Arsenal set to sign Colombian hitman – but which one?

Deadline day finally arrives. And if the rumours are true then Arsenal are definitely trying to sign another striker to cover for Olivier Giroud while he is out injured. All Arsenal fans are hoping that the top Colombian hitman Radamel Falcao is our main target, but with a price of £55m and Real Madrid and Man City’s millions to compete with I doubt very much that he will be the one.

Much more likely is Falcao’s compatriot Carlos Bacca, who is currently playing for Sevilla and was at the World Cup with Falcao. Bacca has only been at Sevilla for one year and he notched up a respectable 21 goals and helped his club to win the Europa League trophy. Interestingly he was also voted by Marca as the best signing of the season.

Sevilla only paid €7 million to Club Bruge last year, but inserted a €30 million buy-out release clause in his contract, but they will surely reduce the price to still make a great profit after just 12 months, and according to the Metro, Arsenal are trying to get him for just half of that figure.

If Bacca is Arsenal’s main target, surely Wenger will increase that bid as the day progresses, and I personally think he is worth a punt for the Gunners.

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      1. Falcao joins city

        Aguero joins real madrid

        Benzema joins monaco

        Arsenal buys a bad squad player.


        Falcao-> city, aguero -> real and dzeko -> arsenal.

        Honestly, i dont care if the club spends 55 millions on falcao, he’ll pay it back in performance and jerseys. I also bet puma will help us out on that one.

    1. I’m optimistic I think wenger will pull off some more magic this transfer window I think he will bring in a ST and DM/CB.

      O and all you so called f*ckin fans are disgraces and should support another team I’m tired of hearing you b*tches whine and complain like we just got smashed by mk dons 4-0. Have some f*ckin faith in our club.

      COYG. IAIT

      1. I can see 4-0 smash is coming and very soon if we go with the same players and the same sh#t tactics and if you are happy with that go and support WestHam.

        1. sensationlist knee jerk reaction comment because arsenal drew. well theres going to be plenty more draws this season ill tell you that. but also plenty more wins !!!

    2. even if it is bacca I would be happy, better than all the other options we have at the moment. would settle for anyone at the moment. I fuking hate Sanogo, he is shiiit

  1. I hope it is Falcao and not Bacca.

    I would love to see how Arsenal financially copes if they get Falcao/Cavani. Falcao is a Puma sponsored player so maybe that can help a bit.

    1. even Bacca would be a huge improvement on our current leading striker Mr. Paralyzed Sanogo. He is pure shiiiiit. Bacca would be a dream this late in the window

  2. Private fcuking jet for Falcao heading to Man City. Is this football or fcuking Hollywood. I fcuking hate City

  3. But no sign of a DM ?????? Why is it millions of arsenal fans can see it’s what we need. This is it A DM A CB just to replace TV and WORLD CLASS STRIKER. If we don’t get this I can’t see us hitting top 4 this season. The Red Devils would always do there shopping b4 pre season that’s why they were so good. We will be lucky if he buys anyone.

  4. Why sign Bacca it screams of a panic but, very few of you will have seen him inc me other than YouTube , he’s deadly from 5 yards, but is he better than Carlos vela ???? IMO no typical wenger
    We need a class strike
    Reus benzema Cabani Martinez they are ALL available for the right money but will we shop at the cheap store again
    If we sign one of the above plus a top DM AND CB we are then top 3 definite and contenders

  5. Hope to god it’s not Bacca. Mediocre at best and would smack of desperation. Today will be like torture lol

  6. if falcao goes to city,I wont believe it cause they got 3 good quality strikers and still wantin to buy falcao or are they crazy.But look at us only with amature striker and still finding it difficult to buy a good quality striker.

  7. Il Will be cavani bécause PSG Will buy pogba

    Also pogba was in the stadium

    This Will be the poker of the décade and arsene Will be a genius

    Falcao is a diversion and only us CAN buy cavani

    1. @Gunner4life07
      “Pogba in stadium theory” does not work here. After Arsenal contacted Remy via phone call to ‘rivaled’ Chelsea, people said he would choose Arsenal because he was spotted watching our game last season. He never chose us.
      Mata walked round of Emirates, and he was impressed. His father (also agent) said his son is heading to Emirates. Wenger refused to pay the ‘right’ fee. Although he did played at Emirates, he only scored against us. ……the rest is history.

      Don’t give yourself too much of hope regarding Arsenal transfer. Reserve your energy to celebrate after your desired player appears in our Red & White shirt. Everybody knows that Wenger likes E. Cavani. FACT! But payment is another thing entirely different.

  8. So we have to money to buy falcoa and can pay his wages so why not get him?? Its crazy surely you would think he would come to us over city as he is guaranteed first team football

  9. arsenal needs a backup centre back, a cdm and a striker.My mind is telling me that wenger wont buy the three.

  10. I have no choice but to trust Wenger today but if he fails to sign a DM CB and CF then it’s time for him at do the right thing and resign.

    1. It was the right time for him to go when he bought Ozil and not a striker. Ozil is an absolute fantastic buy but lets face it: We didnt need him. Exact same as Alexis. Why on earth would he be interested in yet another winger like Rues and not a ST or a CDM. Only wenger’s logic can explain that

  11. I think Falcao will remain at Monaco or go to Real Madrid, after yesterday’s performance against Sociedad they’ll be panic at the Bernabeu. The only way i can see him coming to the premier league, is if Negredo is sold or sent out on loan, then maybe Arsenal and City agree a deal for Jovetic, a previous transfer target, that should then allow City to buy Falcao and cures our striker problem too, but i doubt this will happen, Bacca it is then i guess.

  12. Big Improvement
    Vermaelen- Chambers.
    Bendtner – Sanchez
    Park – Campbell.
    If Chambers is a CB buy a DM.
    If Chambers is a DM buy a CB.

      1. If Chambers main role is RB
        then we need a CB first
        then decide whether Arteta
        Flamini Diaby and Wilshere
        can cover DM.
        If not then we need a DM as well.

  13. All summer……. Now panic time. Another top top top French 18 year old league 2 striker on the way called Jesse cannescore

  14. Hahaha this is from the Mirror on their assessment of why Gignac might be a good signing (the think he is Giroud in disguise):

    •Only has one year left on his Marseille contract
    •Powerful centre-forward who could deal with Premier League physicality
    •Can also play on the wing, fulfilling Wenger’s dream of having 12 wingers
    •Has Champions League experience
    •Has scored three goals in three games so far during this Ligue 1 season
    •His name is fun to say
    •Good hair

    They conclude it is so obvious that it probably wont happen as Wenger is involved……..

  15. Last season Wenger panicked
    and bought Ozil for 42 mill
    a player we did not really need.
    So far this season Wenger
    has made 3 sound replacements
    and 2 quality additions.
    Can’t fault him really.
    He was saving up for a top
    quality defender to complete transfers.
    Girouds injury has complicated matters.
    We now need two not one more player.
    How to juggle the finances
    so as to buy quality but not to
    break the bank.
    Time for cool heads
    and realistic expectations.

    1. Without a Giroud injury, we needed a world class striker. We should be competing to win the league for crying out loud. Really frustrating to watch Wenger and his crazy policy

  16. Alderwield to Shampton, Carvalho staying at SL, falcao to MU, Cavanni played fpr PSG so likely staying, what are we doing?!
    If I have to watch Per walking round the pitch all season, well don’t know what I’ll do, I despair!

  17. I literally don’t care if it’s Bacca or someone else. As long as they can actually control the ball and score one on ones. Maybe Sanogo will improve but right now he looks like a 3rd division striker and it’s not good enough to take us through half the season.

  18. For heaven’s sake Mr wenger, Don’t suffer Arsenal fans this way…. we don’t deserve this after supporting you during nine odd years….. i hate this feeling.
    why don’t Arsene Wenger respect the feelings of Arsenal fans around the world? at least we pay lots to watch this team!!! #shock!!!!!!

  19. So Andy Gray who is base out in Doha and has links to people with inside info on City says that Falcao was ready to go to RM for €10m loan deal with option to buy (basically to confirm his knee is OK and then buy him). City offered €40m up front. Monaco pulled out of the RM deal and accepted City’s off. Falcao howeversaid ‘whatchutalkinbout Willis I aint getting on no plane to City’.

    In the mean time Arsenal are willing to match RM’s offer should RM drop their interest and he decides firmly no to City. However United have also possibly matched City’s bid so they woul be Monaco’s preferred choice if City falls through. All in all Arsenal are way at the end of the que unless Wenger says OK to the €40m purchase price.

  20. man utd not in the champion league and they are attracting good quality players,if it is arsenal I bet our good players will leave instead.

    1. True d@ mate… I kept saying this even before the CL games that Wenger was just using the CL excuses not to buy players and I got a lot of thumbs down. While other teams are busy on the market or atleast seem to be doing something but Arsenal is a quite as ever (Arsene is probably napping and just praying for the window to be shut already).

  21. The trouble with players like Falcao is they wouldn’t stay at Arsenal. Heck, if Man U sign him, and fail, he will probably want out next year…

    Of course I would love a Falcao or Cavani, but they have to be hard to handle…all that ego…honestly, if we sign ANY striker / CB today we are doing better than previous years, AND if we get a striker it would be competition for Giroud (assuming striker is half decent..).

    1. Why do we make excuses for our failures and try to make every other team look bad? Disgusting. Man Utd might just turn things around while we stuck with a bunch of lazy arses. We might be the once not in CL next year. Van Gaal is a winner and with time will get results. His transfers shows statement while we fans are busy calculating their spending as if we are financial experts. Let’s focus on strengthening our own team. We look very weak.

  22. UTD sign Falco 65 mil euro and have three other players lines up, our 4 th place is in jeopardy then we will suffer

  23. Alan Smith

    “But Arsenal, for a long time now, have been saying ‘we’ve got the money, we can pay the transfer fees, we can pay the salaries and compete with anybody on salaries’, so there’s no excuse from a financial point of view.

    “It’s down to how badly you want him, how much you think he would be an advantage to your side.”

    Falcao / Carvalho / Alderweireld = Trophies / crazy tshirt sales / more stable team / happy fans

  24. just you watch united will be on ufeas ffp hitlist after spending big this summer MASSIVE DEBTS + BIG WAGES = BANKRUPTCY ASAP LETS HOPE SO as for falcao he is only one more major knee injury away from being career over not far of 30 i can see why wenger didn’t go in for him all hot and heavy no doubt he would have consulted shad forsythe as to weather he thinks falcao knee could hold up for next few seasons in p/land taken that into consideration as well as price and wages united and city dont care a less they can afford to buy him but can they afford to have him sitting on a medical bed for 6 month at a time on a 3 year contract worth millions when you take everything in to consideration wenger could be justified in the end in not bringing in falcao no doubt he would have been strung up if we brought him and he was lying next to diaby holding hands and up supporting each other at london cloney for months at a time £50 million in fee + £20=30 million in wages over three years or 4 and he gets a major injury halfway through contract nobody would be saying money for value then.

  25. Man U just signed Falcao. Arse still waiting for a minute before window closes. AFC might be set to finish mid table.

  26. wenger has to extract MAXIMUM VALUE in every signing we make age, wages, potential to get better he thinks of everything not just lets get a “big name” for the sake of it he wouldn’t be doing his scouting work properly then and we would pay big bucks for a injured duffer

  27. I have watched 4 different Koreans season films. I enjoyed each and everyone of them.
    But this Arsenal transfer saga is the best among the rest.

  28. Lol champions league football means nothing nowadays. You want the big boys at your club you gotta pay the big bucks to pay them and their club. Bring back Francis Jeffers to arsenal, in our price range £90,000
    On £2500 a week it’s a steal arsene go on.

  29. I don’t see Wenger buying three players and if he doesn’t want to here is a piece of advice, but I know he might not f**kin do it…. Wenger should buy a CB and a world class striker( preferably Falcao), then convert Calum Chambers to a DM; that guy has pace and movement on the ball that flamini lacks ( respect to him though because he was a class during his first spell in the club) and defensively he is superb, still talking about Chambers. As it is now it seems as if Wenger is about to make the same mistake again in nine consecutive years since Patrick Vieira left the club. Wenger saw Chelsea play David Luis as a DM in some games because he needed steel last season and there were games we played last season that Wenger should have played Vamalein from the middle….. away games like Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City and Everton and we pay dearly for his inability or stubbornness to change tactics in these games.

  30. i guess its now a simple question…do we want an indifferent american billionaire, a bunch of corporate execs and a has been manager running this club or a russian billionaire and a manager with a mission….its a pretty sad indictment of state of epl that this is where clubs have reached…but for me anything that gets wenger out is fine…the man`s combination of arrogance and bs is utterly astounding and so obviously destructive that even the spuds fans in arsen (al) clothing can see it now!!!!

  31. will falcao ever play in the Champions League???
    When playing for Porto, they qualified for CL but he went to Atletico Madrid who werent in CL that year.
    Then he played for AM & they qualified for CL but he went to Monaco who were a promoted side in French Ligue 1.
    Now Monaco qualified for CL but he is going to ManU who didnt qualify for CL!!

    This Falcao though very good, is the most foolish footballer I have ever seen!!!

    I am really sad he hasn’t joined us: Damn all the top 10 tens have better strikers than us.

    1. Football is a short career and not a charity event. You try to make as much money as you can before you retire. Some players actually gets injured early on and not able to play long and that means you always have to go for the next big contract.

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