than sanogo, similar level to Campbell and ox but older.
        He reminds me of jay Rodriguez in playing style but we don’t need him. He was recommended by alexis. He will probably end up at west ham were his fellow Chilean isla has just moved to

    2. There’s this type of people in a team called ‘squad player’… Thats what vargas would probably stand for, he would add needed depth and rotation to our squad, lack of that is mostly why our players pick injuires often

  13. After seven years of
    terrible mismanagement
    95% of the Arsenal squad
    needs to be replaced.
    All the best players have gone to clubs
    who offered better football
    hgher wages and the chance to win real trophies.
    The club is left with underperforming gunner be’s
    like Wilshere Jenkinson Coquelin
    Chamberlain + one year wonders Ramsey + Walcott.
    Then a bunch of over the hill oldies like
    Podolski Flamini Arteta Vermaelen Bendtner Park and Rosicky
    and injury wrecks like Diaby Sanogo and Ryo.
    There were a few exceptions like
    Szcz Kos Sagna Cazorla and
    B grade battlers like Gibbs Mertz and Giroud
    and a panic buy 42 CAM Ozil.

    1. An FA Cup trophy and 128 days leading the league until 3 top players went out at the same time (Ozil, Ramsey, Walcott) and you think 95% of the squad needs replacing? Losing 95% means only 1 or 2 players of the 25 squad that won the FA cup would remain.

      What about the new acquisitions? Must they go also? They are part of the squad.

      There is no way to respond to the kind of nonsense and lunacy that you try to disguise as serious analysis and commentary.

    2. 95%? wtf? @davidnz i seriously think you won’t be satisfied with our squad until you’re on it.

      1. grrr… it still manages to make me angry every time i read it!!
        there’s always just one line which really rubs me up the wrong way…

        ‘one season wonders theo and ramsey’ calling Sanogo an in ‘injury wreck’
        a drama queen at it’s finest

        1. I had noticed you “stalking” him on here josh37 – I’d leave him alone, he obviously craves attention. Often thought about a line by line response myself but frankly it would take too long and it won’t register.

  14. Cavani

    Reus Ozil Sanchez
    Carvalho Khedira

    Gibbs Hummels Howedes Debuchy


    7 man Subs: Kos, Ramsay, Walcott, Opina, Carzola, Cambers, Giroud

    Reserves: Ox, Campbell, Wilshere, Rosicky, Pod, etc….

    1. okey lets presume we buy all those players you have mentioned, but what the hell brings you into thinking that someone like Howedes would bench the boss laurent? And dont get me started with Ramsey.

      1. what the hell we have articles like why should we Bring in Reus,

        more players like Ox wilhsere etc gona get bench

        1. You are trying to bring sanity into the world of fan transfer insanity.

          This summer’s transfer activity has caused some fans to go wild with transfer mania. It is time to settle back to earth and grab hold of reality again. The speculation and wild fantasies of the summer transfer season will not help Arsenal win any games – they must play in the real world.

    2. so… you want six players added to our first XI in the last two weeks of the window for about 200million dollars.

      I don’t think you could pull off such a window even in FIFA

  15. Sanchez is obviously biased in his recommendation for Vargas. I fear this will be just one more striker of the same caliber as the other strikers already at Arsenal. Will not add significant quality to the team I fear but I welcome any comments to convince me otherwise.

  16. Vargas is one of the most underrated forwards in Europe at the moment. If he gets games he will surprise. His style gives us a plan B. We have been so one dimensional, that teams can sometimes neutralise us to easily. I think he will useful in European games. I do agree that a CB and a DM are urgent. We have such a lot of midgets in the team that a big strong, mobile, commanding DM like William Carvalho will give us height at defended set pieces. We all know that we only have BFG as a big, big guy, which makes us susceptible to weaker but bigger teams.

    1. what is your evidence to suggest that vargas is really any better than the attackers arsenal already have? has he done something I am not aware of? is wenger supposed to gamble that “he will surprise”?

  17. I would really like Wenger to try Chambers in midfield as soon as possible. The boy looks like a future Arsenal captain!

  18. Selling Vermaelen seems to end up as a mistake. Injuries and Arsenal go side by side, its natural for us to have injured players. Now what? Trouble!

    1. You are right that Verm was critical to the squad. But we must trust Wenger’s assessment – that keeping him was not really an option and that Wenger can find some replacement. Getting Chambers was a good step in replacing some of the defensive losses because of his talent and versatility. One more CB/defender should help shore things up.

    2. it’s gonna be an insane two weeks. or maybe just a crazy hour before the transfer window closes.

  19. I liked watching him in the world cup he looked solid so we might be lucky if we get him and Manolas. I hope we add Carvalho then i think we’re set for a big campaign.

    1. Many players looked good at the WC. But getting them all will not necessarily improve the squad. Adding a player who just replaces a different player does not help – they only all 11 players on the pitch.

      Wenger needs to focus on the critical areas that are lacking players – CB, DM etc. And if he finds a player who is significantly BETTER than current attackers, then maybe he can act. Is Vargas really BETTER than the current Arsenal attackers? I am not convinced of that.

      1. totally…

        why not go for proper proven world classs strikers like Eto, torres or Cavani to name a few

        1. I thought you were joking the first few times you mentioned Torres… But you actually think he’s better than Giroud don’t you?

  20. To play devils advocate on the subject there are plenty of highly talented players who if given the right system, coach, tactics, ect can flourish and become legends. TH14 comes to mind. Since when did Rafa Benitez develop superstars?

  21. football 365 says Etoo is desperate to play for Wnger.
    Now thats a grandpa i d hire he is free right? AND HOW MUCH WAGES CAN HE REALLY ASK?
    damn these keys in the screen

    1. hes asking for 100k a week for a 36yo…..liverfool and a number of clubs already rejected his wages request,

      maybe we should have an article….why we should pay Eto 100k a week when others reject

      1. he is 34 i think.
        I dont know, how many goals per game did he have, say last 2 seasons?
        Also a good teacher in the squad.
        I am sure RAsene can lower them since Etoo wants to play for Arsene (others reject because they havent managed theur clubs like <arsene 😉

        1. Remember he is free, we dont have to buy him, that can be applied to his wages.
          For me..if true, a no brainer

  22. So Sanchez would be happy if his buddy came here and sat on the bench? He doesn’t look any better than Giroud or Sanogo to me so I question the move. Perhaps if we are loaning Sanogo we are looking for a more veteran player to come here for a year as depth. Otherwise, I can’t see it.

  23. jusy read about Rabiot…and the article said he is like a future Petit…hell, i just boight him in my head!!

  24. Vargas is a LOAN transfer being mooted…I don’t think would be bad – not fussed if it doesn’t happen.

    Manolas – good acquisition…he can be developed and looks solid enough as a backup/rotation player.

    Rabiot – work in progress and wouldn’t call him our DM solution.

    We just jolly well need to get Carvalho! and I sure hope it’s the last minute negotiation tactics (who blinks first)…Sporting desperately need the cash, we desperately need Carvalho. The Rabiot deal could force Sporting’s hand here.

    Carvalho/Manolas/Rabiot/Vargas all tied up…I would be most satisfied with this transfer window. Just wonder how we register all these players?

    On the Besiktas game…
    Flamini can deputise at LB while Gibbs is out. Should be strong enough to handle Besiktas right wing. Per should be fresh enough and sharp enough with his experience.
    Ox LW, Sanchez RW, Santi No 10, OG12 No 9, rest are Ramsey, Arteta, Chambers, Debuchy…that should be strong enough to see off Besiktas.

    1. For what carvalho would cost we could buy khedira rabiot manolas and vargas.

      People rave about carvalho, but he has played just 31 league games for sporting the same as rabiot has for psg. I bet all those raving are working off the £37m buy out clause rather than actually watching them play?

      I for one would rather sign the other 4 than carvalho, although I would still take remy over vargas.

  25. so Gibbs has a hamstring injury and Wilshire picked up an injury as well? Gibbs is the more concerning injury for the Everton game next weekend. Hope he is back by then.

    1. Marcos rojo would be a good signing as we would get a like for like replacement for vermaelen and he is more stronger and taller than TV . He also looks very good at left back meaning if Gibbs is still injury prone we have quality to come in

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